Chapter 37:

Volume 1 Recape!

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Volume 1 recap

Our Young mage Ken Granfold left Zen Island, to enter the highly prestigious school known as "Elenora's Academy of Magicka". After flying through the Entrance Exam with light work and causing a disturbance during the Welcoming Ceremony, Ken became a fully-fledged student and was ready to start his new life with people his age.

After successfully becoming a magic student, Ken was assigned to join the RisingSun Dorm, where he made new friends who accepted him. With the help of Hanako who is a dorm mate of his as well as Kens Crush, she helped him get accustomed to the academy and helped him choose his classes.

After getting into a few inconveniences like dealing with a bully and getting on the bad side of a Wizard Captain, as well as joining a summoning club known as "Companions" Ken slowly became known to quite a lot of other students.

A few weeks passed since his joining of the Academy, and it's finally time for all the First Year's to take the "Survival Exam" which is a final exam to see if the first years are worthy of staying in the academy. On their way to the survival exam, they used a huge cruise boat to make it to the island, it would take place.

The first test happened on the cruise ship that was carrying them to Zeless Island. During the trip, on all of the cruise ships carrying the students, a high-level illusion spell was put on all of the cruise ships and the students had to figure out how to get rid of the spell, for those that failed had their souls taken, until the ship reached its destination. Ken, along with the help of one of the wizard captains known as Claire, worked together to figure out the illusion spell and put an end to it.

After reaching the island, those who survived immediately started their next test. For this test, students had to run through the forest area of the island and collect a certain amount of coins and make it to the hotel on the island. Ken and Hanako teamed up and after some struggle, they found a coin, but sadly they got stolen from them, fortunately after Hanako was able to hunt down the thief and get them back, while Ken fought another student known as "Alice" which he beat and gained enough coins for both him and Hanako to pass.

Those that passed and made it to the hotel and were given a welcoming speech by an ex-student and a famed wizard known as "Ace" and teachers from the Academy. After the speech students were given time to select rooms and relax. Ken ended up in a room with two other students since he couldn't be with his dorm mates. His new roommates were Eldrin and Tatsuo, who were powerful mages but not easy to live with.

For the next exam, students were split up and put into separate groups. Ken was put in group C, his group's test was to create potions of their choosing. At first, he couldn't decide what to make but after helping a fellow student named Nelly in making her potion, Ken finally thought of what he wanted to make which was a water breathing potion, and with that, he and Nelly passed along w some other students.

The next text was another illusion spell that took place in students' dreams while they were sleeping. For Ken, he woke up back on Zen island where he was made to believe he failed the exam, but with a few inconveniences, Ken figured out the illusion and broke free from it, passing the test.

After waking up Ken along with every other student that passed, which included all of the Risingsun dorm members. The students were met by special guests, these guests were also superpower mages and ex-students of the academy just like Ace.

For their next test, they were put into different groups. This time the groups were led by the special guest, Ken's group was led by Falera who was a powerful earth mage that was well known in the country. The test was to run up a hill with a partner, Ken teamed up with a student called "Rex". The Falera put restrictions on students as well causing trouble for the students making it harder for them to reach the top. But luckily with the help of Rex, Ken was able to make it to the top in time.

After the hill event, Ken and those that passed the test made it back to the hotel to relax, where they met up with other students from other groups who had passed. Within Ken's room, Ken is relaxing and eating with his roommates when suddenly Mei, who was one of the special guests and someone Tatsuo was familiar with. Mei came in with Hanako, Mei also happened to be Hanako's master. After the three boys were saved by Enzoro(another special guess) due almost to being killed by Mei for disrespecting her. Ken and Hanako went to see if the other Risingsun members had passed their exam, and fortunately, they all did.

The next two exams were written exams. The first exam was about the principles of Law and Magic, which Ken passed with flying colours, the second test was the Fundamentals of Alchemy and the schools of Magicka, which he also passed with high marks, so did all the Risingsun members.

For the next exam, there were no separate groups, everyone was put together. The test took place in a mock town where students had to raise a certain amount of points by hunting and fighting robots of different sizes. During the test after nearly being crushed by a giant robot, Hanako let loose her second personality, who was known as "Yurei".

After Yurei tried to kill Ken she took off by herself to rack up points. While the other students were destroying robots and racking up tons of points, Ken, while distracted, got his tag stolen and destroyed, due to that he lost all his points. The only way for him to pass now is to find the golden robot. Ken struggled to find the gold robot but with the help of Claire, he found it. Using a string red lightning spell, Ken destroyed the robot, passing the test just in time.

After the test, those that passed made their way back to the hotel to relax for the day. Ken followed Eldrin to a secret hot spring where they met up with Tatsuo. While the three boys took comfort in the hot spring, Falera welcomed himself into the hot spring as he explained he created the hot spring back when he used to attend the Academy. Falera using only his mana pressure was capable of showing the three boys how strong he and the other special guests truly were. This display of monstrous magic gave the three boys to strive past.

The next day came and it was finally time for the final test to this survival camp. For this test, students were put into small groups of five and taken to a labyrinth where they had to collect 7 magic orbs within a limited time. Unlike the other test where everything went in order and students were never in any real danger, a criminal organisation had infiltrated the labyrinth. Homunculus eggs were set up all over the labyrinth which hatched and released several homunculi to attack the students.

While other students were fighting off homunculus, Ken was fighting a super-powerful wolf beastfolk called "Five". By himself, Ken was no match but with the help of his roommates Tatsuo and Eldrin, they were able to hold their ground against Five. After some time of the students struggling against the homunculus, as well as Ken, Tatsuo and Eldrin struggling Five, the teachers and supervisors finally arrived at the scene and immediately took action to protect the students. The teachers got rid of the homunculus but unfortunately, Five escaped with the help of a partner also part of the same organisation.

Due to this large inconvenience, all the students that were remaining automatically passed the exam. With this, the RisingSun dorm threw a party to celebrate. Once everyone had fallen asleep after a long night of partying, Ken unlocked one of the many seals that were put on him by his Grandpa, to restrict his magic. By unlocking one of the seals, Ken's mana level reached new levels.

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