Chapter 107:

CVII | Somehow Not

Something's Not Right

I must be wrong.

She's a different person.

A sister?
A cousin?
A twin?

Either way,
I relax.

It's not her.

My body sinks
into the cushions

of the couch.

This person is the wrong size
(too healthy).

Her skin is the wrong colour
(too pink).

Her eyes are the wrong grey
(too dark).

I shake my head
to clear it.

The boyish attire she wears
is the same.

Her hair is scruffy and short—
it's the same.

Even her smile

is the same.

She sits
on the couch

from me.

Playing with her fingers.


Wary. Shy. Hesitant.


She tilts her head.


Her smile is apologetic.


Do you remember me?

I shake my head.

My throat is clouding
with pain.

I can't reply

unless I want to scream.

She takes a deep breath
and lets it out.

Her apologetic smile widens.

It's weird
with her dark eyes.

I'm Tamara.
You liked to call me

We were friends in secondary school.

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