Chapter 0:


The Saint Series 3: The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10

We demons have been abused since time immemorial.

Cut off from the blessing of the heavens,

We strove to rise among the others.

It is us who showed to everyone,

The meaning of culture, of progress.

Of how to think.

However, that mad god never let us be in peace,

For his favor rests with the accursed children of Ava.

He used his powers to conspire our downfall,

Our people’s end.

Our exodus from the land of the Undying Light.

Yet with our reckless thirst for knowledge, we prevailed…

Until our pride, our division,

Caused us to fall.

For generations, we have tried to regain our honor.

Our old lives, our stolen home.

But the accursed children of Ava always prevailed,

The heaven’s guidance is on them…

The god-powers of the Saints helped their cause,

And brought us all our defeat until this moment.

Yes, my brother! Yes, my sister!

We, of the noble demons, may have been vanquished again and again.

Yet the fire of vengeance is never quenched in our hearts!

We learn from our past mistakes.

We learn from our tragic defeats.

And we will rise again, to reclaim what is rightfully ours!

Yes, this is the right time, my brethren!

Let us kill the Human Saint, and destroy Ava’s descendants,

Once and for all!”