Chapter 32:

The Rescue

Valkyria Squadron

When I woke up I noticed that something was out of place. I was in a completely unknown room. It was not a cozy place like my home, it was quite the opposite, it was a nightmare. I was locked in a filthy room with little light. There was a metal door near me, it had a grill through which you could see a little into the corridor. But there was no one, everything was quiet.Bookmark here

I was scared, I didn't know where I was and I didn't know what they were planning to do with me. But one thing was for sure, whatever it was was not good for me.Bookmark here

While looking around the room I managed to see someone's silhouette.Bookmark here

It was that of a girl, she was sitting quietly watching what I was doing. When she recognized me she approached me and I could see her school uniform. When I got closer to see who she was I could see that she was Haru Yamamoto. She was the granddaughter of Officer Yamamoto who helped me find my daughter Maria. But what was she doing here with me?Bookmark here

She was as terrified as I was because neither of us knew what was happening. Only now we were locked in some strange place.Bookmark here

"Mrs. Adelis, are you here too?"
"Do you know what this place is?"
"What are these gunmen planning to do?" the poor girl asked.Bookmark here

I thought for a moment about how to respond to her since I didn't even know for sure what was happening. But looking through the grille of the setting I managed to see how some armed men passed through the corridor, they wore good military equipment in addition to assault rifles, they looked more like a patrol of soldiers, so this was not a simple case of kidnapping. This was a properly calculated plan because if they have such good funds, they must know who I am. So I could only imagine that those must be I.S.C men who managed to find me.Bookmark here

"Everything is fine, don't worry"
"Soon your grandfather will come to rescue us"
"We just have to wait until he arrives"I told the girl trying to make her feel betterBookmark here

But the truth is that I was completely in a panic. The alliance won't notice my disappearance until tomorrow, and I can't say how long it would take for them to investigate. Haru's grandfather is undoubtedly a smart man who will certainly look for Haru even if he has to go door to door throughout the city, but what could the police do against what is basically an elite army entrenched in a warehouse. There was only Cesar, who although he noticed my disappearance and knows that he is probably in the warehouse that Tama mentioned, they are only two people and no matter how much experience they have, they can win against so many enemies and without help from anyone. In the best-case scenario, he may be able to give the police clues as to where to look, but how will the Inspector take it, if someone as strange as him leads him here?Bookmark here

I was still thinking about the situation when the metal door slammed open. The patrol of soldiers pushed someone into the room and quickly closed the door. After that, two of them were left guarding the door while the other two were guarding the corridor, leaving us with no possibility of escaping. But anyway I could do it, I'm just an ordinary lady. I've never exercised in my life and only used a pistol a couple of times at a shooting range just because I was asked to know how to use it with my work at the Alliance. Besides that, I have to protect this girl who is by my side. I can't do anything stupid that will leave us both dead.Bookmark here

I turned to see who was the person who was pushed into the cell. And to my surprise, it was someone I knew too. She was the fruit of my husband and me, she was my precious daughter Maria. After recovering from the fall, she looked around and saw my face. She was just how I remembered her, exactly the little girl that I raised. And as soon as she saw me she started crying unconditionally and running she hugged me Bookmark here

"Mom is you?" My beautiful daughter spoke to me
"Is it you, right?"
"I'm very sorry about all this"
"Everything that's happening is my fault"
"If I hadn't told you that I saw you in one of the photos in the cafeteria this wouldn't be happening to you now!"Bookmark here

"It's not your fault"
"All this is happening because it had to happen"
"No one is to blame for this"
"Just calm down"
"Do you know what's going on here"Bookmark here

"I was working for the I.S.C so that I could pay for the hospital and go home"
"They asked me to watch someone"
"But yesterday when I visited a restaurant I saw you in a photo I told them that I wanted to leave work to look for you"
"They were very angry because I would not pay the debt and that is why they have locked us here"
"If only I had kept doing what they asked me this would not have happened"Bookmark here

My poor daughter Maria was clearly wrong about what was really going on. But I don't think that informing her about what is really at stake can serve as anything other than worry her more. The only thing she could do right now was hugging them and protect these girls even if it cost me my life.Bookmark here

After a few moments both Haru and Maria calmed down a bit, so I began to see that we could get out of this situation, or at least prevent it from getting worse.Bookmark here

All I knew is that this is probably the warehouse of the stall where Maria was hiding and that there are a lot of armed and trained men around. We were on what looked like a floor below because there were some stairs behind a door in the hallway. In the unlikely event that we managed to get out of a room under the floor, I still did not know that I would find myself outside or a means of escape.Bookmark here

My only viable option remained to wait until an alliance or police squad arrived to rescue us. All we had to do was endure a day or two and hopefully, we could be rescued. But what if they take us to another place shortly?Bookmark here

No one would know where they could take us, not even Cesar and Tama could know where the I.S.C. could take us. And with a large number of resources available to them, taking us out of the country is another possibility. And if you maybe their objective is not to kidnap us but something worse.Bookmark here

I couldn't stop thinking about all the bad things that could happen at any moment, every moment that passed only drove me more and more to despair, despair that I could not show in front of the girls.Bookmark here

But suddenly something strange started happening outside in the hall. Another gunman has just arrived. But it seems that he was lost because his companions began to demand that he leave the place. But the new soldier kept playing dumb and started checking the door grills, his companions walked and asked him to stop, but just when the man looked at the grid of our cell and looked into my eyes he stopped His partner put his hand on his shoulder and started pushing him to get him out of here. But the man did not move.Bookmark here

The next thing I can only describe is chaos. Well, in a matter of seconds the armed man who was acting strange pulled out of nowhere a rather rare spear as if he had had it all this time. And with it, he launched a deadly thrust at the soldier who was behind him. Next on his list was the other soldier who was also near the door. Which the subject with the spear still with the body of the first still impaled pounced on the unfortunate guard.Bookmark here

The last two remaining soldiers raised their guns to shoot the strange man. But he responded by throwing a couple of papers, he threw them with force, and as strange as those papers looked as soon as they made contact with the armed men they caught fire so strong as deadly that their poor enemies could not even emit a cry of pain being burned completely alive in a matter of secondsBookmark here

I couldn't believe what just happened, I was completely terrified to see how four people have just lost their lives so violently, so quickly, so easily. I wanted to vomit just to see the demonstrations of evil.Bookmark here

The strange man turned to knock on the door and opened it strangely quickly and silently. When I saw him after the door had finished opening, I hugged the girls tightly and tried to protect them by putting myself in front of them. As soon as the man saw us, he smiled and as if it were an act of magic, a lot of smoke came out of him. As if they had dropped a bomb, but the smoke was also strange because it dissipated with the same speed with which it came out.Bookmark here

The next thing that happened I did not know how to take it. Well, where was the monster who just killed four men as if nothing was now a rather peculiar girl. It was Tamamo, my son's wife who was now at the entrance, she was still wearing the same school uniform as Haru. And on her face was the usual face of her smiling, as if everything that happened the moment before had been some kind of fun game.Bookmark here

"I finally find you"
"Don't worry, darling will come to rescue you shortly"
"I'm going to protect them here until he arrives" The mistress of the moon spokeBookmark here

"Tamamo are you?"
"What are you doing here?" I told her because I still couldn't believe who she really wasBookmark here

"Yes, it's me"
"Your beautiful and beautiful daughter-in-law who has come to rescue you"
"Just like those superhero movies!"
"Isn't it great!?" said the girl with her usual playful toneBookmark here

"Is Cesar coming to rescue us?"
"And how will you do it?"
"Is the police here already?"Bookmark here

"I do not know"
"Darling said he didn't really have a plan"
"That you simply invent what to do on the go" Bookmark here

I couldn't believe it, Tama first shows up to rescue us, and just when I start to hope to get out of this situation she tells me that my idiot son came here without a plan in mind. That he was just going to improvise on the fly. But I was still gathering strength to say how stupid the plan was when all of a sudden a bang sounded right upstairs. It looked like a car had just run over the driveway and everything ahead.Bookmark here

Seconds later the sounds of gunfire from all sides filled the place. It was completely terrifying to hear a large number of gunshots and at the same time, there were more screams of pain increasing every time those outbursts of death occurred. But I think my biggest distress now was knowing that it was my son who was now causing the shooting that was heard above. The shots stopped sounding for a couple of seconds, but immediately they were heard again, each time that happened the closer they were heard.Bookmark here

Tamamo moved away from our door and stood behind the door that led to the ladders, with his spear in hand and preparing to attack the next unfortunate who passed by. When the number of shots seemed to be less and less someone ran and opened the door where Tamamo was waiting, and without her hesitation or for a second lunged her spear straight to the head. The soldier who received the blow did not even know what happened to him. And as if nothing Tamamo took the same potion that she had previouslyBookmark here

I was on my nerves listening to how despite the time the shots did not stop ringing and ringing. But always reducing the number of participants. And at the same time, I was afraid that they would stop ringing because with every shot I could hear, it meant that my son was alive, so I was afraid of everything.Bookmark here

The girls who accompany me were even worse because they did not understand what was happening. Haru seemed like he just couldn't take all this and fainted, while my daughter Maria was scared too, but she was trying to control herself a bit. In vain because from here I could see how much she was shaking.Bookmark here

Suddenly the door of the stairs was hit several times. And although the sounds of the shots had not stopped, it was Tamamo who decided to open the door this time. Only so that a moment later she looked like a completely white girl fighting hand to hand with another of the soldiers. The fight was violent as she could see how the two tried to kill each other in the fastest way. The white girl tried to finish reloading her gun but before she finished the soldier gave her a kick causing her to lose the gun from her hand. Then the soldier took out a knife from one of her pockets and tried to hurt the girl with it. But that turned out to be his mistake, as it seemed like my son wanted him to do just that. Well, as if it were a dance, she snatched the knife with a simple movement, then with a single movement the girl in white wounded him in the right arm, with the next movement she cut a good part of his leg, passing the knife from one hand to the other he stabbed the right side of the torso, continuing an attack to the chest just where the heart would be, and as if it had not been different with the same knife then buried it in the soldier's throat. Making him fall while making a horrible sound. Without wasting a second, after killing that man in such a terrible way, she picked up her gun again and began to shoot through the door that she had just passed moments before. Bookmark here

"Get ready because we're leaving right now" said the girl in whiteBookmark here

"Are you really thinking of rescuing us like this?"
"There are still soldiers out there, you are putting us all at risk!"
"Not only me but also Maria and Haru are here too!" I yelled at herBookmark here

"What the fuck!?"
"What is she doing here?"
"Well, it doesn't matter, I already screwed up so there's no other option left"
"I'm going to advance from first, Tama will go from second, you from third, and Maria I want you to carry Haru"
"There's a car upstairs, it's a bit damaged but we can use it to get out of here"
"Mother I want you to pick up that gun from there from that soldier and help me in whatever way you can"Bookmark here

"We can not advance like this in the open, they will kill us" I told him the crucial flaw of his ideaBookmark here

"Don't worry I got that covered"
"But if we want to get out alive I need you to do exactly what I tell you literally"Bookmark here

Right after she finished speaking she took a step back and as she did an act of magic she pulled out a giant and wide sword from the ground. It was so ridiculously big that it looked even bigger than the girl holding it. Moments later the girl grabbed him with one hand near the handle and with the other, she held her gun. Then she began to march slowly but surely to the front. Tamamo followed behind her as if she were dealing with another game.Bookmark here

For my part, I couldn't stay behind, not now. Well, if my son was right about something, it was now or never. So I took a pistol from one of the dead soldiers since it was the only thing I knew how to use and I told Maria to follow us. She trusted in me took her classmate and followed me. Bookmark here

As we go through the warehouse I notice how my son seemed to have done this several times before. Well, I see how he checks every corner he walks through with the sword that he uses as a shield facing the front. Sporadically, I could hear a couple of shots bouncing off the shield and how he stops and responds with his pistol. Silencing his enemies shortly after. Walking down a corridor there was a door on the side that we couldn't tell if someone was hiding there. So he indicated to Tamamo that he would go until he passed the door, after that Tamamo would have to enter the room and kill whoever was there while he protected the hall with the shield. A moment after realizing what he said to the letter, Tamamo stood behind him and patted him on the shoulder, indicating that he had finished with his task and that he could continue.Bookmark here

On our way to the exit, I noticed how despite the occasional shooting between Cesar and the soldiers. The number of bodies did not correspond to what we had found. These were from before, from the initial shooting, as they were scattered everywhere. He had killed most of them while he made his way downstairs, while Tamamo protected us he had made this massacre first to make our exit easier now that he had to protect us.Bookmark here

Looking at him I could see that there was no fear or nervousness on his face, he just showed concentration. He was just a warrior with a mission, to get us out of here alive. Everything else he was was not important to him at the moment. When the ammunition ran out he did not hesitate for a second and he only focused on having the shield straight to defend us. Without even looking back, he quickly gave orders to his wife on how to surround the soldiers, and then he told me to weigh my pistol. He didn't turn his head away from him, he simply reached back with his right hand waiting for the gun to be passed to him. And when he received it with the same seriousness he shot at the soldiers trying to create a distraction for Tamamo to actBookmark here

It struck me that even compared to some of his enemies he did not even blink when shooting. Regardless of how close the gun was to his ears, for him, it was just one more routine. He understood then that what he had been doing all these years was precisely this. Kill everyone who got between him and his target. One day at work like any other. And I was afraid of him, how he did not show the slightest emotion even when he just killed someone just one meter in front of him. I had thought of how the war had changed him and the war that I myself had been managing until recently. How in one way or another I was partially responsible for this. And like me, unlike him when I organized an assault from the safety of my headquarters, it was my son who had to fight and kill for every meter of terrain on the map that I marked.Bookmark here

When we finally got to the truck that was at the entrance, only a few minutes had passed. But they were the longest and most terrifying minutes of my life. Without waiting for anything, we all entered and Cesar started the car, he quickly put in reverse gear and after going a couple of meters, he turned the car to be able to advance forward.Bookmark here

But as if a joke of cruel fate just a moment later, police cars now appear right in front of us, making a kind of barrier with their cars. Among one of them comes a well-known figure, it was Haru's grandfather, Inspector Yamamoto who immediately took out a loudspeaker and warned us to get out of the car with our hands up. I thought that I was finally saved because if she managed to talk to him this whole parade today would finally be over.Bookmark here

But the next thing that happened was completely out of what I thought might happen. Cesar grabbed his pistol back and started shooting at the cops without hesitating for a second what he was doing. We all bowed our heads as a precaution and Cesar stepped on the accelerator fully, seconds later I could feel how we hit a patrol. But the car didn't stop and after the impact, it started to pick up speed. Cesar then raised his head and started driving the car as if his life depended on it, which was happening right now.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, we were on a highway with a wrecked car and several police cars chasing us. I was at a breaking point, as in a matter of moments I was looking for the help of the authorities, and the next I am trying to escape from them.Bookmark here

"Cesar what the hell did you just do!"
"They are the police, they were rescuing us!"
"You're only making things worse!" I complained to himBookmark here

"What are you talking about"
"Didn't you see it too?"
"Why did the police show up so fast?"
"It is not natural for them to arrive and act so fast even when there are hostages"
"They were waiting for us!"Bookmark here

"Haru is Inspector Yamamoto's granddaughter!"
"The Inspector found out that her granddaughter was missing and went to the warehouse to look for her!"
"The police are on our side!"Bookmark here

"I did not know that!"
"And what do you want me to do now do you want me to stop the car and tell them I'm sorry I shouldn't have shot them?"
"That is not going to end well for me!"Bookmark here

"So you plan to spend your whole life running from the police and living like a criminal?"Bookmark here

"That will only happen if I let the police catch us"Bookmark here

"And how do you plan for someone implacable like the inspector not to catch us?"Bookmark here

"This is the time when everyone gets off work"
"I plan to drive until I find a train or subway station and we'll get there"
"We will lose the police taking trains and camouflaging ourselves in the crowd"Bookmark here

After a few minutes of an exhausting chase on the highway, Cesar managed to distance himself enough from the patrols and find our way to escape. A subway station. So he stopped the car and immediately we all got out to run towards the entrance.Bookmark here

But right now we didn't have the money or the time to pay for the train ticket. So, following Cesar's example, we all simply said jump over the machine at the entrance. But right after, one of the guards at the train station tried to stop us for what we had just done. But the girl in white decided to pounce on him and with a couple of blows, she managed to knock him out and hide him behind an expanding machine without people noticing what he just did.Bookmark here

After that we took about two secure trains without noticing where they were going, we only entered the ones that were full of people. In the end, we ended up in a part of Tokyo that we did not know and decided to take a taxi back home. Haru, who is still unconscious, we decided to leave her at the White Moon cafe and ask Saeko to take her to a police station in our place.Bookmark here

When we got to our house it was already dark and I couldn't believe what just happened. I was at my house with a goddess watching television and my son going to take a bath as if nothing had happened today.Bookmark here

My daughter Maria was also at home the way I wanted her to, but she was as shocked as I was that she just didn't understand what had just happened. So I asked him to wait until tomorrow to be able to explain well what happened today. After that everyone went to sleep, since Maria still didn't have a room I decided that she would sleep with me for tonight, hoping that it would reassure her of what had happened todayBookmark here

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