Chapter 8:

And Now What Is Happening?

Valkyria Squadron

Darkness, SomewhereBookmark here

What is this?Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

I'm locked? I am dead again?.Bookmark here

NO, after all, I'm conscious.Bookmark here

But what is this I can't move and I can't see. It's just like a few moments ago before fighting that DOLL from before. And if I was dead before, how exactly did I come back to life !?. I remember the talk with THE BOSS. But what he said at the end doesn't give me a good feeling.Bookmark here

After a few seconds, I began to hear a voice in the background, I could not distinguish it well because it was heard strange, a little distorted.Bookmark here

"I barely have a couple of data from Dylan's investigation !!"
"I need more time to investigate if you want her to be operational again" exclaim so loud that I could hear what he was saying.
"It's not my fault that bastard took everything, leaving just this behind, and yet they just want me to work on this for only a limited time!"
"You are crazy!"Bookmark here

"Then make it worth the time and tell me what you have achieved if you want us to give you more time to investigate!" I think a woman said.Bookmark here

"Just a couple of things that he left handwritten in a notebook, but his handwriting is so bad that I had to figure out what he says there"Bookmark here

"Since the I.S.C broke the agreement we have, we have no obligation to have to give you access to our equipment or agents" the woman said again, arrogantly addressing her companion.Bookmark here

"That doesn't mean that I don't have anything!"
"Look here I have a little information" He responded desperately, then the man started to explain a little.Bookmark here

"The first thing is that this girl or weapon is a memory of a past civilization according to him, but it does not indicate the place from where he got it. Later he says that it was in a quite decorated room, it was the throne room, in the central part of the room was the throne with the peculiarity that it was made of jade".
"On the throne was she, the final solution, the best weapon that they had, according to the writings that had nearby, it was created using the best of them and they even used their own queen as material to create it, that she was the last descendant of a special lineage: a Seraph. She gave her body and life as the basis to create this monster"
"The best warrior that they had also given his life so that he had the courage and knowledge necessary for this weapon to defeat his greatest enemy the True Dragon Overlord"
"This weapon was only built with the clear objective: to be able to kill a god"Bookmark here

There is something wrong with that story, something that makes me tremble just to remember it, and even worse, of someone outside what happened to tell it. But how did they achieve that !? It was impossible to return to that place, after what happened.Bookmark here

"According to Dylan he only wanted a machine to kill their enemy, so it is only a body without a will that follows orders without questioning them".
"So he tried to find a way to wake her up but had not succeeded until that day of the attack in Oslo. According to his last notes, before that, he was studying if the crystals he had were the key, that perhaps they were its source of energy to turn it on again and with that try to control it".Bookmark here

"The story is very nice but in the real world we still have to win a war, I don't want to know what the hell Dylan imagined, what I want you to tell me that it can be used to end the DOLLS and not lose control while doing it" the woman replied with a clear tone of complete rejection of everything she just heard, she just wanted results and apparently they were not giving them to her.Bookmark here

Then a great roar was heard, it was a door closing, and with that, the voices also left, I could not hear anything else despite the attention that I would try to put.Bookmark here

All of this just gives bad signals everywhere. I still have no idea how I am alive, if I am because I don't really know what is happening to me right now, and last but not least I just heard Nanami's story from some stranger so it can be dangerous. And also what the hell are the angels doing? right now I need help but they don't show up!Bookmark here

Wait !!
I can hear something in the background!
What is it?
Are they popcorn?

But suddenly, as if I had received a bucket of cold water and woke up suddenly, I managed to open my eyes. And the truth would have preferred not to have done it. There were hundreds of things that had changed, and others not so much.

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was the city again, there was the noise of weapons everywhere again, planes were flying over the area and I could see several Alliance soldiers running towards someplace everywhere. So I ran for cover behind a wall near me. But there were also different things, the first and most striking was the season, now it was autumn because it was in a square where all the trees had their characteristic color of this time, in addition to a slight cold. This gave me a very big shock because it was early summer when Stella woke me up this morning. Seeing how strange the place is, I follow what I saw in the surroundings, trying to find an answer, but after seeing the language of the posters, they told me about something else, the signs were in Russian. And for my worst nightmare, it was to see where I just came from, because tells me that behind me was the capsule where Nanami's body was, and it was empty.

No, please no.
Not again something like that, no please no.
I turned to look down.
There were two big mountains blocking my vision towards my feet.

SHIT!!! I knew there was a trap in his words !! Of course, HE had to have some trick.

HE couldn't do something as easy as leaving me in my body again, no. HE had to find a way to make things as complicated as possible.
HE put me inside Nanami's body.

I have now the body of a fox girl who suffers from albinism. As if that were not enough, that also means that the weapon that the high command of the Alliance thinks is me. Great now I have to see what I invent to get out of this complication that they gave me for having helped the angels. The only good thing about this is that I have the codex tied to my hair so I won't have to look for it.

I was still complaining in the worst possible place and time when a radio rang right at my waist. I hadn't realized it but now I had different clothes than I had last time. Now I had a short next to a combat belt, plus a small tactical vest, part of fingerless gloves, and combat boots. In my belt, I had a small combat radio where a voice came from.

"Alright let's start this"A woman's voice and it seems that it is not the same as when I was "sleep".
"My code name is War Lady"
"I see on the monitor that you have already been activated"
"So I'm going to give you your mission"
"Near your position to the south is an assault DOLL"
"Proceed to eliminate it as quickly as possible!"

Nothing more? as if I did it every day?

"Hurry up".
"She is causing great damage to the city's air defense system".
"If that falls, the city does too" she added with a threatening whole".

"As if you understand that" added the woman from the radio
"Why that damn Dylan disappeared leaving everything behind and now the investigation is barely progressing with great costs".
"I agree with my boss when she talks about better getting rid of this money-sucking project".

What are you talking about?
Is she talking about me?
This puts me in a pretty tough situation

"Valkyria!" was the name that she told me.
"The target is approaching your location prepare to fight".

But she just finished talking, I saw how the wall she was protecting me exploded into pieces, but not from a bomb, it was pure brute force, brute force that came from a girl exactly like the same one that I was sure I had defeated ago, she was even wearing the same clothes like last time.

"Hey, you look like a strong rival. Why don't we fight !?" the girl told me.

And just as I was reaching my hand to my gun to respond to her suggestion, I realized something terrible, I don't have any weapon !!
knowing that it was impossible to win in my situation I did my best to stay alive:

"Fuck this, I'm out of here" I said as I started to run to the opposite side.

"Hey wait don't run!" she said.

I started running like a madman down the street looking for something to fight with, because winning against an unarmed DOLL may be the worst idea I have ever fallen into.

As soon as I moved a few meters I was able to see a couple of bodies lying near me, it seemed to be from a demolition team because they still had a couple of explosives. Seeing that I could use the same technique as when I defeated the first one, I went to where they were. Just before I reached out my hand to take them, I saw again that I was doing the DOLL, she was bending her knees preparing to jump in my direction while holding her knife in her hand. Knowing what she would try to do next, I threw myself laterally to avoid her, which worked because she had completely failed and now she was several meters in front of me. Without stopping to think about it, I took the explosives that the dead men had near me and also one of the pistols they had.

Then I got ready for the Doll to launch herself against me and I threw the bag with explosives towards where I would think it would finish moving, and then I dodged it again. The Doll didn't end up as close to the bag as I would have liked but I had no choice now. Surely she won't fail a third time. So I took a position to shoot and aimed at the bag. After a good explosion occurred, I could barely throw myself to the ground to try to take as little damage as possible. After a few seconds, I looked up to see around and with that bring me a good joy, because the DOLL was no longer seen anywhere. I had won again against one of those things. And seeing that my work was here finished it was time to flee from here as soon as possible and see what the hell is what happened.

Just when I was starting to walk the radio came back on.

"Awesome" said War lady.
"The truth is that this would only be a test to develop it without the rest of the high command claiming us for wasting funds"
"But it seems that it is able to fulfill its purpose" "This is going to be good for us!"

This does not interest me in the least so I started to turn towards the south, thinking that if the Doll had left there it would be where the chaos of the battle would be and it would be better for me to escape there. But when I advanced a couple of meters I felt a prick in the neck again. I had been a fool, I had completely forgotten that it should have some security mechanism and what I had on my neck was just that.

And with that again I fell into that rare state that I was just before.Bookmark here

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