Chapter 0:

Prologue: Welcome To The Family

Code: SIN

Code: Sin tells the story of two young adults, in the infamous yet prospering city of Freya. Unknowingly to all within the walled city, it’s soon to be one of the last surviving cities to what is only called the “Azure Night”. On that night a shower of shooting stars burned azure and illuminated the night sky 50 years ago, lighting up the sky to be witnessed around the world. The night that changed humanity marked an unexplained change in a small percentage of mankind that left a fraction of the world's population undergoing various physical changes individually. Many and their children live a life without undergoing sudden change as there is no known way to tell if someone will change or not. Today these people have become known as “Singular internal Nature”, more commonly spoken as S.I.N. Awakening of these traits in some is random, some young, some old. On the Azure night, it became apparent all that Awaken are not so lucky due to the large chance that the victim will suffer a loss of sanity and become feral in both mind and body, attacking any within sight. The Azure night was a great awakening for humanity but also responsible for its great decline due to the hundreds of thousands dead from the awakening of the feral creatures across the continent. Presently humanity has several walled cities around the world, becoming their own utopia, shielding their civilians from the true state of the world of humanity.

Two characters survive the city controlled primarily by the Prime Arch who leads the city government, cooperating with four Mafia-like families to keep social, financial stability, and balance. Erecting a hairline balance between them all in an attempt to survive the city and life in their own ways as a series of murder cases threatens not only their lives weigh in the balance for these murders attempt to usher in a war on all sides

A young man named Zayne Mayin whose family mystery caused his family to suffer early in his life, the debt leading to his father’s death and traumatized mother who soon passed. Reina Lionhart, a young woman freed from the condemning life on the streets by a young girl who began repaying her gratitude as the girl’s protector. The city is publicly controlled by the Prime Arch who leads the government and their police officials in the city. Yet over the last decade, many sought to rise to fame and power like the four great families. Gangs provide a benefit for law and order and with such the police often turn the other way when it comes to their personal affairs and business as long as they keep it minor. These families and city officials have officially deemed outer sections of the city to be claimed as their personal territory. With that, a set of rules had been placed to ensure chaos did not spread. As many important personnel soon discover, someone in the city is attempting to throw off the balance of power and spread chaos with the destruction of the government and the families. Among the many tasks he is set to do, Zayne is also on a search for his missing sibling who was taken away years ago due to their parent’s debt, in search for answers to his past but after years no leads have led him to an answer and Reina defends those she’s come to love as her adoptive family, in pursuit of protecting one person as everything they knew crumbles around them.

But not all is safe on the streets as the public is aware of “Sins” Since the Azure Night. Some say it was a sign of the end, others a sign from the gods. But none could deny humanity changed. They became humans capable of physically enhanced feats never seen before. Cases differ between violent rampages and those of peaceful detainment.

The Ruling Families...

Freya City, was formerly a less desirable town but over the decades with the combined contributions of the government and a wealthy local gang, The Veil Family, the town began to flourish and slowly expand from the collaboration of official and underground crime lords. The Veil family paved the path for Gangs to have a stronghold location in the city, realizing that much more could be done, leading the government to enter agreements with other families which aided in their rise to power. The combined efforts led the city to a more prominent prosperity as the city expanded greatly, stretching miles beyond its original size. The government officials publicly still have total control in the city but it is common knowledge that these Families have a hand in the city’s development. Each family contributing one way or another to benefit the city more than the government could do on its own, has entered agreements with the law to obtain their own large portions of the city, these territories are sections controlled by the families of which they are able to pursue their habits and business of which the police may turn a blind eye to. Due to the growth of these gang families, their leaders know of the possible conduct of some of their lesser members and allow the police to freely perform due justice. A necessary sacrifice so the government maintains its pristine image in the eye of the public as Officers of Justice, leaving the city with a high crime rate balanced out by a high arrest rate, with the advanced prison provided and funded by the Veil family. Their assistance with the prison is publicly known, leaving the Family with a good perspective to the public.

The Sleeping Wolves Mafia, a large gang whose priorities differ from the others, values control through power and assertion. Believing they are the most powerful Family, the same mindset as the other families. The members consisted of many delinquents and troublemakers. Who often cause trouble in the streets with violence and drugs.

The Grandel Familia. A reasonably large family whose members are gained through connection and recommendation, not allowing just anyone into their circle. The Grandels are the more favorable gang to the Police officials for they cause the least trouble publicly and just as well, contribute large sums of money to hospitals throughout the city, their money alone sustains the few medical centers around but has brought them to high esteem well-resourced staff.

The Louaire Family. The smallest and most isolated gang in the city. Although small they easily hold their territory firmly for its members completely consist of Alpha. They were given their territory by agreement similar to the other gangs and allowed to claim their territory to observe and detain Stray Alpha’s who cause issues in the city that the normal officials aren’t able to handle.

The Calicio Family. A large family Predominantly normal humans, The Calicio respect and desire the unity between man and Alpha, believing both can unify under a single family and seeks for both to prosper in the city. A business family who invests in business throughout the city from small to large. The Veil Family. A large family consisting of entirely normal humans whose prejudice against Alpha is obviously seen. The order in the city causes them not to act on these matters outside of their territory but they hold a strong belief Alpha’s are the undoing of mankind or various other reasons that differ between members. This however has not stopped its leader from working with the other families baring Alpha for the drawbacks of being singled out. But they do not hold their tongue when it comes to refusing to work directly with the Louaire Family but they are not above doing and working with who they must in order to keep the balance in the city.


Code: SIN