Chapter 1:

Morning Rush

Ichiro and his pals

Alright, I'm heading to school don't burn the house down. "Shut the hell up and get your ass to school. Later dumbass. Well that was one hell of a way to start the morning. (Barely leaving his houses driveway)

"Hey Ichiro start running now!"

(6 feet buff man running after Akio)

The hell, what did you do now Akio. "I may or may not of angered the dude down the street." "HEY LITTLE SHIT GET BACK HERE WITH MY MONEY." You dumbass why you steal his money. "Look I needed cash to pay some people so I took some money on his table outside so I took it." You shit head I told you to stop buying crap from random people. "Look I'm sorry it's just that they have some interesting stuff and hard not to buy it." Hey Akio the bussed just pulled up we need to hurry up or we are going to get our ass kicked from the dude behind us. "DAMMIT I SAID STOP YOU LITTLE BASTARDS." Dammit Akio look like we're not going to make it. "Ichiro just yell at the bus driver and tell it to wait." Alright, HEY WAIT UP! "Hey everyone look the two dumbasses are making a run to the bus looks like there not going to make it." Hey Jiro bet you 20 bucks that they will make it, your on dude." Akio run faster you slow fuck. "Dammit Ichiro you know this is the fastest I can run." DAMMIT! "Hey Ichiro the bus stopped." Thank goodness now hurry up before it decides to leave.

(Both reach the bus)

Dammit Akio I almost missed the bus cause of you next time you do that again I'm going to leave you behind. " Hey Jiro pay up they both made it to the bus" "Dammit you both costed me twenty bucks, you know what give me that cash."

(Takes cash from Akio)

"Dammit now how I'm I going to pay those people." Here Akio but you better pay me back and stop buy shit from people. "ALRIGHT thanks Ichiro"

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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Ichiro and his pals