Chapter 12:

EPISODE 3: 00001100:TWELVE


    It was easy to feel confident that he had lost the pursuers, but that didn't give Filth an excuse to slow down. After countless numbers of minutes - maybe a few hours, it's hard to determine time under the rush of adrenaline - he was able to make a clear cut escape towards the location of Quil and Lilli at full speed.
   He could see the two in the distance, just ahead, sitting outside of a rather pleasant cafe.
   Lilli lifted herself from her chair, cocking her head at the cloud of dust being kicked up by the rather ferocious sprint of the red-haired man. A man who hurled himself at such great speeds even his legs had difficulty keeping up with his own speed, occasionally stumbling over themselves.
   Out of fear she grabbed the closest object that brought her comfort, Quil's cowlicks (of course). She braced herself for the oncoming missile, choking tight the hair between her fingers. The collision was swift and mighty with a bang and a tumble of the entire crew – Quil being dragged painfully to the floor by the tight grip of Lilli's.
   Filth lifted himself off of Lilli. "You make such a great airbag," he said as he looked down at her chest.
   He quickly snapped back to his feet. "We have trou-" his eyes darted to the bag that contained his jacket. He ripped the jacket out of the bag; throwing the bag in some direction in the air (doesn't matter). The bag took advantage of the moment Quil rose from the dusty streets, landing over his head, covering him.
   As Quil reached to lift the bag off his head, two red-sleeved arms squeezed him tight as he was turned in (Quil presumed) the direction of Filth. "Look, Kid -"
   "I can't -" Quil spoke muffled under the bag.
   "I have some trouble that followed me here, and I am sure in just a few moments we will have more trouble."
   Quil's cowlicks cocked (presumably) under the bag. They cocked partly out of Filth's statement, but also out of curiosity at the scratching sound that came from the top of the bag.
   "I think the G.I -" a pause as Filth looked at Lilli (who was busy trying to scratch through the bottom of the bag that covered Quil's head).
   Filth cocked his head. He didn't pay much attention to the rather beautiful ribbon that helped outline the beauty of her face; instead, he was more curious about - "Is that a sleeping mask on her head?"
   "Don't ask." Quil gave a muffled grumble under the bag as one of his cowlicks popped out of the new hole in the bag that Lilli had successfully dug her way through (just so she could lock her hands tight around that one cowlick).
   "Rabbit's don't like their ears being grabbed," Filth remarked towards Lilli.
   Lilli didn't give much of an acknowledgement besides a quizzical grimace and a tilt of her head (one of her hands was busy trying to dig the other cowlick out from underneath the bag).
   Filth shook his head, "Now's not the time." He grabbed Lilli's arm and dragged her behind him, and in train, Quil was quickly pulled along by the cowlicks.
   "The G.I.E. knows where we are," Filth spoke through his haste. "We need to leave, like, right now."
   "Stop that man!" a distant voice shouted. Something about that voice told Quil that it was directed towards the group he was in.
   Filth rounded a corner into a narrow side street lined with cramped alleyways for garbage - the perfect spot for Filth! He shoved Lilli into one of the alleyways making her lose her grip on Quil.
   Quil, still blinded by the bag, wasn't entirely sure what was going on. He prepared to lift the bag off his head to see why he was stopped, but before he had a chance he was lifted from his feet and thrown into the air. The wind from his flight caught his head dress, finally lifting it off of his head just in time to allow him to see the cushiony pile of smelly garbage.
   Quil popped his head out of the filth, prompting Lilli to come and latch herself to the cowlicks; however, she stopped before grabbing ahold as the awful smell filled her nose. "Did you just change your name to Filth, Rabbit?"
   "Are you implying I got my name from being dumped in a garbage pile?" Filth raised an eyebrow.
   Quil dusted some debris off his head. "So who, exactly, is chasing you now?"
   Filth peaked his head around the corner of the alleyway before sinking back in to look at filthy Quil. "Don't worry about that, we have bigger problems at hand."
   Quil pulled himself out of the garbage stepping closer to Filth.
   Filth pushed him away. "You smell bad."
   "I wouldn't if you hadn't thro-"
   Filth wrapped his hand tight around Quil's mouth. "My employer sold us out. We need to get off this shithole."
   Quil slapped Filth's hand off of him. "If you knew your employer was untrustworthy, why did we come here?"
   Lilli stepped towards Quil as her eyebrows parted.
   "We can argue all you want later," Filth kept his eyes on the alleyway entrance - waiting for the men to come at any minute. "Right now, our goal should be to leave."
   Quil, though still tense, relaxed a little. "Fine."
   "Here's the deal," his eyes danced around the entrance of the alleyway, "these guys are my problem. Their only target is me. Unfortunately, with them running around shouting like it's going to make any sort of a difference is placing a big target right over us for all of the G.I.E. to see."
   Filth turned his head towards the star and the kid. "I'm going to pull these guys away from us then try to lose them again. During that time I need you guys to go straight -" he jabbed a finger quite dramatically in a general direction - "and I mean straight to the ship. Repairs should be finished. Get everything prepared for launch."
   Lilli made one concerned step towards Filth. "But you made a promise to Filth."
   Filth cocked an eyebrow. "I'm Filth," he pointed to himself.
   Lilli shook her head as she pointed towards the trash just behind Quil. "No. That's filth."
   Filth (the man, not the garbage) lowered his head. "I really should have picked a better alias."
   Quil stared rather intensely at Filth. Filth wasn't oblivious to this, either. He stared back at Quil.
   Lilli equally stood staring at Filth with concerned eyes as all three of them waited for the next action to take place - whether it was one of them making a move or the assailing men barging into their hiding spot.
   Even though it probably wasn't the most appropriate time to deliberate over decisions and actions, it felt necessary. Filth was their guide. To Lilli, he was the man that helped Quil keep his purpose.
   "Keep the ship running for me, okay?" Filth reassured in a stern whisper. "When I make a promise, I have every intention of keeping it. And since I promised to take your fallen star to a lab, I still have to make good on this. I will -" he spoke with great intention, "meet you back at the ship." And with that, he darted out of the alleyway back towards the main street - only for Quil and Lilli to see him rush back the opposite way, men pursuing a few meters behind him.
   "I wonder who those men are," Lilli cocked her head as her eyes followed the trail left by the men.
   Quil shrugged as he made his way out of the alleyway. "Every man has his secrets."
   Meanwhile, Filth leapt over boxes and barrels, knocking them to the floor to slow his pursuers who were quite persistent in capturing him.
   He zipped through the narrow alleyways, making tight turns - sometimes not so gracefully, as he stumbled over his feet before making the change in direction. He crossed from one alleyway, across a main street and into another narrow alleyway. At this point, he had lost a few of the men. Or so he had hoped as another group tried to cut him off.
   Filth shook his head before barreling headlong into the group in front of him. They did their best in trying to stop him, but the inertia of his tackle simply sent them tumbling to the garbage-lined road of the alleyway.
   Yet another intersection with the main road, the streets now emptied of people as many had fled the area while others hid in the towering buildings that lined the street. Those that are close enough to the ground level closed their curtains, only peeking out a little as they watched Filth scurry across the broad street until he broke with a very sudden stop, looking upwards towards the massive silhouette that casted a dense shadow over the streets.
   The men that had been pursuing Filth slowed their pace as they poised to capture their target, surrounding him. However, Filth no longer was concerned with the men that closed in on him as his eyes widened as the deep low rumble of the massive craft overhead shook the artificial satellite, the military cruiser of the G.I.E. closing its range around the area that Filth, and in particular, Lilli was in. Filth shook his head through the paralysis he felt from the volume of weight that hung overhead, "Oh crap," he let out his breathy curse.
   He scanned around him, looking at the men who didn't seem to care about the arrival of the G.I.E. They were clearly set on capturing Filth.
   He sighed as he unholstered his gun, releasing the metal case from the handle and quickly scanning over each bullet that was stocked in the case before he slid it back into the handle of the gun. He rotated the barrel, hearing each mechanical click as it accepted the first bullet at the top of the case.
   He fired one deafeningly loud shout skyward, instantly alerting the men surrounding him, "Didn't they tell you?" Filth shouted through a B-minus acting job, "I'm a madman!" He fired another shot into the air as he waved his arms wildly; rushing through the group of men in front of him, firing more warning shots. "Watch out! A crazy person is on the loose!"
   Lilli halted her pace making Quil slam head first into her back. She shakily recoiled behind Quil, pulling his cowlicks in front of her face as she looked at the dark figure that stood in front of them.
   "Mister Menace?" Lilli called through a shaken voice towards the man.
   The man leaned tired and exhausted on a rather simple yet elegant cane.
   Quil wasn't certain about this entity before him, but the air around the stranger certainly told Quil to keep away. He pushed Lilli to turn around to make their escape.
   The menace lifted his weight from the cane so that he could let it fall to the floor, only to disappear into a dense black cloud of smoke before touching the filth of the colony.
   Quil and Lilli's escape ended rather quick. A consuming black cloud engulfed the two, disorienting them in their escape, and swiftly after, a single heavy and cold strike against Quil's face sent him tumbling out of the black cloud and to the dirty street.
   Quil pulled himself together, looking up at the menace standing center in the receding cloud. He clutched Lilli's neck tightly with its gloved hands, the cold metal fingernails of the glove pinching into her.
   Lilli's panicked eyes looked towards Quil as he lifted himself to his feet. Uncertain of what exactly he was doing, he lunged towards the menace with a clumsy left hook.
   His fist simply glided through the menace's sides, bringing with it a cloud of that heavy black smoke that rolled down Quil's arm and fell to the ground.
   Lilli felt the futility of Quil's attempt as she began to panic more and more. Golden wisps twirled and lashed from the black smoke, reaching out to Lilli. The gold wisps wrapped tight ribbons around Lilli's body. She tried to shake her head to free herself from the suffocating grip of the menace but his tight grip and long nails made even the smallest attempt of struggling a painful endeavor.
   Lilli cried out in pain, trying to pull the arm away from her - barring her teeth through her pain. Through her struggle, eight metal wires burst from her back and snaked around the fingers of her assailant to pry them from her neck.
   She collapsed to the ground, trying to recover her lost breath from the closed airway, but the menace was persistent.
   She stumbled away from the assailant's grasping hand before pulling herself to her feet and running towards Quil.
   Quil pulled her along, "We need to run." Though, their attempt to run ended very swiftly. In a few brief moments, the dense smoke enveloped Quil and Lilli, and a single moment longer Quil was flung out of the enveloping cloud (again). A trail of the black smoke lingered behind him as gravity brought him colliding with the ground away from where the menace had successfully grabbed Lilli again - this time using two hands to hold her.
   Quil, trying the best he could to defend the captured star, threw another couple of punches at the smoky figure, though each fist he threw, resulted the same. Clearly annoyed by the pest at his side, the menace released a hand from Lilli. He gave a simple and quick flick of his wrist to swat Quil to the side.
   With one less hand tightening its grip around Lilli, she took the opportunity to try to break free. She kicked her feet against the assailant and used her appendages to once again pry herself free from its grasp.
   She fled towards Quil, helping him to his feet before yet again trying to flee the scene of the attacker (even if they were heading the opposite direction of the port).
   The menace stood frozen, perhaps it calculated its options as it watched Lilli and Quil flee from it. Its goal was clearly defined. It must capture the star. Its current attempts were unsuccessful, and at the rate this was going, further attempts might also result in similar failure.
   The menace made its decision, as it faded into the vortex of heavy, black smoke and reappeared just meters in front of Lilli. It extended its arm, holding one skeletal like finger out revealing it's sharp nail.
   They didn't even take a moment's hesitation before quickly changing their direction away from the shadowy figure. They didn't look back. They didn't want to. They did their best to make their escape, but yet again, was quickly cut off by the cascade of the dense black smoke that rolled over them as the figure appeared yet again in front of them, swatting Quil away from Lilli (again) as he jabbed one of its own sharp nails into its chest.
   Lilli had attempted to turn and run, but as the figure ripped its own chest open with its finger, the cold that swept over Lilli began to haunt her. It froze her to her core as she collapsed. Golden wisps reached from the gash in the figure's chest, wrapping tight ribbons around Lilli, pulling her towards the figure.
   The golden ribbons wrapped and weaved around the star, leaving a trail of soothing warmth despite the clenching cold that locked her in fright. Her wide, frightened eyes were lit as bright as the golden wisps that wrapped around her.
   Quil lifted himself from the ground, looking at Lilli and the menace who had self-inflicted detrimental harm to itself simply for the sake of catching Lilli.
   Lilli. He stared deep at her as her eyes looked deep back into Quil's. Her bright eyes glistened as the streams reflected the bright ribbons that gripped her tightly.
   He pulled himself to his feet, moving his gaze to the menace. He wasn't sure what he was doing. He felt something pulsing through him. It felt like an intense rush of adrenaline. He took a step forward, then another, he slowly gained momentum until he was sprinting towards the menace. He could feel the charge building up in him as he clenched his fist for the best punch he could throw. The adrenaline amped Quil's charge as he rushed in, flinging his whole body into the punch. His arm began to extend, headed for a solid impact right into the side of the menace. The adrenaline seemed to fill his arm with heat. In fact, the further his arm extended through this punch, the more the adrenaline seemed to build into a very real and intense heat. The numbness of his right arm was expelled swiftly away, but Quil could feel every instant of the intense pain as something welled from within him, something ecstatic to be released.
   Quil clenched his fist tighter. He was afraid of whatever was inside him was going to escape. He felt it travel down his right arm until it reached the center of his palm where it began to push its way out of his hand. It forced each finger to loosen his fist as it pushed them apart until finally the energy that wanted to escape did so with a humongous recoil. The explosion of energy blew Quil to the ground and the energy itself, gold and bright, and striped with red streaks from the mist of blood that rushed out of the open gash in Quil's right hand.
   The energy struck the menace, making it explode into a massive cloud of heavy black smoke that lingered around ground zero of the impact in a wide radius. The cloud circled where Quil laid doubled over in tears as he screamed in pain as the blood rush out of his hand, and just a few meters away Lilli kneeled limply frozen from the cold embrace that had weaved through her.
   Filth broke through the smoke, one hand holding the collar of his jacket over his mouth to filter the smoke. "Kid!" He cried through a muffled voice.
   Through the dense smoke, he wasn't able to see Quil. He could only hear his cries as Filth searched through the smoke.
   He was nearly upon the source of the blood curdling cries. He looked down at his feet and saw just a few meters or so away from him was Quil's blood and he not so far from the pool, writhing in pain, clenching his right arm.
   Filth kneeled down, pushing the arm that Quil used to clench his damaged limb out of the way so that Filth could see for himself the extent of the wound.
   His eyes flickered up and down Quil's right arm. His jacket was battered and bloodied. The dense smoke that wasn't able to roll off of Quil clung to the thick red blood leaving a disgusting paste of black and red that drained from a wide gash in Quil's palm.
   "This is bad," Filth spoke in soft concern. He rolled Quil onto his back and pushed the hair out of his face as Quil's cries had diminished into gasping wheezes.
   He scanned through the dense smoke (now slightly more clear than before). He couldn't see Lilli anywhere in the smoke. He looked back at Quil to make sure he would be fine long enough for him to leave his side as he stood up to look around for Lilli. He rose to his feet in time to hear the thunderous crack in the sky, and only a few moments later, the smoke was blown away by the massive dust cloud stirred from the colossal collision of two massive metal bodies colliding with the deserted streets just meters away from Filth.
   Rust and dust rained from the decrepit, now shattered infrastructure that hung overhead within the colony. Filth peered out from behind his shield, he saw the wicked glowing eyes of the metal and mechanical combat frame piercing through the dust. It hung its head low so that it could examine Filth closely, the aperture of its eyes narrowed.
   Filth stepped back. "Oh, come on!" He cried, as he watched the frame rise to a towering height, "that's not even fair!"
   Another one of the frames stepped closer towards Filth and Quil as it raised its arm. A fearfully cold and frighteningly heavy metal gatling unfolded from its arm so that the frame could aim the dark hollows of the tubes right towards the crew.
   Filth's eyes darted around the field. Now that the smoke had been cleared away, he could see Lilli kneeling, paralyzed, on the ground rather close to one of the frames.
   "Lilli!" Filth shouted to her, making her snap out of shock just in time to push herself out of the way of one of the descending hands of the frames.
   Lilli stumbled with each step, tripping to the ground, using her appendages to push out of the way of the attacking frame. Each time Filth attempted to get close to her to help, the other frame stopped him from getting close as it fired an explosive burst of bullets to keep Filth back, each bullet blasting the colony streets with waves and ripples of sparks and shrapnel.
   Lilli's struggle to keep her distance from the assailing frame ended when the hand caught the end of one of the wire appendages. She gripped the hand with the other appendages in an attempt to try to free herself, but the frame simply found it as an opportunity to claim victory.
   The frame ferociously lifted its arm, lifting Lilli with it, making her lose grip, sending her on an uncontrolled tumble through the air. On her descent, the frame caught her, squeezing her tightly in its fists, squeezing the air out of her, making her cries echo to the ground below where Quil lied.
   Quil weakly lifted himself up. This time he understood how it worked. He also understood the pain he was going to experience again, but his eyes stayed focus on the frame that gripped Lilli tightly.
   He clenched his fist, wincing in pain as he felt his own fingernails dig into the wound of his previous burst. He moved slowly at first but gained speed until he finally threw the punch, the energy escaping in one fierce powerful explosion as the arc of golden-glowing, satin ribbons snapped right to the massive metal pillar ahead of him.
   The energy halted the frame completely; it fell to its knees limply as the glow in its eyes flickered until burning out entirely. It dropped Lilli, causing her to roll to the ground, now free from its grasp.
   Filth's eyes followed the trail of blood that drew a line to where Quil was collapsed. He stared at the blood that was pooling rather quickly around Quil's hand as it drained in a heavy flow out of the now wider gash in his palm. A gash that began to open from his palm to his wrist.
   Filth moved his stunned gaze to the downed frame as some of the golden arcs of electricity finished wrapping around the metal frame and began to dissipate. Just in time for the hatch of the frame to burst open with a powerful hiss, expelling the hatch from the unit allowing the pilot to climb out.
   The pilot collapsed to the ground in a stumble before making his best attempt to run away. Filth pursued him, the tangle of wires extended from his glove, lassoing the pilot around the neck, pulling him to the ground.
   Filth leapt over the downed pilot's body. Filth pinned the pilot's arms to the ground under the weight of his boots as he pulled his gun to the face of the pilot.
   "Please don't." The pilot begged in a soft, unsettled voice filled with panic. "I have a wife and kids."
   Filth cocked his gun. "No you don't. Don't lie."
   "I just don't want to die. Please!" He begged.
   Filth's iris's narrowed as he locked onto the target before the barrel of his gun. "Your signature protocol number is four-nine-four dot one-nine-two dot three-three-six-zero dot seven-eight-two dot one-zero-one-three dot T-R dot G-I-E dot M. I know who you are. I know where you live. You will retire as a member of the G.I.E. or I will track you down and take away the second chance I am giving you." Filth pulled the gun away from the man's head. "If employment is a problem," Filth holstered his gun, "I hear AiMiDi is hiring."
   The other frame had realized that Quil was a threat. It lifted its arm taking aim at where Quil was collapsed.
   The creaks and the cries of scraping metal alerted Filth, turning his attention to the downed Quil. "Kid!" He cried out futilely, his voice masked by the blistering screech of the winding barrels of the mountainous frame.
   The bullets penetrated deep into the ground, the sidewalk, the windows, and up the wall of a building. Lilli darted before the spray of bullets came, rolling into Quil and sweeping him out of the way. The frame had quickly reacted shifting its aim out of the way trying to prevent any stray bullets from hitting its target asset.
   Lilli herself became aware that the frame refused to use lethal means so long as she was in the way. She spread her arms shielding Quil, making sure she prevented the frame from having any sort of possible line of sight with Quil.
   Her eyes glowed with determination as she took a step towards the frame. Her eyes brightening with the lights that shown behind her lenses. Each step she took closer to the frame made her heart beat faster, but each step reminded her of each painful gasp of breath Quil was taking.
   Filth looked at Lilli stepping closer towards the Frame. "No, no," he muttered under his breath, "I have a promise to keep," he watched as she moved closer, and closer, and closer.
   "Lilli!" Filth cried trying to get her to stop, but she kept moving closer. "Dammit." Filth pulled out his gun again.
   That one staccato shot rang out across the field bringing with it a silence. Lilli had frozen in place. Her sleeve slid down her arm revealing a red trail across the upper part of her arm. Little by little, blood drew to the surface of the cut.
   Filth lowered his gun, running over to Quil.
   There was a pause in Lilli's advance. Her eyes softened as she acknowledged the damage brought to her by the gun. She watched the red drip from her shoulder. She remembered that sound. She remembered that power.
   In those brief seconds she paused to look, the frame reacted quickly. Seizing the opportunity to attempt to capture her.
   Filth reached down, lightly touching Quil's arm. "I cannot even imagine the pain," Filth quickly dashed his eyes to Lilli, then back to Quil, "but you need to show the G.I.E. you want her more than they do."
   Lilli, once again being thrown into the air, used one of the appendages to loop around the outstretched fingers that crept towards her as she descended. She swung around the finger and flung herself out of the way of the frame's reach, landing harshly on the ground and rolling across it.
   The frame flung an open palm towards Lilli's landing. She attempted to use her appendages to push out of the way, but the frame caught the end of one.
   The frame clenched tight around the piece of Lilli that it had captured and yanked hard, not only pulling Lilli into a tumble backwards, but also ripping the appendage in a shower of bright sparks and frayed wires.
   "Kid," Filth lightly tapped Quil's cheeks in an attempt to wake him up, "she needs you. You're the only one who has enough firepower to-"
   Quil shoved Filth out of his way as he sat up. "Get out of my way," he stepped forward.
   Sweat dripping from his head as his vision crossed. Heavy his body was as the blood left him. The sight of him was a disgusting sight. From the dirt, filth, and blood that covered his body, to his hanging jaw that moved rhythmically as he desperately tried to catch his breath, ignoring the drool that hung from his mouth, refusing to swallow or wipe it off just so he could catch a few more wheezy breaths.
   Quil clenched his right fist. Though hunched over, he stared down his target. His target was still focused on trying to catch the struggling star as her own panicked haste had her tripping over herself as she tried to escape the towering figure.
   Quil took a step forward as he reeled his arm back. As he took another step forward, he felt the heat build in his arm. He felt the static pulse through him. He felt the pain rise as each nerve in his arm screamed with each tiny twitch his arm made as it closed in towards delivering the final blow.
   This time, as the energy arced from Quil to the frame, there was no cry of pain. As the frame collapsed to the ground with cries of scraping metal, Quil collapsed to the ground in silence.
   The split in his palm now extending past his wrist, allowing a large passage for his own blood to leave his body, draining in a great flow around his limp body.
   Filth hastily sprinted to where Quil had collapsed. Filth pulled his belt off and tightened it around Quil's arm. "Lilli!" He shouted to where Lilli was recovering from the frames assault. "We don't have time to wait around. We could barely handle that small force the G.I.E. sent, I don't want to find out what their reinforcements look like." Filth lifted himself to his feet, holding the kid's unconscious body close to him.
   Lilli slowed her pace as she stood next to Filth. Her eyes darted from Filth to Quil's limp body. "Is he -"
   Filth's eyes narrowed as he looked sharply into hers. "If you are wondering if you should be worried, then yes, you should be." Filth didn't pause; he immediately made a break towards the ship.
   Lilli hesitated for a moment, her eyebrows parting in concern before she too followed behind Filth.
   Filth rested Quil into one of the seats of the small craft before taking reign in the pilot's seat.
   Lilli could hear Filth curse as he jammed every button on the console. She ignored his cursing as she gently strapped Quil in tightly, making sure he would be safe. She looked over his body, watching the dark red liquid drain from him. She looked to her arm where the thin streak also drained a red liquid.
   She shook her head, pushing to the front of the ship as her appendages clicked into the console. The ship's command line terminal came up with a flurry of text and commands just before the ship rumbled to life.
   Filth didn't hesitate. He pushed the ship forward, blasting out of the dock where it only took a single realization before his heart sank at the massive silhouette on the horizon.
   "Oh, crap." Filth spoke dismayed as he looked upon the ship in front of him.
   "G.I.E.?" Lilli cocked her head.
   "Not quite - which is good news for you, but not so much for me."
   He looked across the stars ahead of him. The jumper could be seen a short distance away. It was a strong possibility that he could outrun the massive capitol ship that waited for him and dart straight to the jumper to make his escape. But he could hear the short, pain-filled wheezes Quil took.
   Lilli watched as Filth's eyes danced from the large cruiser to the jumper then back to the cruiser and back to the jumper.
   He gave a heavy sigh before jerking the ship towards its new course, head on towards the silhouetted cruiser that blacked out a portion of the starry sky. And, within moments of making this decision, two rough vibrations were sent through the ship, the durability display denoting damage done to both the aeronautic wings.
   "Oh, come on!" Filth complained. "We just got this ship fixed!"
   "Who are they?" Lilli asked concerned as they were reeled in by the unknown ship.
   "I don't mean to sound cryptic," Filth began, "but, I promise you, you will find out soon enough."

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