Chapter 33:

Excerpt from Gwyn's Journal - Netzians

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

Moving on to Netzians, they are one of the more boring-looking species I have encountered. That is due to the simple fact they are humans that somehow in the past have ended up on Resh. Though, I have no idea where they came from or when they came here. My guess is that it was quite a long time ago.

They seem to be the ones that brought English to this planet. Apparently, at the time of the Netzian arrival, there were debates for a common language among the other four major species on Resh. A long war had just ended, and they were trying to push for a new era of peace. From what I understand, each species has a classic language and did not want to part with it in favor of a group that they had previously been at war with. They ultimately decided to take the newcomers' language, as it had no history on Resh, and each species got to choose several words from their own language to incorporate into it. It seems it was also easy for the natives on Resh to learn.

Back to the Netzians themselves. I omitted a detail before that is probably essential. While they are normal humans from earth, they came in a small number. Due to that, there has been mixing with other species on Resh over the years, and many Netzians hold features that are no longer human. Some changes can be as sudden as less natural hair colors becoming natural, but there can also be changes in ears or being covered in scales.