Chapter 45:

Welcome to Aria's world

Valkyria Squadron

Hősök Tere City Park
Surroundings of Vajdahunyad Castle
8:00 PM
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I was walking through the dark forest that surrounded Vajdahunyad Castle, leaving the property, went south, and skirted the lake of the park, then I headed west, towards Hősök Tere. Where, according to the original story, I would meet my father there. There was the monument to the founded tribes of Hungary, but tonight it didn't seem to be anywhere near there. The place was supposed to be located in the center of the city of Budapest, what's more, it was supposed to be a subway station right here. But tonight I could see the monument in the distance, a much greater distance than the original, because the castle and the square were almost sticking together, The monument stood out enormous in the middle of the forest, without any use or utility, just abandoned in the middle of a sea of dark trees. The only thing that illuminated my path was the light of the full moon that there was today and the total absence of clouds in the sky. But even though it could be seen clearly enough, it did not take away the dismal of the place, since Maria's birthday was on November 12, it was autumn here, almost the entire forest was without leaves, the branches of the trees were so intertwined and put in strange shapes that it made it seem like all the plants had faces of pain and anguish. And as if that weren't enough, for the birthday party, to make the place look like terror, we sent creepy dolls everywhere to match the theme. But it seems that they multiplied because they are almost in every tree now. Bookmark here

I don't know where my hope of meeting my father in this place came from, but I had almost absolute faith in it. The first time it was to have an excuse to be able to watch a soccer game in a nearby bar. But if he's here tonight too, I'm sure he'll be there waiting for me too, he might even be there since seven at night, with everything and the extra time. Maybe he can give me more information on what is going on here.
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When I finally reached the monument, or abandoned ruins in this case, I was alone, there was no one there. I thought maybe the time was going to slow again, but after looking at the pocket watch that I grabbed from the party, yes, it was eight o'clock at night. But it still seemed like my father wouldn't show up. I knew that since he was gone his acting was low, but not showing up even now when he even spoke to Tamamo was bad even for him. But I was still thinking that maybe he had really run away from me again when I heard a man speak behind me. Bookmark here

"Good night Miss!" he said.Bookmark here

In an act of reflex, I jumped from where I was, a couple of meters apart and I turned around ready to attack that person. He was a man to be in his late twenties and was a fairly tall, dark man, with a dark but small beard, he had large arms that indicated that he was exercising, and his hair was short as well as the same color as his beard. He was someone in whom you could tell that he had seen many battles. He was...Bookmark here

"Who are you?" I asked him because my father was not.Bookmark here

My father was like seeing the most typical person possible, he was someone who had had a difficult childhood, the eighth of the thirteen children his parents had, and like almost all of them, he spent his childhood working in agriculture, after leaving college worked for most of his life as a bellboy in a hotel in the capital. The hardest test of his life was when he was fired without prior notice, I and my brother were still very young, we all still depended on him and with him being old enough to find work easily, he had no choice but to enter the police force. , where he also had to make a great effort to pass the necessary tests. He was a normal person and he hardly ever had to do anything dangerous, until Maria's illness came and changed everything again. He was a kind enough person and with an abnormal ability to make friends, he was not a fan of being fit, and as his age progressed he lost more and more his hair until he was bald. Bookmark here

"I'm sorry I didn't want to scare you" he said.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry sir, I also react maybe too much" I apologize too.Bookmark here

"I know that I have not seen each other for a long time"
"But are you really going to act like that with your father?"Bookmark here

"What the hell?"
"Are you Rafael?"Bookmark here

"My name is Rafael, I am your father"Bookmark here

"You're lying"
"You can't be him"
"You're too young and good-looking to be him."Bookmark here

"That's because since they asked me to help with this I thought about asking a favor too"
"I thought you might look cooler in front of your mother"
"Also I'm not the only one who has changed"
"Miss White Lady"
"Or maybe you want me to keep calling you Cesar?"Bookmark here

"Can not be?"
"Is it really you?"
"Are you really dad?"Bookmark here

"Well of course it's me!"
"The one who stopped the whole gang of yellow cards"Bookmark here

"At last I find you again!" I was running to where he was.Bookmark here

"Yes, here I am!" He said raising his arms to try to hug meBookmark here

"Now if you are going to pay me all that you have done to me"
"This is for spending my money!" I jumped for a second before bumping into him and raised my leg to throw a roundhouse kick right across his stupid face.
"And this for not showing up when I look for you" Then I threw a direct punch to his stomach
"And I'm not giving you another one because I would hit you so hard that you would faint from the pain"Bookmark here

"Stop wait"
"You don't hit me anymore"
"I was thinking of telling you everything before the rest, but you were very late to the party!"
"I had to get out of there earlier so I could pick up your clothes on time and bring them to you from almost the other side of town"
"Get in the car and change!"
"We do not have much time!"Bookmark here

"What the hell are you talking about?"
"What is happening?"
"I've been trying for hours to understand what's going on"Bookmark here

"I will explain it to you on the way"
"But change your clothes quickly"
"That we are even running late!"Bookmark here

He said while pointing his hand to an old car, it seemed to be a Ford model T The car was parked on a dirt road. The car was in perfect condition, it almost even looked like it had just been bought, it was red in color and had white wheels.
checking inside I found a maid's clothes.Bookmark here

"My expectations on this were low, but Holy fuck"
"Why the hell do I need to wear this?"
"Is it some kind of joke?"Bookmark here

"You will understand when we arrive"
"Finish at once!"Bookmark here

Resigning once more about all this madness, I ended up obeying my supposed father and changed my clothes in the car.
It was quite awkward due to the size of my foxtail, but I ended up succeeding. The maid clothes were not the type seen in the anime series, these were real work clothes, they were not pretty but functional, they covered almost my entire body, they had gloves, in addition to an apron with several bags and I even had a lack so long that I could perfectly hide my tail without bothering me, it also included a hat to also hide my ears. As soon as my father finished without losing a single second, he went to the front of the car and turned the lever that was there like a maniac, that he ran to the driver's seat and started the car. Then to make it walk I don't use the pedal, but I use a lever that served to accelerate and make the old car go. Then another see how a maniac drove at full speed between the forest road dimly lit with the two small lamps of the carBookmark here

After a short moment, the road led us to a meadow where the road was easier to drive. Then my father stretched his arm to the back seat and brought a travel bag to the front, from which he took out a Mauser C96 pistol, and gave it to me along with 5 clips of 10 bullets. The pistol was a real relic, I only knew it because I had seen it a couple of times in video games, but one like this in a functional state must cost a fortune that very few would think to pay.Bookmark here

"Be careful" he warned me
"It's already loaded and ready to shoot"
"You know how one of these works, right?"Bookmark here

"Must be fully unloaded and top-loaded with a bullet clip"
"Why am I going to need this?" I replied while putting the gun in one of my apron bags while the clips in the otherBookmark here

"The angels didn't tell me exactly what we're doing here"
"They just told me to take you to a mansion in the city we go to"Bookmark here

"Yes, of course" I responded sarcastically
"And surely someone with as many friends as you really does not know anything about what they are doing"
"I'm sick of running blind"
"Where the hell are we?"Bookmark here

"Well, you're right, they didn't test me to tell you where we are" my father replied without taking his eyes off the road
"Right now we are heading towards the upper part of the city of Lothar Golden, the most exclusive village and last stop before arriving at the global palace county"
"Everybody important has a mansion around this place"
"Right now we are heading to one of these houses"
"The home of the founder of Interstellar Hardware Company"
"I have no idea what will happen next"Bookmark here

"All right"
"I wanted an answer, but now I prefer not to have asked in the first place" I responded to my father while he paid attention to how each seeing more we got closer to seeing more and more houseBookmark here

"unofficially the angels call this place Aria's world" he said with a serious face completely unknown to me
"Where all possible sins have a place here"
"There is information that a way to extend their lives form was discovered among the upper class here"
"And apparently for that ritual, it is necessary for parents to eat their children in a bloody ritual"
"Because of this, the angels marked this planet for doomsday 10 years from now"
"But even so this place is corrupt that maybe they do not even reach that year"Bookmark here

"What the hell?"
"Can you get even more screwed up than that?"Bookmark here

"Have you seen the sky?"
"There is not a single star"
"Not even the sun exists here anymore"
"Only your wife Tamamo is up there"
"That is because somehow led by selfishness they used the stars to somehow gather magic"
"And with an unfortunate chain reaction destroying the other stars of the small galaxy where this planet was"
"Apparently someone somewhere is trying to make the moonshine using just a little of that magic they have stored"
"But still the elite of this wretched place is so greedy that they don't want to find a way to fix all this"
"The other inhabitants here are too busy trying to obtain the secret to extend their lives to complain about how much they are trampled on."
"Basically they are too busy trying to be immortal to save themselves from destruction"
"The very few who complain end up like them" My father said as he pointed to a large house where in the garden of the entrance I could see an older Maid impaled between several spears with a sign in English that said that it annoyed its lord and master.Bookmark here

*** gulps **Bookmark here

"And still you're taking me to a house where something like that could happen to me?" I asked scared.Bookmark here

"That's what the gun is for" he answered with a smile.Bookmark here

The place where my father was taking me in a hurry was still quite far, but I was already beginning to see in the distance several buildings with lights, we were heading towards a city unknown to me, but there was still a while to get there, for which It seemed to be a mission that the angels are asking me to do.Bookmark here

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