Chapter 1:

The Forgotten

The Forgotten

Have you ever had the thought of what would happen if you nobody remembers you? That nobody knew who you were or even knew that you existed.Bookmark here

It is a painful and depressing feeling that I have had to live through for at least a year; let me tell you that the start of that year was the most dreadful time of my entire life.Bookmark here

I had a family that cared about me; they always made sure to spend as much time with me as they could, but one day all of that changed in just one single night.Bookmark here

It was a stormy and cold winter night, the rustling of the brown and long branches waving at me through the clear, glass window. Whistles of the wind was a howling, high pitched sound continuously playing its call of the sky throughout the pitch black, dark sky. Stars were flickering like flames and were flashing like the rays of a lightbulb, being switched on and off again and again.Bookmark here

Rustling, howling and whistling all arranging a beautiful astonishing song that only the most pure song birds could create. With the incredible harmony of nature worked wonderfully with the astounding night sky. Most of the stars were fixed in place, calm as well as still; if it wasn’t for their luminous lights they would be nothing more than boring rocks in the sky just like their boring, average routine of staying in the same place all night. However there was one star that still had its inner child and freedom as it flew across the sky joyfully, enjoying every moment of life it had. In-fact it was a child, it was amazing as it journeyed across the cosmos. It was the most beautiful star there was; it lighted up the sky more than all of the other stars combined.Bookmark here

A shooting star; and with a shooting star comes a delightful wish.  Bookmark here

The Forgotten

The Forgotten

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