Chapter 1:

Arc 1 Chapter 1: Uragirimono and the MahoHadlos

Magical girl☯Kayuka

Kayuka left the room terriefied,in that moment,Kayuka  learned how cruel the universe is with the MahoHadlos


Kayuka was leaving her house to go to the school with her friend Maruruk Noshima,in the way to school,someone sceamed for help,Kayuka and Maruruk were running to the place where they heard the scream. They see a strange creature and someone triying killing him.

-PLEASE KAYAKA,MARURUK,HELP ME!-after the creature said that,Maruruk went to the creature quickly and rescue him,then,they were running to the school


-Thanks for saving me,my name is Uragirimono,and i want you for become magical girls called MahoHadlo to beat a evil creatures called Zetsubou.

Kayuka and Maruruk were surprised,become magical girls and Zetsubou?,that was impossible

-Wait a moment Uragirimono,what are the MahoHadlo?.-said Maruruk

-MahoHadlo are a magical girls who have powers to beat a creatures called Zetsubou,to be a one,you need to say a wish,i will fulfill the wish and you gonna become a MahoHadlo,you will become a MahoHadlo,Kayuka Yashura and Maruruk Noshima?-.

The girls were speechless, they could not think of a wish in such a short time, so they said let them think about it.-Okey,i will follow you two,the people can see me,only you and the MahoHadlos.-said Uragirimono.

Maruruk and Kayuka left to they house,what they're going to say to Uragirimono?


-Welp,i mean this is the end,thanks for all,world.-Kayuka was trapped in her bed since she woke up ,she is being eated by stranges creatures,probably that creature is a Zetsubou,she felt dream,and her know that is a bad sign.

In a second,someone killed all the Zetsubous,Kayuka was bleeding a lot,but she was cured.

-Thanks for saving me,you're a MahoHadlo and what is you're name?.-asked Kayuka

-Yes,Kayuka Yashura and my name is Dantou,keep save for next time.

And this moment marked the life of Kayuka.


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