Chapter 1:

Chap.1 : The girl by the window

Lesbi Together

She looks so pretty…I wish I could sit by the window. You know, how the protagonist of an anime always sits in the seat by the window? Sadly, it can't be me, but it's the girl I admire the most, Yua. I've always liked reading GL (Girl's Love) stories, but I didn't expect to end up like this! Yua is class president, which fits her because she is like the mom of the class. She is so dependable and friendly, all the teachers and students like her. Then there is me. I can't say if I love her or admire her. Maybe both?

"Hey! Hellooooo? What are you looking at?" It was my friend Kiyoko."Oh-, sorry. I was just a bit tired. Where is Yumi?" Yumi is my other friend."Yumi went to buy some snacks. We were going to ask if you wanted anything but you were staring at something..."Aha, I was probably sleeping with my eyes open. School is just really tiring!" I said to cover up."I don't think I've ever seen you sleep with your eyes open in my whole life…." Kiyoko said suspiciously. "Uh-, what do you think Yua likes?" I asked to try to get her away from the topic."Huh? As in what?... Do you have a crush on her or something?" Kiyoko questioned. 

"No!- Well, it's almost her birthday, right?" I wasn't even sure if her birthday was near.  "Um... okay- oh, Yumi is back." Yumi came through the door with her hands wrapped around a bunch of snacks and drinks. "I wonder what she got this time," Kiyoko said as she went to lead Yumi to my table.

"Hey, sorry, there was a line at the shop. I got us some bread and milk." Yumi said as she handed me a Melonpan and a bottle of milk. I opened the package of the bread. The sweet scent flowed out so gracefully. "This is heaven." I thought as I took a giant bite. Now that break time is over, class is starting."What class do we have next, Miwa?" Kiyoko asked me."I think it was art. We should get ready," I replied."Okay, I better go back to class then. See you at lunch!" Yumi said as she stood up to head back to her class.Kiyoko and I waved goodbye to her.Unlike Kiyoko and me, Yumi is in another class. She comes to visit us every day, though. We also regularly hang out during break time and outside of school."In today's art class, we are learning about portraits. Go and choose a partner because you will be drawing each other."

I looked around the room. I could see a crowd forming around Yua."Hey, Yua! Do you want to be partners?" "How about me?" "No! You can be with me!"It was starting to get annoying. Why can't they leave Yua alone? Well, I mean, she is talented in almost anything."Sorry guys, I have someone in mind already," Yua said.Hmm, I wonder who she is going with."I'm partners with Miwa today."

Eh?! Me??

"Hey, that's not fair! Why her?" People were shocked by what she said."Uhh, me??." After my response, her face turned disappointed."So, do you not want to be partners with me?""No! It's not that-""Okay, everyone, get into partners. We are starting the lesson." The teacher shouted.Hearing that, everyone left to find partners, leaving Yua and me alone. I looked at Kiyoko and gave her an "I'm so sorry! Just this once!" face. She gave me a thumbs-up as a response.I looked back to Yua. She came up close to my ears and said, "I just wanted to try something new. Sorry if it bothered you." She smelled of sweet fruit, and her breath was warm against my cheeks."No, it's fine. I was just shocked when you suddenly chose me." I reassured her."Ahahaha- you're funny! We should be friends." Even her laugh's pretty—no wonder why she is so popular.

The lesson continued as our teacher showed us the steps, and we started drawing our partners. Yua may be really good at art, but I definitely am not. I'll pray so that I won't embarrass myself. I looked up to see Yua's face. Our eyes met for a second before I turned to my side. My cheeks immediately turned red. "Our eyes met. This is like a romance movie!!" I screamed in my head. I took a deep breath and lifted my head back to my paper. She was still looking at me."Are you okay? You're so red. Do you need to go to the nurse?" She asked worriedly.I decided to go with the all-time original "No, it's just really hot in here.""We are in an air-conditioned room, Miwa. You are not okay. I'm taking you to the nurse.""Wait- I'm fine…."

I woke up in the nurse's office. My eyes were still blurry, but I could see Yua. "You are finally awake." She said, looking at me. "What happened?" I asked."You fell unconscious right before I was about to take you to the nurse's office. Your friend Kiyoko and I had to carry you to the nurse, so you owe us one," she explained."Thanks a lot, f-for taking me to the nurse." I stuttered."Shhhh, no need to thank me. Let me check your temperature." She leaned closer and placed her soft hand on my forehead and the other on hers to compare. "You don't seem to have a fever, but your cheeks are so red, haha." She laughed.Of course, my cheeks are red, and you are so close to me! You are really clueless, huh, Yua."I finished my portrait of you while waiting for you to wake up. Here I'll show you." She pulled her piece of paper from behind her."Here! What do you think?""That's me?" The person in the drawing looked too good to be me."Yea! Who else could it be?" She replied."Why do I look so good?" I asked.

"What do you mean? You have always been beautiful.""Hey! Stop teasing me!" I said as my cheeks turned even redder."I'm not teasing you. I am honest! Oh- and if you are feeling better now, we should head back to class. Everyone is waiting for us." Yua said as she stood outside the door."Okay, wait for me!" I said as I stood up. 
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