Chapter 0:


Luckiest Student Gets Reincarnated In Another World..

            I open my eyes, still half awake.. I can barely see anything. Its too dark, I am not sure how I ended up here. For now, I found myself trapped in a pitch black room without a single shred of light. I can't remember anything even my own name. Fortunately, I still remember some basic things like walking, running and talking as a normal human.

My body hurts everywhere.. I can only hold out the pain for now, luckily, the wound is not that serious, I still could walk but I need to drag my left feet. In this situation, the first thing that I need the most is some source of light, and maybe I can figure out where world am I..

I spread my hand everywhere, fumbling around in the dark, hoping that it will hit something. 

"Come on please anything, something, please.." Ouch! What is this? hmm.. is this.. a wall?

After few minutes of struggling, my hands stumble upon a study stone wall.

"Fuuhhh, luckily I didn't swing my hand for too hard in the air for a second. If swing it too hard, this might be terrible for me". I might lose an arm and a leg.

("an arm and a leg" here is not a proverb, just so you know xd)

With only the wall as my new guide, I follow the wall carefully hoping that I might find a door to the exit. Without wasting my time, I rub my hands against the wall and slowly, but surely taking a step by step with my injured leg and wounded body.

I am making sure my feet are not stepping anything that could be a trap and dangerous for me.

As I continue walking, I realised the surface of the wall changed. Before, it was rather chalky and flat when I touch it, now its not even flat any more. I could only think that I must have enter the other room...

This hallway was rather too big and long to be called a room, my voice also echoed when I try screaming for help. I think it has similar size with a hall than a room, if not, it might be even bigger..

Suddenly, the silence overwhelming the room suddenly breaks out after a huge roaring sound that looks like its coming from the outside of the room.

Then, followed by an earthquake in the room where I am at right now..

I was quite shocked and almost fell off the floor.

"Ouuchh!" Due to sudden shocked, my legs are almost stop working.

"There's no time for me to keep myself trap in here any longer, I should quickly stand up and grab myself to find the exit, or else I might even die here in this dark room."

I am really tired after going back and forward against this wall just to find any piece of clue.

I think I already at my limit and I really want to give up on finding the exit..

Just about that time, I stumbled open a mysterious switch on the wall..

"Finally, thank you switch-san!" You are my new hope. Please don't let me down..

"Yeah! Its the light switch" As soon as I flick the wooden switch, the room started to fill in with dimmed light. It took some time for my pupil to accept this much amount of light after being in a dark place for a while.

The room is lighten up by the torches.. The light is not too shiny, so it just enough for me to see the room.

There's trap everywhere on the floor except for the side near the wall.. 

Its obviously set up by someone to prevent me from escaping this room, and the culprit can escape using the safe path beside the wall.

I was really lucky to avoid all of them, despite having an injured leg..

I took my time searching for anything that could help me in that room..

After I spent about half an hour searching for some clues..

I could only found a piece of cloth to stop the blood of my wound leg for now, breads and a pouch of water that can be worth two days of supplies for one person.

There's also a single door that I found in the room. Its the one and only door that I can find in this room so, it must be the exit.

Now, I'm ready to find out what's behind that mysterious door...