Chapter 1:

THE START: of my Fucking year.

The New Kid

It was the start of Autumn and nearly Halloween.

Typically, people celebrate Halloween and that shitty Turkey Festival, but not me. I don't celebrate "fuckfest" and "who eats the most apples dipped in expired milk wins a fucking turkey." It just seems idiotic and nonsensical. Like trick or treat? I'll treat you with a mark on your face. 

My sincere "apologies" for not introducing who I am. My name is Val, Val Serbian. Yeah, laugh all you want, you jerkish reader, and if you don't laugh still doesn't help, I am 15, just an average ordinary high schooler, and I'm from Japan which makes it even worse because of this "#asiansdontbelonghere" or "#asianhate."

 Anywho, I don't just have one name, I have tons, and by tons, I mean getting called names. Like Psychotic Paper Cutter because I ripped out 356 pages of a book my teacher gave me, and I don't know how every brat in my school knows about this and still has the audacity to call me that.

Unfortunately, I have school tomorrow, which sucks, at least for me. But, again, getting beaten up, especially by that black classmate who trains, I think about six times a day, is way worse than getting called names. And for the Love of God, I have no fucking friends, not even one; the only friend I have is this old teddy bear my "ex-dad" bought for me like 14 years ago.

And his name was Kevin, yeah Kevin like "Kevin Hart.", My teddy or my so-called "friend" was a German 1987 exquisite Culinary souvenir. I thought that I was going to be a famous book writer or a famous superstar. But here I am, a non-deposit high-schooler who does nothing but reads some books about how to ride a bicycle or some shit.

Nevertheless, Sleeping was the best option I had now, Fuckfest is near, and a bunch of thots is going to come up to my door and ask for a "treat."

The New Kid