Chapter 29:

The Aqueenian King and Queen

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

King Whitlock sat on his throne, slumped over and with a frown. He occasionally would look over to the queen, who was knitting something to pass the time.

"What is it, my dear." The queen finally asked without looking away from her needlework.

"It's just that Netzian, I can't help but feel like he is trouble."

"Dear, you agreed to make him a citizen if he won."

"But he didn't win! That beast recovered in an hour, and it was so angry it gave our guard a harder time containing it!" The king almost jumped from his throne as he exclaimed. He ended up sitting more upright as a result.

"Dear, in the eyes of the people, he won that duel. You will have to find a more subtle way to kill him now if you want him dead," the Queen casually said without taking her eyes off her knitting.

The king crossed his arms and slumped back down on his throne.

"I can't kill him now; Donn would be suspicious. For whatever reason, he's taken a liking to that Netzian."

"All our children have taken an interest in him in one way or another; he is from another world. That's what you get for not giving them enough entertaining things to play with while they grew up."

"I've bought them everything they ever wanted! They should have plenty to entertain themselves," King Whitlock grumbled.

The queen set her needlework down on her lap and turned to the king.

"Dear, how about this, after the conference, I will send the Netzian on a mission during which he will surely die. Will that make you happy?" She asked.

"It's nothing but a dream at this point. If you send him, people will just think I told you too." The king whined as he slumped in his seat even more.

The queen sighed and shook her head. She thought a moment before responding.

"Don't worry; I don't think anyone will think that way."

"Do you really think so! Then while we're at it-" The king perked up but was interrupted by the queen.

"Hold on, dear, we should just take it one step at a time," the queen said while turning back to her knitting.

"You're right," The kind slumped back down, but this time with a smile. "At least we'll be rid of him; I get the feeling he will be a lot of trouble..." he added.

"I agree with you on that; he will certainly get in the way in the future. I can't help but think he was sent here by some outside force...."

Queen Whitlock turned to the king, but he had suddenly fallen asleep. She sighed, then smiled.

"Guard!" she shouted to the front door. The giant throne room doors slid open, and a guard peered inside.

"Yes, Ma'am?"

"Please send word to the chefs to prepare the king's favorite meal for dinner tonight!"

"Of course!" the guard answered, and the door slid shut.

The queen turned back to her knitting as the king happily snoozed away.