Chapter 106:

CVI | Someone Visits

Something's Not Right

Moonlight Sonata begins
to play.

The walls

wake up

to this mournful

Ibrahim arrives first
but disappears

into the bathroom.

Haryati and Callum descend the stairs
like ghosts with uncombed hair.

The plain nurse says something
to the pretty nurse.

The pretty nurse replies.

They forget about me
for a while.

Pei Xuan is next,

stumbling down the stairs
like a drunkard,

eyes not quite open.

Her eyes widen
at the new patient.

A glimmer

of recognition.

Her laughter
in her throat.

They talk.
It's a tense conversation.

The plain nurse
taps my shoulder.

Let's go.

I want to find Tammie,

I won't get distracted like this.

I glance up
the stairs


I'll run for it.

There's still the greenhouse to check.

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