Chapter 10:

Fast Learning The Bad Situation

Valkyria Squadron

Again asleep, in the capsule probablyBookmark here

Again in this state.Bookmark here

How long will it be before I wake up again?
I need to get out of this and get on with my life. I just need one chance, that's all.
While I was waiting, I listened to some kind of conversation again, so I decided to pay more attention and see what I could understand.Bookmark here

"How did my work time end!?" Someone said quite angry.
"I'm the best investigator on the ship, and the only one who knows at least something about her".
"Why can't I work on this for more than two hours a day?"
"She shows signs of brain activity while asleep since yesterday, she didn't have them before. Plus there's the story of how Cedric says he was hit by her. It could be signs that a conscience is awakening"
"This must be investigated!"
"It may only be a matter of time before we can't control it and it can fall into the hands of the Empire!"Bookmark here

Again that voice talking about investigating. It seems they don't know anything yet, which is good if I want to keep Codex safe. Also, I talk about being on a ship, will it be the same aircraft carrier where I was?Bookmark here

"I have already said several times that you have the maximum time is two hours a day for maintenance"a different voice said, it was that of a man a little older because of how it sounded because it imposed a lot of authority on it.
"Nothing more"
"Apart from you, no one wants to work the safety measures due to that you yourselves established"
"We have a strict control with the sedatives that are supplied "
"That's why the time limit"
"And since Dylan disappeared, the project was completed in the hands of the Alliance, the I.S.C no longer has anything to do with this."
"As you continue to create a nuisance, I am going to arrest you for try to gain access to a restricted area outside of the establishment."
"I imagine if you know what that means, right?"
"You would face a trial for espionage, and that in a war pays a high price"Bookmark here

"You guys are a bunch of incompetent!"
"I swear I'll get this one way or another!" the angry person replied.Bookmark here

"I am only in charge of guarding this room, if you want to complain you will have to talk to someone else"Bookmark here

"This won't stay like this" It was heard how the furious person retreated with steps so strong that I could even hear without concentrating.Bookmark here

Well, it seems then that they have me locked up and watched when I'm not in combat.Bookmark here

"I just saw Brandon leave"
"Has he been looking to steal information again?" Now a woman is heard with a calm tone.Bookmark here

"He's always looking for a way to get more time with her".
"But my job is to keep him at bay" the man replied now with a gentle tone responding to the ladyBookmark here

"From one of the best commanders the Alliance has ever had to a simple gate guard."
"Are you not very overqualified for the job?" she said.Bookmark here

"My retirement day is almost approaching. I don't want to die being so close to going home" he said.
"It was a personal decision, I offered to carry out this to watch that capsule".
"Also the war is almost over"
"And soon I will have a granddaughter to take care of"
"One of my daughters died with her husband at the beginning of the year, right now she is living with my other daughter, but for now she has financial problems and since she does not have children of her own so I thought about taking a little load off her"
"On the other hand, I even got a job as a police chief, I'll start shortly, and they also have a good schedule with that I can take care of her"
"I have to make up for all this absent time, and the absence of her parents"Bookmark here

The war is almost over! But how!?
What have I been missing all this time!?Bookmark here

"Family" she said in a melancholy tone.
"We all have one"
"Although I've been hiding from mine all this life"
"I don't want them to worry"
"No more than what has already happened"Bookmark here

"It is hard to have such an important position within the Alliance"
"It leaves you no time for anything" said the old man knowing very well why he said it.Bookmark here

"I wouldn't even call it a position"
"That in the end, almost everything depends on me only reflects the ineffectiveness of the High Command" She said as if it was not important.
"When all this ends I will also dedicate myself to my family"
"I will leave all this business and favors"
"I don't want this anymore"
"After losing someone again I realized that it does not matter if I save the world, the world will not care what happens to me or the people I love."Bookmark here

His way of speaking reminded me of myself, in fact, it is what I would have said myself. That despite everything that has happened, I just want to put all this behind me and focus on what was important to me, because it has already cost me quite a lot to help others.Bookmark here

"And speaking of the end of the war" said the man now with a rather serious tone again.
"What about her?"
"Will we leave it there?"
"Will they keep it in a forgotten warehouse?"
"Or are you planning to free her and try to teach her something other than kill?"Bookmark here

"She has accomplished 35 successful missions, all of them without problems." She revealed.
"Although Dylan's disappearance has made it impossible to progress further with the investigation."
"It has undoubtedly exceeded the plans we had with her, unfortunately, it has been quite effective. So much so that they already have plans to continue using it even when this ends"Bookmark here

WWHHAATT !!Bookmark here

35 missions ?? But if I only remember 2!
What the hell happened to the others !?. Where did they come from?
Have they really managed to control me?Bookmark here

"But" she started talking again.
"Personally I think that even if this ends the I.S.C will seek to obtain control again, despite being the ones who left they abandoned this, now that they have seen how effective she is, they will look for a way to have it again for themselves"
"All this should not go on, we do not know who she is, or what she is capable of, as Brandon says, we do not know if we are really capable of completely controlling her".
"She has a knack for killing cold blood"
"I know she is able to communicate, listen to the story Cedric talk about her in Tunisia. And that after that she does not say anything since then again, it is very strange"
"We do not know what she may be thinking, or planning."
"What do you think would happen if I really had a personality?"
"Don't you think he would seek a way to get revenge on her captors?"
"But there is something that bothers me even more. From which ruins and where did Dylan get it? You don't think it's very strange that we don't know anything about it. What would happen if it was the same that caused those ruins, because according to the book she was the only thing intact in that place. And even worse, Brandon who is looking for all the possible information about her is not interested in knowing it too, but no, it is as if he already knows the answer and that is why he does not look for that. They work for the same company so they surely have much more information than what they give us"
"So it's all a pretty shady affair between them and us. Surely this can go bad at any time"Bookmark here

"I imagine you already have a plan to solve it then" He answered simply.Bookmark here

"I have already had my assistant destroy various pieces of information. Just enough for Brandon not to notice " The woman began to explain.
"When the attack on Vienna starts we will deploy Valkyira again and put a command post in the city to monitor her, since that has been his objective all this time I doubt that he will reject it, so he will go. When he leaves the ship we will erase everything that is here, leaving him only with what he has on hand. When we see the right moment, we will pretend an enemy attack the command center, forcing them to leave the place as soon as possible, we will destroy the place with all the data. We put the girl to sleep again and when Brandon gets back to the ship there will be nothing left."Bookmark here

"And what will happen to her, after all, she is the center of all this" He asked again.Bookmark here

"I do not like how it sounds but we will have to get rid of it too, we will say that we lost it during the battle in a surprise attack, what I still do not know is if it destroys it with explosives or in some way that leaves nothing".
"To finish her suffering that she has been through."
"Being locked up against her will following orders from people she doesn't know. It is certainly a fate worse than death. At least we'll put an end to that and may she rest in peace".Bookmark here

After hearing that I was scared once again. They would try to kill me after my next mission. So if I don't escape successfully that would be my end. And while I'm glad they're done with the information, I don't feel good knowing that the next time I wake up will be the last time if I fall asleep again.Bookmark here

I have to concentrate and find a way to get out of the city, or at least find a place where I can hide until the effect of the sedatives wears off and I can wake up again to get out of there.Bookmark here

Almost nothing, compared to before at least.Bookmark here

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