Chapter 90:

XC | Some Cupboards

Something's Not Right

The very familiar giggle
wakes up

the cells in my body.

Brightens up
the studio.

It's still dark—
I can see greyish light
from the doorway

so I know

there's no light
in here.

But I can see.

I pull the leotards out.

Am I

touching her?

Why is she here—

inside this cupboard?

In the darkness,
I see her,

a humanoid shape.



Inside the leotard

In fact,

the whole room
is full of leotard cupboards.

Other than
the distant sound of

spraying water,

it's totally quiet.

The humanoid in the cupboard
I'd just unearthed,


The shelf below creaks

like paper.

I find myself

looking into

glowing grey eyes.

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