Chapter 4:

The Laboratory And Even More Mysteries

Valkyria Squadron

Oslo, Norway
11:30 AM
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At the moment the entire perimeter of the laboratory is relatively calm. OK, yes, the shots sound closer and closer and each time enemies appear badly, but considering that they are here trying to get hold of what is in the laboratory, they are not pressing so much as they usually do. I think that speaks quite well about how our men are doing an impressive job of keeping them at bay.Bookmark here

From here I could see how the Fenix team was doing everything possible to reinforce our position and also how Arcadia was also preparing several vehicles for our escape, They were using some military vehicles, although there were also several for civilian use, clearly using everything that was available. The building in question is quite large, with several floors, it is a little damaged, the upper floors have almost all the windows shattered, probably it accuses of some explosion, but to be in a combat zone, that place was complete. After checking the surroundings for a moment someone spoke on the radio again.Bookmark here

"Here Arcadia 1, we will be ready to leave here in 5 minutes, prepare the escape route" It was Akane, that was her callsign.Bookmark here

"Received, we finished securing the route, it seems that we will narrowly avoid getting caught in the middle of the shooting" It was the voice of Captain Cedric.
"Our transport will arrive shortly, you guys go ahead as much as you can, we will meet you later".Bookmark here

All right I had survived to know that we had to leave. Many did not have the same luck, some were not even able to get off the helicopter 4 that landed near us, a fighter was shot down and hit it, I think among them is the pilot I spoke to this morning. But the time is coming I wonder what they meant by "raining" When angels speak sarcastically, things tend to get violent and out of control. But I hadn't even finished telling myself that when a horrible sound broke through the sky, they were bombs !! They were falling all over the place, from the edge of the city to where we were, my biggest surprise was seeing how the Empire managed to sneak its planes right under our noses.Bookmark here

Shit!!Bookmark here

I don't think this place will last that long, we have to get out of here now!. I'm going to notify them by radio.Bookmark here

"Here Hunter 2-2, they're bombing us, we have to get out of here or they will destroy us!" I said on the radio adding my pilot callsign.
"Get out of there NOW!!"Bookmark here

What did he mean by raining? I would have preferred that they also let me know about this, if I had decided to be upstairs maybe I would no longer be alive!. But where did all those bombers come from?. There was nothing on the radar before jumping out of the helicopter. Will it be a new type of ship undetectable? but suddenly the radio started playing.Bookmark here

"Here WarLord". Obviously, such an important callsign can only mean one person, Commander Mark, who is most likely speaking from the aircraft carrier.
"Enemy planes have appeared in the area, please be careful".
"They have appeared out of nowhere, we are investigating it now. We will try to take care of them but it will take 20 minutes to refuel and deploy more fighters".
"Until then you are alone, good luck".Bookmark here

OK, let's start. Those 20 minutes should be my window to act.Bookmark here

"Hunter2-2, where is Arcadia!?"
"It's time to go!"Bookmark here

"Negative It is impossible to get out while we are under enemy fighters, we will stay until air control is regained in the area"Bookmark here

"Hunter again, for when we have a plane flying over here that building will have already disappeared!"
"Get out of there now!"Bookmark here

"We'll be a walking target for those same bombs if we get out of here!" Akane replied.Bookmark here

"It will only be enough to put a decoy!" I claim.Bookmark here

"I will not lay down more lives to fulfill this mission!".Bookmark here

I always have to do everything!Bookmark here

"Hunter 2-2"
"I'm going to be there to take a truck and act as a decoy, I hope you make good use of that opportunity".Bookmark here

Obviously, I don't plan to die. But with this, it would seem that I have an excuse for suddenly enters the building. I don't think anyone complains about someone who acts so that we all get out of this alive. So I gather my things, the rifle, the claymore explosive that I put in the entrance of the building since it may help me later. But looking for the opportunity to cross the street while there are bullets whistling and explosives does not help to let you think clearly. But after crossing the street in what seemed like an eternity in 5 minutes, I managed to reach the Research Center, two guards from the complex came to greet me, which I appreciate knowing that at least there are competitive people in here. Once inside the complex it seemed another world different from the outside, the place was intact, clean, hundreds of machines that I did not know everywhere, there were boxes full of books here and there. There were also several guards armed to the teeth and several panicked scientists, clearly, none of them thought they could get caught up in this situation. But it doesn't matter, I'm not here for any of them, I'm here to steal a crystal and that's what I'm going to do. While I was walking here and there with the excuse of looking for an unoccupied vehicle, which the angels had assured me is somewhere in here one of the scientists stopped to speak.Bookmark here

"Who is he!?" said the man in the robe.Bookmark here

He was a medium, average man, he wore glasses, he was even pale from probably not seeing the sunlight, the pure definition of nerd, but at the same time his badge says head of research, so he must be an important person and in charge of the place. It certainly wasn't who I wanted to find here.Bookmark here

"Hunter 2-2. I'm going to create a distraction to get out of here, be ready to go."Bookmark here

"So you must be then the one Akane said" said the scientist contemptuously while checking a tablet that he had on hand.Bookmark here

Why do you know her name?. We are supposed to use code names for the same thing, so they don't know who we are. Sure she told him by mistake, nothing that surprises knowing her null experience.Bookmark here

"Where are the trucks? I need a moderately armored one. There must be several here" pretending to be lost and looking all over the place for a vehicle, I got away from the scientist and started running, obviously, I don't have time to be wasting with him.Bookmark here

"Hey wait, stop!"
"Over there are the capsules!" Despite what he said, I don't pay any attention to it.Bookmark here

My time is running out I must hurry if I want to get out of here before the Empire arrives and everything gets even more complicated. After turning through a couple of corridors I came to one with a fairly large security door. At the same time, an armed guard was waiting, I barely noticed his weapon towards me.Bookmark here

"Stop there!!"
"What are you doing here?"
"Who are you? identify yourself!"
"This is a restricted area only Arcadia can pass" he said as he draft his weapon.Bookmark here

Heck, I knew they didn't leave the crystal out there unguarded. Sorry but right now I don't have time to deal with everyone.
The sound of a gunshot echoed through the hall. Then the man near the door fell back, he had no time to even know what happened. I put my pistol back in my belt, I quickly check the guard, I'm sure he has the key to the door at hand . Yes, here it is, without a doubt this must be the room I am looking for.Bookmark here

When a cold shock enters my entire body, the room is at a much lower temperature than the rest of the place. There wasn't much else in it, just a capsule in the middle of the room, one of those science fiction stories, but someone was sleeping inside.
I came a little closer to look, the curiosity that I had and the opportunity that I have, I do not plan to waste it. Undoubtedly there must be the "weapon" that everyone is looking for. The one that will finally end this war, but what could be worse than the things I've already fought against. If would be able to destroy those "Dolls" that have done so much damage to the Alliance without problems It would mean that we have also been driven to despair to do something even worse.Bookmark here

I slowly approached that thing.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

But what is this!!!Bookmark here

"NOOOO !!!!"
"WHY THIS!?"Bookmark here

Inside there was only one little girl, she is asleep. So they plan to use it as a "weapon". Do you think she is the one who could end the empire? She was just a girl. She seems to be quite young. Although also she is quite "singular", she had animal features of a fox, ears, and tail exactly, although if you pay attention to her face she also has fangs. She also suffers now from albinism all over her body, unlike the first time I saw her. She had long hair that came down to her waist, was white in color, unnatural enough for such a young girl to have it. And even though her eyes are closed, I know she has blue eyes like the sky. Although she has a really disproportionate big and lascivious breast, incompatible for a very small girl. Her hips and especially her thighs were also just as lustful big, It made her look pretty weird like her entire body was only made for doing "that" one specific inappropriate thing. But she had a sad but pretty and delicate face. Near to her face, she had two blue crystals, which were attached to her hair, as if they were jewelry accessories. But they weren't at all, because those crystals were exactly why I was here now. She was dressed in a simple way, a simple white dress that covered the central part of her body and because it looks a bit translucent I think she was not wearing anything else. I'm sure they took the one she originally had and put this one on her while they were investigating her. It looks more like a doll created specifically to be beautiful than a living creature. As if her creators had planned for her to only live in a room from which she would never leave, since moving with a body like that was difficult and inconvenient to put it simply.Bookmark here

Although I would like to say that I do not know her, I do know. I've seen her before and just for that all this only makes me angrier. I'm so nervous now that I can barely breathe. Now I just have more questions about what's going on here !!Bookmark here

"WHY ARE YOU HERE!??" I yelled into the air.
"Why Nanami?"
"This shouldn't even exist!"
"How did they find out about something like her!"Bookmark here

All of that was supposed to be erased!!
There had to be nothing left !!
What happened is not enough!?Bookmark here

But for now, I can't do anything. It was a tragedy from another time and although it hurts to always see her again.
The mission is the codex, I like all this or not.
I look at the side of the capsule: Special Ops Type 45 "Valkyria".
Special forces, those who are capable of facing the most adverse situations and coming out with a victory. Be a specialist in all areas, be constantly behind enemy lines destroying them from within. Always limited by time, equipment, weapons, and never have reinforcements or retreat. What awaits never will be good, I've already experienced it first hand and that's just bad news.
For now, I must fulfill the mission. If I succeed, both Maria and she will be safe for now. I will look for the answers to what is happening after, at all costs. But with this huge capsule, I will not be able to carry it in the vehicle.
There is no other way, I just take the crystals There is no room for anyone else for now. They will also take her out of here I can come back for her later. Even if no one knows who you are now. I will not leave you alone, I promise I will save you again, at least from this cruel fate, just wait a little longer.Bookmark here

Despite being in a deep moment in my thoughts, the fall of a bomb near the laboratory brought me back to reality, I have to get out of here now, I will rescue her when the opportunity comes. After checking for a second more the capsule left there, it seems that just in time, because moments later I saw the Arcadia squad pass right into that room, thank goodness I gave up hiding the corpse, I just hope they haven't seen me later.Bookmark here

Luckily on my way back, a guard showed me where the car that the angels had prepared for me was, so I suspect that he is with them.
I placed him first in the line of the convoy, after all, I have to draw the attention of the enemy. Besides, you were already making the final preparations for the trip so everyone was nervous once again.
Despite not being my job and without wasting time I was giving the final instructions to get out of here:Bookmark here

"Is everything ready then?"
"I am going to start . Once I leave, wait 30 seconds to leave on the west side and from there I go north".
"Don't stop for anything in the world!"Bookmark here

"Alright, Brandon get in this truck" mentioned the young rookie leader of the Arcadia team.Bookmark here

That dialogue caught my attention so I saw again, it was Akane who was guiding the Researcher leader from before, the head of the complex. So she calls him by his name too? It's not supposed to be weird that they say their name. But it almost seems that they have known each other before.Bookmark here

"We better get out of here with the capsule" Brandon said making demands as the boss of this place.
"If not everything will be in vain, the whole Alliance depends on this!"
"Also one of my guards missing?" he mentions when making a quick review of those present with his gaze.
"Where is it?"Bookmark here

"Now we don't have time to search for anyone"
"We have to continue, whatever it takes!" the girl who was guiding him to his truck replied.Bookmark here

"It's okay" he replied, in the form of acceptance of the situation beyond his controlBookmark here

OK, that was close, thank goodness that they are so bad that they did not see what happened to him.
Just as I was getting into the armored car another scientist spoke to me.Bookmark here

"Wait!" he tried to stop me by placing his hand on my shoulder.Bookmark here

But unlike the scrawny one from before, he did look like a normal person: brown hair, tall, unmarked of being a vampire terrified of the light. In fact, he seems like the typical guy who's always better than you at everything.Bookmark here

"Those crystals that you have there, where did you get them from?" he indicated me pointing to one of my pockets where I had put Nanami's hair accessories.Bookmark here

How did you notice them!. His ID says his name is DylanBookmark here

"How did you manage to remove the crystals from the girl's hair?"
"How did you find out about them!?" he also added.Bookmark here

Okay, this guy knows something about Nanami and the codex, it can be dangerous but right now I don't have time to deal with him either, killing him would draw too much attention with so many people present. I'm going to leave it for later.Bookmark here

"Who the hell are you??" he said as I withdrew his hand from me pointing to the gun I had.Bookmark here

all these wretches can die !!
I have no choice but to do what I can to make this end at once.
I'm going to show you why I'm in special operations !! Let's go for it all!Bookmark here

And with this, I started the car and accelerated to the top, directly against a glass door that there was. I thought that since it should draw attention I went directly against her. At last, I had managed to get out of there, now all I had to do was get out of town and run for my life. But seeing that just at that moment the first vehicles of the Empire also appeared, I knew that a moving trip awaited me.Bookmark here

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