Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Multiversal Collision The Chronicle

The young man laid with his head resting on his desk snoring away. “Towa?” the teacher called, “Towa?” The teacher sighed before she walked over to his desk and slapped it with a ruler. “TOWA KUNSAI!!!” The student gave a faint scream as he snapped awake only to fall backwards in his chair. The other students laughed at him as he scratched the back of his head and chuckled,Bookmark here

“Yeah! That’s me!” Towa responded,Bookmark here

“This is the fifth time I’ve had to wake you up for roll call.”Bookmark here

“Ah, sorry!”Bookmark here

“Is your desk REALLY that comfortable?!”Bookmark here

“Oh, uh, well…now that you mention it-“Bookmark here

The teacher groaned as the other students laughed, “Just get back in your seat.”Bookmark here

“Yeah! Sure!” Towa got off the ground and dusted himself off before he sat down. He huffed before he leaned on his hand and began to pay attention to class. As the class period went on he looked down at his phone with his smile as he swiped through pictures on his phone. Bookmark here

“Hey,” a girl from behind him whispered, “Hey, Towa!”Bookmark here

“Hm?” Towa asked as he turned around,Bookmark here

“What’re you looking at?”Bookmark here

“My current idol! I think I’m in love!”Bookmark here

“Who is it?”Bookmark here

“Reiwa Black!” He then showed her an image on his phone, “She’s super cool! Not only did she save an entire highschool, but she also saved an entire neighborhood!” Bookmark here

“Oh wow, that’s cool.” She responded with a smile, “Anyways, I wanted to ask you something.”Bookmark here

“Uh…sure!”Bookmark here

“Well, I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while, but I never really had the courage to say anything, but um-“ The two then froze as they reacted to a flash from outside the window. The class all turned and rushed to the window to see a giant outside starting to tear apart the city. The girl went to turn to Towa only to notice him missing. “Huh?! Where’d he go?!” The class erupted in a scream as the giant approached the school. The giant then threw a school bus through the air and it headed towards the class. The class screamed and covered their eyes before a man quickly flew between the class window and the bus and put up a magical barrier.Bookmark here

The bus then crunched and eventually became a crushed flat disc before it fell to the ground. The girl looked up from her seat to see the man turn to the class. He sighed in relief to know everyone was okay. “T-Towa….?” The young woman said as she looked at the man outside the window. Towa then turned back to the giant and sped towards it at extreme speeds. The giant threw a punch which Towa quickly dodged by flipping through the air and eventually sliding to a stop on the ground. He quickly clapped his hands together before he then slid them past one another. He tapped his left elbow with his right hand before he brought his hands apart forming a glowing rope. He swung it around before it soared through the air and wrapped around the giant’s arm. The giant groaned as it tried to pull away from him.Bookmark here

“Are you ready?!” Towa called,Bookmark here

“Yes! Lets go!” A woman responded before she dove from the air and headed straight for the giant's head. A sword conjured in her hands before she raised it behind her head. “Take this!!!” She screamed as she went to cut the giant’s head off. The giant moved and swatted her through the air before it spun and swung Towa directly into her. The two flew through the air before they crash landed at the other end of the parking lot in a student's car. Bookmark here

“You okay?” Towa asked with a groan as he slid off the car and onto his feet.Bookmark here

“I’m okay,” she said softly as she took his hand and got onto her feet,Bookmark here

“Are you sure?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She said with a smile as she dusted herself off, “I promise.”Bookmark here

“Well good,” he said as he turned back to the giant.Bookmark here

Name: Towa Kunsai Bookmark here

Age: Unknown, physically is 16Bookmark here

Occupation: Multiversal MagicianBookmark here

Nationality: ⅔ African ⅓ JapaneseBookmark here

She looked over at him with a smile and a huge blush on her face, “He’s so damn cool!”Bookmark here

Name: Kawaii KanroBookmark here

Age: 6 Chronologically, physically is 16-19Bookmark here

Occupation: Magical GirlBookmark here

Nationality: JapaneseBookmark here

(Head over heels in love with Towa)Bookmark here

“This is the place where we’re supposed to get the first ring,” Towa said, “And this giant is the one that has it I believe.”Bookmark here

“Don’t you have a spell or something that can make you grow?”Bookmark here

“I could conjure something like that,” He said as he rubbed his chin, “It could be difficult and I’d have no idea how to change back.” He then looked up at the giant as it began to approach them, “However, it may be the only thing able to save us.” He took a deep breath before he crossed one hand over the other before he bent his elbows placing his forearms in horizontal positions, and parallel from each other, before moving them diagonally in two different directions. He brought his vertical arm downwards and punched the ground causing a magical pentagon to form on the ground beneath him. He quickly stood up and held his arms at his side before he grew to a size that was relatively close to the giants. Bookmark here

“Ooooh~!!! So cool~!!!” Kanro squealed as she completely fawned over him. Towa raised his arms to a fighting position before he charades the giant. The giant growled as it went to engage in combat with Towa. Towa then quickly moved and performed a Northern Wushu Swallow Kick to the giants face before he turned and attacked with a Taekwondo Bolley Kick. The giant threw a punch which Towa kicked aside with a Taekwondo Crescent Kick before he spun and performed an uppercut back kick to the giants chest sending it flying into the air. He then lunged through the air before he soared up and above the giant. He flipped in an arch before he folded his arms as he began to descend towards the giant.Bookmark here

“Kicking Strike!” He said as his foot then started to glow yellow before turning to gold. He then began to spin at high speeds almost like a drill. “Limit Breaker!!!” He then crashed through the giant and slid across the ground of the parking lot as he began to shrink back to his normal height. As he then came to a stop the giant then erupted in a massive explosion which shook the sky. Bookmark here

“Yeah!! You did it!!!” Kanro cheered as she raced over to him, “You really are so cool!!!”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I know.” He said as he stood up and slicked his hair back before he turned to a red glowing ball in the air. He held out his hand and the small red ball flew to his hand and a ring began to form. As the ring formed a battle grunt was heard, he smiled as he said, “Just as I thought, the ring of Giant Hero number 1, Ichiban.”Bookmark here

“It makes sense that he would be the first ring we got considering his motif is the number one!” Bookmark here

“Yeah,” he said before he put the ring in his pocket. “We should head back to see which one will be ne-“Bookmark here

“TOWA!!!” The young girl from the classroom yelled as she ran over to them. She came to a stop and bent over as she began to catch her breath, “W-Wait! H-Hang on a second!” Bookmark here

“Oh, that’s right, you’re, uh…” He said as his mind began to go blank, Bookmark here

“Alex,” she said a bit disheartened that he forgot her name,Bookmark here

“Ah, yes, Alex, sorry, is there something you needed?”Bookmark here

“Well, I wanted to ask you something, and you kind of left me hanging.” She said before she took a deep breath and said, “I was wondering if you wanted to maybe go out some time?!”Bookmark here

“THIS BITCH!!!” Kanro thought to herself as flames formed in his eyes,Bookmark here

“Sorry, I can’t.” He said, “As much as I want to,”Bookmark here

“YOU TRAITOR!!!!” Kanro said to herself as she shot a demonic glare at Towa,Bookmark here

“I really don’t think you want to date someone like me, I’m too much trouble.” Towa said with a smile before he placed his hand on Alex’s head and gave it a gentle pet, “But don’t worry, I’m not going to forget you, I’m sure I’ll pass through here again and we can be friends.”Bookmark here

“O-Oh…okay,” Alex said a bit disappointed, Bookmark here

Towa then turned to Kanro and said, “You ready?”Bookmark here

“Hm?!” Kanro said, snapping out of her rage and jealousy to look at Towa, “Yeah! Let's go!” Bookmark here

“Let’s do it,” he then turned and opened his palm causing a portal to open. He turned to Alex and saluted with his middle and index fingers, “See ya sweetheart,” and with that he went through the portal with Kanro. The two arrived in what appeared to be a library of a large old house. Bookmark here

“Can I ask you something?” Kanro asked,Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“Why do you offer to be everyone’s friend just before we leave somewhere?” She asked as they walked through the house and came to the living room where a metal console stood in the center of the room. “I mean, it’s not like you’ll see them again.”Bookmark here

“I might,” he said as he took the ring out of his pocket and juggled it in his hand for a few seconds before he placed it in a slot on the console.Bookmark here

“Ichiban!” The console said as a ring around it lit up.Bookmark here

Towa looked at the slots beside the Ichiban rings, “There’s still nine rings left.”Bookmark here

“Well, technically there’s 19 left.” Kanro said, “Don’t forget that I can have ten rings of my own!”Bookmark here

“I didn’t forget,” he said with a soft chuckle as he began to play with buttons on the console, “Let's see…where to next?” Kanro looked at Towa and gave a soft smile.Bookmark here

“He’s so cute when he’s focused,” she said to herself, “Hey, are you hungry? I can make something up for us!”Bookmark here

“Sure, I could eat.” He said as he stood up and placed his hands on his head as stretched out his back with a yawn. Bookmark here

“Okay! I’ll go make something! Afterwards I want you to tell me a story!”Bookmark here

“Which one?”Bookmark here

“The same one as always,” she said before she raced off. Towa sighed before he turned back to the console as a hologram popped up, “Let’s see, looks like the next world is…” He then groaned as he said, “Earth-12620…great, the one I wanted to go to last.” He then turned to the kitchen when the smell of food began to fill the house. He switched off the console before he came to the kitchen where Kanro had some food laid out on the counter, “That was fast,” he said,Bookmark here

“Yeah, well, I made everything last night in preparation. So I just heated it up with a fire spell!”Bookmark here

“What is it?” He asked as he looked at a plate of food,Bookmark here

“Okay, so it’s in the style of curry on rice, but it’s more like food where you come from. So it’s Maafe on Jollof rice.” Bookmark here

“I see,” he said as he looked over the dish, “And…uh…what is this?” He asked as he pointed to some pouches in the food,Bookmark here

“Ah! Yes! I didn’t really know how to cook most of the meat, so the beef, lamb, and goat are all in tiny little Gyoza!”Bookmark here

“Hm, I see.” He said as he rubbed his chin, “Ya know, you only needed one of those.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, but, I wanted to have it all! And I thought it would be nice!” Bookmark here

“Well, alright,” he said with a shrug as he sat at the counter. She had gone through all this trouble to make this for him, and he honestly wasn’t going to complain about having more food. “It looks delicious.”Bookmark here

“Thank,” she said with a smile as she grabbed their drinks before sitting beside him. Bookmark here

“Itadakimasu!!!” They said in unison as they clapped their hands together before Towa began to eat.Bookmark here

“Hmmm,” he said as he began to chew, “Woah! This is actually pretty good!”Bookmark here

“You really think so?!” She said with a beaming smile,Bookmark here

“Absolutely!”Bookmark here

“Thank you!” She said as she then turned and began to eat. Bookmark here

“So that story you want me to tell you, why do you like it so much?”Bookmark here

“I like hearing about how you got your magic and stuff.”Bookmark here

“It’s alright, I just don’t know how to feel about it myself. Every day since I was born and until I turned 16 my father used his time manipulation to make me older and younger. Every day he’d train me vigorously in the various Magic’s he and others knew so by the time I turned 16 it became first nature.”Bookmark here

“Well, I mostly like hearing about all your hard work and determination. Your drive to improve and wanting to surpass your father is super cool, but if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to tell me. Tell me a different one! Tell me about the first girl you kissed! Or maybe tell me-“Bookmark here

“I could tell you about the day I first saw you.”Bookmark here

She then blushed heavily before saying, “Y-Yeah, sure.”Bookmark here

He gave a soft chuckle as he said, “I don’t think I ever told you this one, but anyways, I was at the Magi Center. It’s a fixated spot in the multiverse in which the source of all magic comes from. There was a lab and inside of it was an old man. He had a pod and inside he said he found a way to put magic in its rawest and purest form into a singular being. I was taken back at first, and then he showed me you.” He said with a smile, “You had been made into history’s first magical girl. Your skeleton was made from M-Metal and your brain was half of a complexly advanced magical index, and the other half was from his teenage daughter. You were very impressive to say the least. It’s then when he told me about the rings and their power.”Bookmark here

“What happened?”Bookmark here

“Well, the Magi Center was under attack, he quickly activated you and put you in a pod. I went to fight them off until he knocked me out and shot me off with you. Eventually we were drifting in space and I came to.”Bookmark here

“Oh! Yes! I remember!” She said before she shot him a look and said, “You decided to be cheeky and grabbed my boob, remember?”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah! I remember!” He said as he turned to her, “Th-That’s not what you should be focusing on!” Bookmark here

She then laughed before she said, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m just teasing you!” She then rested her head on her hand before saying, “Maybe that’s when…”Bookmark here

“That’s when what?”Bookmark here

“When I…” She then blushed before she turned back to her food, “D-Don’t worry about it!” Bookmark here

“Wait, hang on-“Bookmark here

“Sorry! Can’t hear you!” She said as she began to shovel the food into her mouth.Bookmark here

“Wait a second, don’t eat too fast now!” He sighed as she then quickly finished,Bookmark here

“Anyways! I’m tired! Goodnight!” She then darted off and went up the stairs to her bedroom and closed the door. He sighed before he went back and finished his food. Afterwards he went back downstairs to the library where he began to study. One swipe of his hand moved several shelves and another swipe would pull out a book. Using a time spell he’d be able to read the book in less than a second before moving to the next one. The library in the basement of his house contained every book, every story, every record. Past, present, and future.Bookmark here

His house was an artifact found on the edge of the universe. It was called the House of Wonder, and was capable of holding infinite space, and it was one of the only few things capable of traveling in and out of the infinite and empty space which contained everything we know and even beyond all our knowledge. Often referred to as Dimension 0. The inside resembled a house, and the outside resembled a giant Black-Knobbed Map Turtle. When on land the turtle poked out its head, legs, and tail, though in space it tucked everything in and resembled a saucer. Bookmark here

As he finished studying for the night he traveled up the stairs and headed to his room. He stopped at the top of the stairs to see Kanro asleep on her bed. She slept on a bed with red sheets and covers surrounded by numerous plushies of history’s many magical girls. He gave a soft chuckle before he pulled her door shut before he walked down the hall to his room. He opened the door to see a card placed on a small bookcase. He picked it up and opened it to read its contents,Bookmark here

I hope dinner was nice for you! I’ve had a lot of fun traveling all over the multiverse with you! Happy Birthday!Bookmark here

XOXO -KanroBookmark here

He set the card down with a smile before he kicked off his shoes and jumped into his hammock. He held his hands in the air before he waved them in opposite directions causing the ceiling to open and reveal the vast majority of Everything. The infinite space, cosmos, just it All! He rested his hands behind his head with a smile as he looked everything over before he slowly went to sleep.Bookmark here

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