Chapter 3:


The Awakening Of The Slumbering Deity

WHAT ARE THESE HAIR APES?! AND WHY ARE THERE ANIMAL PEOPLE?! AND ONCE AGAIN HOW DO THEY KNOW HOW TO USE MAGIC!? Our beloved protagonist thought. And why am I not in the forest!? Now that I think of it why didn't I just teleport to my destination? Oh, yea it would have been too boring that's why. uh. I just caused a lot more trouble for myself. Damn my impulsiveness. I could have been enjoying my paradise by now. What are those weird hairless apes and walking animals looking at? Are they looking at me?! OH NO IM ALREADY ATTRACTING UNWANTED ATTENTION! Ok, calm down Stvaranje calm down. They're probably just staring at you because you startled them. Eventually, they should just look away...Why are they staring at me? Did I do something wrong? Or offend someone. hmm. Oh I know, it's probably because you were just standing there so if you move maybe they'll look away...WHY ARE THEY STILL LOOKING AT ME?! OH NO, someone coming up to me! What do I do? What do I say? I've never spoken to anyone before. What if they can't understand me. Oh, I know -reality magic: universal language-, ok, I'm now prepared. I'm ready. I can do this.Bookmark here

"Ummm excuse me miss," the little girl asked Stvaranje " where did you come from, you just arrived out of nowhere, and you looked like you were hurting"Bookmark here

..hmm" yes I'm okay little one and I used some special magic".Replied stvaranjeI DID IT! I SPOKE TO ONE OF THE HAIRLESS APES!"Can I ask what is your name young one?" Asked stvaranjelBookmark here

 “my name is Elizabeth, what is yours? Bookmark here

I can't just say my true name so I guess I go by eve on this planet" my name is eve, now tell me young one how much do you know about magic?"Bookmark here

“ well, we use magic for everything, also why do you keep calling me young one just call me by my name".Elizabeth asked whilst pouting.Bookmark here

Stvaranjel chuckled“I'm sorry for not calling you by your name Elizabeth, anyway what if someone doesn't have magic?"Eva asked out of curiosity "I'm not sure but that person would be very unlucky".Elizabeth said Bookmark here

“How so?"stvaranjel replied confused.Bookmark here

“Well, they cant go to the toilet"Elisabeth exclaimed."I-I see".said out of confusion. what the hell is a toilet"anyway goodbye it was nice to talk to you Elizabeth.".Bookmark here

BYE!" Elizabeth yelled.Bookmark here

 my what a friendly child. I hope we meet again. Speaking of children where could my kids be...Bookmark here

I guess I can just explore this odd forest of steel. And maybe ill be able to find some hints on the whereabouts of my children. Oh, wait. I can just think and should be able to find them. How do I always forget these things? Ok here goes nothing. Wait! the hairless apes might be able to sense me casting my spell and it would cause unwanted attention.-Shadow magic:stealth-whew that was a close one now -Spacial magic: search :designation: Nebo, Cueva and Povrch.Phew, that was tiring, but now I can finally see them, I wonder if they'll know who I am. Probably not...Anyways how do I always forget the roles I assigned them. The god of the sky, the caverns and the surface. Actually, I can just cast some really powerful magic and then they'll come to me and I don't have to do anything, I can just sit here and wait. Ok, that sounds like fun. Actually, should I just find them, I mean they are my children after all. Nah, never mind I'm feeling really lazy so let us do this.Bookmark here

-Reality magic: Reality Tinkering-now let just for maybe an hour or two make the grass blue and let it rain hmm. Why didn't I think of what I wanted before I started the spell? I just spent an unnecessary amount of mana, oh well it's not as if I have a limited capacity of mana. oh I know, whilst walking around the town I saw lots of shops with diamonds on the shelf, and it was incredibly expensive, which is odd as it's made using the same components as a much more common material I think they named "coal".Yea let's give the lower class of this world a chance. yea ill makes it rain diamonds and ill make it so they can only leave the owners company when consent is given and they did it not out of fear but out of their benefit, as I've heard and seen the greed of other humans as well as there successful attempts at threatening others to get what they please. It will be fun to put the human food chain out of balance. Anyways let's get to it.-Reality magic: Reality Tinkering-Imma be another motherfucking robbing hood bitches...wait didn't he steal from the rich and give to the poor. and also who the hell is robin hood, I've never heard of him before. It's almost as if someone typing in what I'm saying...why did I use the word typing? I never used that word before... never mind let's just give money to the poor or whatever.Bookmark here

Now I guess all that's left is to wait until they decide to visit me...What's taking them so long. I mean I know it hasn't been THAT long, but I literally altered reality if I was them I would have come charging down...huh guess ill just have to be patient. Mmm, what's that beam coming down from the sky. Oh please be them. I've been waiting for what feels like an eternity just to finally say hi to my children. I wonder if they'll know I'm their mother. I mean we've never seen each other, but still, I hope they'll know who I am. Anyways guess ill find out soon since they're right in front of me...wait there right in front. OH SHIT, THEY'RE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! WHAT DO I DO???!! WHAT DO I SAY?!!! Ok Stvara, no eve now I guess you can do this. Surely they won't be too mad at me for altering their territory right?!Bookmark here

Ok, eve you can do this. I believe in you. YOU CAN DO THIS!!"MOTHER!!!!" Yelled an aggressive-looking god. WHAT DID YOU DO!!??Bookmark here

NO, I CAN'T DO IT! My son is now mad at me. What do I do, What do I do!!"Umm well I just wanted to finally speak to you for the first time and I thought I would have been helping you by giving some valuables and getting your guy's attention at the same time, so I guess I thought it was a win-win.”Replied eve with nerves filling her body."B-b-but if your upset with what I've done I can always make it as if nothing happened"Bookmark here

"WHAT?!!NO! WHAT YOU DID WAS AWESOME!! YOU HAVE TO TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT!!"The loud young god replied. PLEASE TEACH ME!!!Bookmark here

Huh? Shouldn't they be mad at me?" S-s-so you're not mad at me?"eve asked the young god confused.”I mean I did leave you all alone on this planet a-a-and isn't that bad"Bookmark here

"WHAT, NO! YOU DIDN'T LEAVE US ALONE WE KNEW YOU WERE ALWAYS WATCHING OVER US, AND PROTECTING US."Once again yelled the younger god. “Also, we saw the condition you were in after creating us so if anything were are grateful. You gave us the chance to live. So we are incredibly grateful. Right guys!"Bookmark here

"Absolutely!" said the two younger goddesses.Bookmark here

Huh. So they forgive me? Even though I haven't seen them in person once, they are grateful to this disgraceful mother who dared to abandon their kids in a scary place. Huh, I'm crying? Why am I crying? What a disgrace I am, to let my children see me in this state.Bookmark here

"HUH, WHY ARE YOU CRYING MOTHER!"Yelled once again the younger god!"DID I DO SOMETHING TO UPSET MOTHER".Bookmark here

N-n-no I just can't believe how lucky I am to have such amazing children to even think of forgiving me despite the many sins and inconveniences I've committed towards you and your siblings " sobbed eve."I'm just so sorry".To think I only thought of them as this world's protector, they are now even more precious to me than my so-called treasure... Bookmark here

"SHSHSH", Eves children said."We love you."Bookmark here

“Oh, yea by the way” eves daughter said to eves only son.” are you sure you're okay, I mean you are finally talking normally .”Bookmark here

“HUH!”.Eves son replied.” WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!”Bookmark here

“Aaaaand he’s back”.Eves daughters retorted.”Bookmark here

Eve chuckled. who would guess my children would have had a sense of humour.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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