Chapter 22:

Excerpt from Gwyn's Journal - Hobusians

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

I talked so much about Aqueenians that I feel like I should talk about the rest on this world. I suppose the next to talk about is Hobusians, at least in the order that I met them.

Hobusians are short and stout, and if I had to make a fantasy comparison, I would say they remind me of dwarfs in that way. Except, I have yet to see a Hobusian with any kind of beard.

They all seem to have a strong face and jawline. Their mouths are wider, and many of them have a visible fang. Due, perhaps to their wide mouths, they have wider faces at the bottom as well. It gives them somewhat of the appearance of having puffed-out cheeks at a first glance.

They do seem to have hair on their heads, but it is short and rough. I don't know how much they have to cut it, so I don't know if it is naturally short or just is kept that length. If it is intentionally kept short, I can see why. At the top of every Hobusians head is what is referred to as the crown. It is a bony-looking growth that might be comparable to a rhino's horn or a deer's antlers.

It seems like they grow out as they are a child until it settles into a final shape. After that, the shape will not change, and if they are broken, it will slowly grow back to the original shape. The so-called crowns can apparently take an assortment of unique shapes.

Although they have a short stature, their arms seem longer and hang down a bit farther. I think they would reach to their knees, just hanging normally. Their hands seem more dexterous than a human's as well. They have six fingers on each hand and can move it in an assortment of unique ways.

Hobusian skin is rough and grey. The color and texture are reminiscent of a stone. A species with softer skin, like a human or Aqueenian, would have to be careful just brushing up against a Hobusian. It is possible that they could break skin just that easily. A human would probably get a simple scrape, but an Aqueenian might get a rather deep gash. Of course, this is just speculation as I have not yet seen it happen.