Chapter 83:

LXXXIII | Something I Misunderstood

Something's Not Right

'I can pursue my own dream now.'

I stared at her—

'Since that first bus ride,
'I've been following you.

'Now, I have my own dream.
'When we graduate,

'I'll make my dream
'a reality.

'I'll finally be free.'

She was different.

I had believed that.
They fooled me.

She continued to talk,
her eyes looking beyond me.

At someone else,

about a future
I'm not a part of.

At least look at me now.

Her lips moved,
her apologetic smile



Her eyes dance nervously.
Her hand

types a number,

brings the phone
up to her ear.

It's in my hand now.

She backs away
from me.

It's dark in the house.

My parents aren't home.

She turned
into one of them.

I had no choice,
I had to lock her up.

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