Chapter 2:

The Descent

The Awakening Of The Slumbering Deity

Before we see what's going on with the planet of dirt and my children are doing I need to prepare. after all, I need to make sure to have some sense of decency when visiting my paradise, I wonder if the intelligent life forms down on what I'm going to call earth have developed a sense of decency. I hope so. I don't want to see anyone naked during my visit. Or possibly my eternal home, as I guess I'm now retired as I have fulfiled my purpose. Anyways back on topic, I need to prepare some clothes and ill find a good place to build my residence. But how should I do that hmm? Without spoiling the surprise. Oh. I know, I could create some scouts for me to find the perfect place for a home. Sounds like a plan. Ok then. Now ill just make it out of durable but light metal. So orichalcum sounds about right. After all here in space, there is no gravity but down there it will and I don't know the pressure so I should make it a strong and light as possible.
 "Now Drones 1-50 search the planet I name earth for the perfect residential area for me, and possibly my children if I'm lucky, then report back to me". I better be quick who knows how quick they'll b-Damn that was fast. I couldn't even finish my sentence. Now then let us see. Wow. That's beautiful. That's the perfect place. Now then let's just a bit more preparation than I should be done.Bookmark here

It's finally done, I can finally go to my paradise, my long-overdue break. Wow, it's so beautiful even from up here. even though it's only the colour blue and green it is still so pretty in my eyes  Ok, I need to stop thinking over other things or else I'll never get there. Okay so how do I get down there? Should I just teleport there? or should I do something else? You know what, ill just teleport there. I mean id love to ride a meteorite down. But that sounds like a lot of effort and I don't want my children's first impression of me is to be that of a child. That would be embarrassing.-Spacial magic, Reality slash-. I mean I guess I could have just used the teleportation spell but this seems more fun, and it just looks cool. Ok, the big moment, onto the planet I now name, earth. Owww.damn, I guess I should expect that to hurt but still. Why did I walk through an unstable reality slash for again? Thank me that I've created the concept of immortality. Or else I wouldn't be here anymore. That was probably the stupidest thing I've ever done. Wait I haven't done much with my life, despite my age...Anyways I'm finally here so let's have a look-see. Wait what is that I see in the distance. I don't remember building these Massive buildings made of stone, nor these things which appear to be multiple homes. Why is there magic tunnels flowing through these things and what does it do? Wait. There use magic. Albeit it's less advanced than what I can use but that's understandable. So would someone please tell me? HOW DO THEY KNOW HOW TO USE MAGIC?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!!!Bookmark here

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