Chapter 82:

LXXXII | Some Kind of Betrayal

Something's Not Right

You locked me in a cupboard.

'What? Why?'
I ask her.

The strand of hair

she pulls

breaks off

between her fingers.

She smiles,

If you don't figure out what you did,
there's no point

is there?

'But I don't remember.'

Tammie shrugs.

You don't think
you did anything wrong?

Her eyes narrow,

You think someone triggered you?

You think it's my own fault?

'It's not that,'
I say quickly,

'I just want to know
'what happened.'

I see the hurt
in her eyes

and know my words

have hurt her.

Frustration hugs my chest
like a new best friend.

Tammie continues

small knots

in my long hair.

I try to recall what happened
on my own.

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