Chapter 9:

Item Hunt

One Wish They Never Wanted

Break day came around again, but these days Ember just didn't bother trying to get Takuma to do something.

Quartz, meanwhile, was polishing his various gems with the hem of his tunic and Ember was boredly watching him, her cyan eyes filled with disinterest.

She picked up a clear gem with what appeared to be a stick in it. She recited the incantation to make it come out, only to narrowly avoid getting stabbed by it - the "stick" was a razor.

"What are you doing with the Improved Razor?" Quartz hissed at her.

"I was just curious!" She whirled a lock of ginger hair around her finger, so the white-haired fairy scowled at her. "It's hardly 'improved' at all..." she sulked behind his back, leading him to grab the razor in question and point it at her, tears on the brink of falling from his eyes.

"Don't mock it!" he cried. With a blink of his eyes, more gems came into being and Ember scurried about, trying to get them all. "Don't mock me either! I know you only ever stuck around me for the gems..." His shoulders trembled in hesitation. "You're so selfish!"

With that, he flew off, leaving Takuma in a state of silent confusion as he took off from behind one of the many manga towers.

"He's probably gone to find Kris to bring up his morale again." Ember shrugged as she peered out from one of the stacks of books. "Even if he gets lost, he has an uncanny way of encountering the world-gallivanting Kris all the time."
In Japan a few days later, Kris was in a park and was just about to finish interviewing a band when a breeze blew, sending Quartz spiralling through the air and knocking the celebrity on the head before slamming on to the ground with a belly flop and a tiny yell.

"We're going to take a break now," the talk show host told the camera, pretending to swipe a bit of dust off his leather shoes in order to pick up Quartz. The man carefully slid the fairy into the right leg pocket of his khaki cargo pants so they could talk later, just as the two of them could hear dog-like panting.

"Did you find it?" Kris asked the errand boy who'd just arrived and was now in front of him, huffing and wheezing. The boy furiously nodded his blonde-dyed hair and produced the DVDs his desired item came with.

It wasn't the DVD the celebrity was after, it was the item that came with it - a to-scale limited-run Charlotte keychain, made of rose quartz. It seemed like the perfect gift for Fumika, whose birthday would be coming soon.

Unbeknowst to even her, he had her in mind when he'd conceived the rough idea of Saijou and he'd used himself as the model for Charlotte in a similar manner. When he thought this, the errand boy held out multiple Saijou keychains and one Charlotte, their silver wrapping still intact.

"You can do what you like with the leftover keychains and DVDs," Kris told him, but then the errand boy showed his phone to the celebrity.

It was an auction site with the items already on it. Already, two keychains had been sold.