Chapter 0:



It was a white night, the snow fell gently in the middle of the city, lights, cars, people walking on the sidewalks, everything was very crowded even though it was 10 pm on Christmas Eve.In the street, a guy was walking towards a bakery, he was wearing headphones and listening to his favorite band, the name of the band was "BRAVERS", actually it was a very old band, they retired well before the guy was born, even so his grandfather introduced his favorite band to him.Bookmark here

Almost every day he listened to the songs of this band.Bookmark here

When he arrived at the bakery he chose some chocolate, it was a tradition to bring chocolates to his house on nights that snowed, and this year was no different.Bookmark here

Luke as he was called, chose some chocolate candies to take to his grandparents, although they were not his real grandparents, Luke was adopted by them, never really met his real parents, he knows nothing about his real family.Bookmark here

Luke was in the center of town, imagine a very large park that occupies an entire block around that park, only stores, several snack bars, restaurants and variety stores.Bookmark here

This park was famous because of the big tree that was right in the middle of it, it was a huge tree, it occupied the entire block, that's why the park occupies this entire area.Bookmark here

To be able to return home Luke would cross the park, he came so far because he and his grandparents liked the chocolate in this particular store.Bookmark here

But speaking of the other side of the park, exactly on the other side, a girl with the face of few friends walked next to a man with beard and white hair, she walked next to the man in a suit while listening to her sermon.Bookmark here

Vanessa is the name of the girl, she had just done something very bad, let's not talk about it right now, she was part of a gang of delinquents where only girls were members, she was one of the leaders.Bookmark here

Because well, Vanessa never got along with her father, adopted... yes, she was also adopted, she had never met her real parents, but she lived a luxury life, because the man who took care of her was rich, he owned three mega companies in the city, he had influence in the politics of the region, he just couldn't influence his daughter.Bookmark here

The sweets Luke ordered were ready, he held the bag, paid his bill at the cashier and left the store, crossed the street to the park entrance and started walking, to cross it, putting his headphones again and listening to one more of the many BRAVERS songs.
On the other side of the park, Vanessa's father was calling his daughter to get in the car, their driver was ready to take them both home, the men in the suit entered first and wanted his daughter in, but Vanessa in another of her acts of rebellion, decided not to.Bookmark here

She then closed the door, not before without cursing her father and crossed the street running, entering the park.Bookmark here

At that time, we had from one end of the park a guy walking with his chocolates in a bag and headphones, listening to his favorite band, on the other side, a girl running angry with her father for having been caught.Bookmark here

Does each person make their own destiny or does someone choose our path and we have to obey what was predetermined many years ago?Bookmark here

When Luke arrived in the center of the park, he stopped a little to admire the tree, it was huge and was with Christmas decoration, he started to go around the tree when he did not see Vanessa approaching, she ran with tears in her eyes and did not see Luke in front of him.Bookmark here

The two of them were shocked, unfortunately the candies had fallen to the ground.Bookmark here

Luke ''Are you okay?''Bookmark here

Vanessa came running very fast and they both fell to the ground, Luke had grated his elbow a little.Bookmark here

Vanessa ''Shit!''Bookmark here

Vanessa was a very rude girl as you can imagineBookmark here

Vanessa ''Your bag''Bookmark here

But she has a sweet secret side.Bookmark here

Luke took the bag to check if everything was still in one piece, luckily, yes, it was, the store prepainted some very strong packaging for falls.Bookmark here

Luke ''Did you get hurt?''Bookmark here

He asked, holding her hand while both get up.Bookmark here

Vanessa ''No need to worry.''Bookmark here

Without warning, the two had met under the largest tree in town, and this tree began to emit a green glow, a very clear and strong green.Bookmark here

The two turned and saw the green light leave the tree and cover them, not only them, but the green light covered the whole park, everyone who was in that region saw what happened.Luke and Vanessa saw a mixture of green light with a red light, so the two fainted.Bookmark here

Not only fainted, when the light disappeared, they were also no longer thereBookmark here


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