Chapter 75:

LXXV | Some Truth

Something's Not Right

You're happier,

Asher says,
looking really pleased with himself.

I blush,

not meeting his eyes,

dipping my paintbrush
in grey paint.

What happened?

I highlight Tammie's grey eyes,
remembering the triumphant


in her eyes

last night
when I screamed.

No one heard.

I turn to Asher
when he repeats himself

and I'm not so sure


I blush again.
He knows.

That's the point.
According to Tammie.

You're not allowed to tell.

So I just say,
I did what you suggested.
It worked.

He's confused.

Brows furrowed,
biting his thumbnail.


He snaps his fingers.

A pause.


His hand
on my shoulder.

I jump,
heart racing

even though I haven't

done anything wrong.


I turn to him,

paintbrush on palette
this time.

Left her a note.
She came to my room.
I apologised.

I smile at him.

It feels good
to smile now.

You're right.

But his eyes flash with doubt.

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