Chapter 76:

LXXVI | Some Violence

Something's Not Right

It's a bit early
for medicine time.

The sky
is still very bright.

Tammie's grip on one of my hands

turns it white.

I wiggle my fingers
but she doesn't respond.

So I let her.

Yes, I play favourites.

Asher's not allowed,
but Tammie can.

They're different

so I treat them different.

Maybe not so different.

I've hurt
both of them.

Asher's chair is empty.

It'll remain


Everyone gets their medicine
except me.

Extra pills to forget

what they've just seen.

When everyone's
shuffled off blearily,

they give me

the injection

and untie me
from my armchair.

Tammie lets go
of my hand then.

Steps back.

I let sleep
and the nurses

take me.

I memorise her serene face,
her familiar apologetic smile

before everything

turns black.

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