Chapter 7:

Trial- 1

Phantom: Untamed Monster

As everyone looked at the teacher, The Class Teacher was no other then.. VISHWAKARMA a.k.a DEMON TEACHER or the Vice Principal. "Good Morning Everyone. I am your teacher Vishwakarma. I am your Class teacher as well as in charge of your personality evaluation." Vishwakarma said in a soothing voice. Hearing his voice one can say that was the caring and considerate teacher, or was he really? At that time there were only 7 people in the class of 20 who can actually feel the demon behind this calm voice. "As for evaluation I will be excluding 7 people. These seven people will only be asked one question and that one question will be enough for me to test your personality." The class was in a bit of confusion. Why 7? Why separate question? What's the reason behind such random number? The only method to know this was either ask the teacher directly which was of course going to fail or Just watch carefully and come to a conclusion. "And those 7 people are?" Vivek raised his voice from the backbench. Though he was sure about the 3 people, he wanted to know who were the rest. On the other hand, Ranjan was completely lost in his thoughts again. He wasn't interested in this and was watching out of the window again. Seeing his face a thought crossed Vivek's mind "Of course, he might already know the seven people". "Sure, The Seven people are..." Vishwakarma replied to Vivek "Rank -52 Shivani" "Rank -27 Aman" "Rank -23 Ajay" "Rank -11 Janvi" "Rank -3 Vivek" "Rank -2 Sheetal" "Rank -1 Ranjan" These where the names Vishwakarma said along with their ranks in entrance examinations who were going to be tested separately. As the names suggested, Rank52- Shivani, Rank11- Janvi, and Rank2- Sheetal were girls and the rest were all boys. Also apart from Ranjan, Sheetal and Vivek, only Shivani and Janvi were sitting next to each other and even they weren't acquainted to each other. So we can say that the only rankers who were acquainted to each other were Sheetal and Ranjan, being siblings and Vivek being both of their friend now. "So let's start our evaluation, Firstly if anyone apart from those seven have any of the questions, ask me. It doesn't matter how much time I consume, there won't be any problems." Vishwakarma said to all the students. Students asked various questions and all their doubts were cleared and they were also now aware of their situation. A summary of all answers was... "The Power they all posses is not magic, however they are not much different from magic either. They all have power called BLESSINGS however the blessing is not necessarily of god, but it could be of demons either. The war between gods and demons, as we know through legends and Epics was ended a long time ago. Later Gods and demons came to a conclusion that both sides are actually more or less fighting for the sake of world so they decided that they would stop fighting over who will save humans and instead help humans to be self sufficient. They Granted humans power in form of blessings and gave them a opportunity to fight the beings from another world and save their only land. However that power was not granted for eternity, There was a condition that humans should develop themselves to such a point that they won't need these powers. If Humans were unable to achieve that feat i.e. if human's were unable to become god themselves then they will take their blessings back and that will be the end of humans." This was also why they never revealed their power to outside world, because if that happened, powerless will depend on those with power and humans would never develop. That's also the reason why for the shake of humanity, anyone who disobeys the orders of Principal, is executed. This was because even a small carelessness could result the end of humanity. They were warriors of course as they were fighting for the world but not heroes because even they have committed crimes, the sins and misdeeds which couldn't be ignored. However all that talk was nothing but a form of evaluation for Vishwakarma. "Alright you all passed the test. At the very least, none of you will be executed due to their idiocy. This class really is full of intelligent guys. Not to mention, The Top 3 Rankers are here as well, How interesting." Vishwakarma said in his gentle voice which was full of curiosity. However there was some thoughts in his mind "Ranjan most probably a healer, and Sheetal most probably an Archer. They both are ranks which normally contains intelligent and genius person so that is not so rare but Vivek is most likely a warrior, and I have never seen a warrior as intelligent as him. Of course there were some rather knowledgeable people but he is more than just intelligent." But these thoughts didn't really impact much on him. "All Right As all of you passed, You all can now be officially called students here. You all will have a final Class and Power Evaluation in about an hour so good luck and don't be nervous as normally everyone gets the class same as your personality so it always fits you and you are always comfortable in it. Well About the 7 Rankers, I will now take you all in a separate room where you all will be given a situation and will be asked about your opinions and the steps which you will take in that situation depending on which we will evaluate you all." The Seven students along with teacher Vishwakarma head towards the room in 3rd floor. The Room had the sigh saying [EVALUATION ROOM]. that was when Vishwakarma said… "Let me give you a warning before we start, I need honest answers, you seven are still yet to be approved by me and that means I can still kill you all. I am called Demon teacher I hope you remember." Vishwakarma warned them. It was quite scary voice different then his usual talk. "Of course we know how scary can you be, After all we knew that's why we have to take an evaluation test right?" Ranjan replied in a calm tone. Actually none of the 7 people were scared to that warning. Till that point, they were all bored of hearing that again and again. They knew that even though they could die, Its not like they can do anything anyways so they just followed the flow. "Oh! so you even know this. No wonder Principal was interested in you." "Wow! Seriously the beautiful Principal was interested in me. Damn LUCKY me." Ranjan's face showed a joy showed that he wasn't joking but genuinely happy. Vishwakarma was astonished by this reply of Ranjan. Actually everyone there was surprised by him. "I didn't mean it in that way but, well whatever.... LET's BEGIN THE EVALUATION." And So Vishwakarma started the TEST.
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