Chapter 1:

The beginning

Catherine and the dragonworld

“…..Once upon a time, an enormous continent named Fafnir comprised of 6 kingdoms was protected by 6 guardians who rode on black horses and wore dark robes covering their faces peacefully, until the light prophet’s of Enlil kingdom prophesized that there will be a great war between soil and water and only ‘The one who rode upon lightning’ could stop it, but instead everyone’s attention was drawn to something of more importance -‘The drought’ , kingdom Ninkasi had been ordered to produce the crops requiring the less need of water, kingdom Tiamat had been ordered to use their dragons for faster transport of fresh water around Fafnir and respectively, all the kingdoms were assigned to push the drought but Fafnir couldn’t find a way to eliminate the drought.  The continent of Fafnir had never experienced a drought in its history and neither did they have any epiphany of eluding it, they had to escape it somehow; the kingdoms had a meet in the capital of Fafnir-Morduk! They discussed all the plausible ways to escape the drought, they came up with the ideas something as logical but much expensive as filtration, the grey beards of kingdom Nisaba said that if the kingdom Tiamat could lend some dragons and then their kingdom could somehow make an object that could vaporize the salt water, collect the pure and drinkable water and cool it down in a container, by this way they could fight the drought with ease, But it required much more resources than all the kingdoms collectively had, they could have wait for the rains to come but waiting for too long might bring another problem- famine. After brainstorming a while, The Guardian of kingdom Enlil suggested that the dark magicians or the Isib’s of kingdom Enki could use the singular elemental forces that could make the rain fall, the entire council of Fafnir started to murmur, the Guardian of kingdom Enki slowly got up from his seat, and replied “the magicians can do it, but there will be consequences happening to the people involved in this, including the mages, the magicians, you and me” “And why is that, Guardian?” asked the Guardian of Enlil “Price to pay, to play the almighty god, guardian” replied the Guardian of Enki “I think we can do it, how big will be the consequence? Bigger than watching our people die with hunger and thirst in front of our eyes….NO!” yelled the Guardian of Morduk “Sure Guardian, as you wish… just remember that I cautioned you...” said the Guardian of Enki ‘….’ ‘……….’ “Mom...mommy….mum….!!! ….stop looking at the watch…complete the whole story!!” replied Catherine jumping off her bed. “Sorry Cat, I guess we don’t have much time remaining, else you will be late for school!!’ replied Mrs. Mosby staring at her watch. “MOM...come-on...At least the next paragraph, I just want to know will the dark magicians do it and what will be THE CONSEQUENCE...Please…please…please…and even the bus isn’t here yet…!” said Catherine, pulling off the curtains of her bedroom window and pointing out. “Well the bus isn’t going to pick you up, because someone forgot to register their address three weeks ago....remember?” said Mrs. Mosby. “Sorry mom…Tom needed help with his homework, and wait! That was three weeks ago?” asked Catherine in a sarcastic tone.  “Look, helping people in their hard times is the best thing a person can do, but one should also do better for themselves while doing great for the others…we will continue with the story tonight, ok?” said Mrs. Mosby in a soft tone. “Yes, only if you say so…oh crap! Mum, you didn’t teach me how to read this book…the language it is written in…what was that again...Mesopotamian right?” asked Catherine. “It’s…it is Sumerian, one of the dead languages, and you will learn it soon!” replied Mrs. Mosby. “Wait! Aren’t dead languages those languages which are not spoken or read by anyone? But you can read it! Does this mean you are ‘The chosen one’!” said Catherine. “Ok! Catherine, we’re getting late, let’s move!” replied Mrs. Mosby with a grin Catherine Mosby is a 17 year old girl living with her ever- loving mother Ashley Mosby who is an editor for a famous newspaper and her father, Paul Mosby is an army man. She loves reading fiction stories and watching movies, her strong imagination molded out of these stories gives her a charismatic personality and never-dying faith in humanity with a charming compassion. Her brown eyes and dark hairs are something her father inherited her with. “…Mom, I have a question, couple of them actually” asked Catherine, to which Mrs. Mosby replied-“Shoot!” as she drove her car taking Catherine to school. “Why did the story start with the narrator shooting words like…like the kingdoms’ names to the readers while they do not have any clue what they are? Why couldn’t they explain to the readers first what those kingdoms really is really confusing!” asked Catherine. “Well, Cat…a book once done writing does not belongs to the author, it belongs to the readers…and it is their quest to dig up what the book is about! Any ways, we are here!” said Mrs. Mosby as she saw Catherine move out of the car, she continued- “Just stay away from the bullies and do not do anything stupid ok? Promise me!” said Mrs. Mosby looking at Catherine through the car window. “I’ll try my best Madre!” replied Catherine in an accent. “Bye sweetie” said Mrs. Mosby smiling. “Bye mum “said Catherine as she waved her hands looking at her mother go, with a smile on her face she tighten her bag straps, and started walking to her class. As she was about to turn around she felt someone twisting her left arm from behind and whispering into her ear- “Oh I remember you, we met 2 months ago, remember?” Catherine recognized the strangers’ voice and instantly replied with fear “Please…please don’t hurt me!” “Did you bring it?” asked the stranger in an impulsive voice “Ye-yes…just don’t hurt me ok” replied Catherine.

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