Chapter 1:

How it's going

Falling in Love As A Monster

Hello and Hi.Bookmark here

Those were always the first words that came out when I talked to her.Bookmark here

And in return, she asked, "What can I get for you?" Bookmark here

Of course, that's not the ideal conversation, but it was normal.Bookmark here

She was selling goods and I was buying. Bookmark here

The only difference is that I'm not human and I have spider legs coming out of my back. Bookmark here

I buy from her shop once every week just to meet and interact with her. I don't really have much use for the goods.Bookmark here

And I know what you're gonna ask.Bookmark here

"Mister monster, what do you do with the goods you buy."Bookmark here

Well, I couldn't use all of it, so whenever I have the chance I'd give it to the poor or to some kids while I'm walking by. Bookmark here

But one day, after giving some away while I was sitting at a fountain, she caught me. I was afraid she was going to get angry because she saw me giving away everything I bought from her to strangers. Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

That wasn't the case, instead, she was extremely happy, she said she noticed me buying from her shop weekly so she got curious and followed me. She apologized a lot.Bookmark here

That made me super happy. Now she noticed my existence, I could finally make a move. So I invited her to eat lunch every now and then.Bookmark here

And immediately confessed after one week. Not the smartest move, but it did work. So I told her how I found her by chance and fell in love with her. Bookmark here

She reacted very shy and cutely. I think my monster heart would have exploded if it was human.Bookmark here

We were finally dating! I wanted to ask her so many things, except I couldn’t. The next day she was gone, her shop was closed and she was nowhere to be found.Bookmark here

I asked everywhere but nobody knew, so I waited and waited. I got scared so I started searching. I did nothing but walk around town asking people if they saw her.Bookmark here

"But Mister Monster, what about food?"Bookmark here

I had none. Nothing. The stress made me forget that I was even hungry and thirsty.Bookmark here

And there she was at her door. She told me how her family suddenly needed her, but I was too busy wrapping my arms around her. Just the two arms. I didn’t think a monster like me could even get that scared.Bookmark here

A year passed by and we were still together. There were times where she almost caught me with my extra pair of limbs. And now you're probably thinking.Bookmark here

"Mister monster, if you love her why don't you just tell her the truth?"Bookmark here

It's because I love her that I'm not telling her the truth. See? Since a year had passed by and I was confident she was the one, I was ready to take the next step. You know what I'm talking about.Bookmark here

While on a date, I kneeled in front of her and opened a small box. It was a big step. We were on a small bridge at night, by the way, so you know it was romantic. Pretty smooth, right?Bookmark here

That wasn't the case beforehand, a lot of embarrassing things happened before we got there. Like me tripping and some food accidents. Instead of making her blush, I made her laugh. Not so romantic, huh?Bookmark here

At least she was happy, and I promised to make her happy as long as we lived. In other words, we got married, just to be safe that you understood that.Bookmark here

We moved in together, naturally. We chose her house so I could help with her shop. Oops, I mean "our" shop.Bookmark here

After a while, I started thinking of telling her the truth. Thinking that maybe she'll accept me. Thinking that she won't leave me.Bookmark here

"But Mister Monster, don't you know that love overcomes everything?"Bookmark here

No, it doesn't, it won't overcome my missing shoe. Let me finish. The idea of her leaving me terrified me. Bookmark here

But the thought of me lying to her my whole life would ruin me even more. So I thought of other ways of telling her in a more subtle way.Bookmark here

Which none were useful nor great. Ah! But it didn't matter! Because the next day she found out. Bookmark here

She told me that she saw it last night.Bookmark here

My mind just went blank. I ran. I ran outside the door and didn’t look back. I was a coward. It's funny because I thought if I ran away she wouldn't leave me. Bookmark here

I walked around town for a whole day thinking of a million ways it could go wrong. I tried my best not to freak out and cry. I tried.Bookmark here

When nighttime came, I had already given up on running away. I finally came home. Bookmark here

Food was waiting on the table, fireplace warming the place, and my wife in the kitchen. I choose the wife first. Bookmark here

I couldn't think of the words to say so I just hugged her from behind. Hoping that it would all just fix itself. Bookmark here

It did.Bookmark here

"But what happens if you're ever found out by everyone?"Bookmark here

Hmm, let me think.Bookmark here

"If he's found out, then your Mister Monster would be experimented on by scary doctors. So enough storytelling for tonight, it's time to go to bed." A woman is standing behind them.Bookmark here

"But I wanna listen more." A daughter is sitting together with her father in front of the fireplace.Bookmark here

"You heard her Little Monster, I'll tell you more next time, now go to your room. I'll tuck you in once we're done here." The father pats her head.Bookmark here

"Okay, Papa." The daughter stands up and heads to her room.Bookmark here

The father stands up and looks at his wife. "She's got a bit of your monstrous side."Bookmark here

"That's very funny coming from you."Bookmark here

"It's not a joke, in fact, it's a part of you that I really adore."Bookmark here

"Okay lover boy. Now can we go to bed?"Bookmark here

"Alright, alright... Come to think of it, I don’t remember how you first saw the legs behind my back.”Bookmark here

"That’s because we were busy, remember? I thought they were just shadows until they started moving.”Bookmark here

"We were busy?"Bookmark here

"Actually, it was more like you were busy."Bookmark here

"O-Oh, that's why." He blushes and laughs nervously. “I remember now…”Bookmark here

=================================Bookmark here

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hi, I'm the fella who wrote this. this is pretty old but I hope you will still like itBookmark here

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