Chapter 87:

LXXXVII | Some Loud Sounds

Something's Not Right

I leave.

It doesn't matter
where I'm going.

Almost immediately

I crash
into something hard.


A someone.

Dark eyes
blink down at me.

A hand
reaching out.


but reaching out.

A smile

that's not apologetic,
not threatening.

A smile of wonder.

There's nothing wonderful
about this place.

Or this world.

I want to die.

'You don't see them?'

We're in the greenhouse.

I don't remember
walking here.

The woman with uncombed hair

is one of the new patients.

I don't remember
her name.


She points to empty space
and tells me that's a fairy.

On the rowan branch

in the circulated air-con

sits two winged "brownies".

She continues
pointing out

the "wonderful wonderful world"

and I understand
why she's here

in Wonderland.

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