Chapter 1:

Ch. 1 Damion's Beginning


Planet: Kin
Kingdom: Kindoru
Village: Aeston
Biome: Plains

In the Village of Aeston, located in a plain's biome with very few animals and horrible planting grounds, lived a boy named Damion.

Damion was one of three children in a small family.

He had a twin brother named Zealot and two little sisters named Irabel and Safie.

They lived together in a low-ranked village on the far-out skirts of the kingdom of Kindoru.

Damion was lying down peacefully asleep in his bed and flickered his eyes at the sun shining brightly on his face.

He stretched his arms briefly to prepare to wake himself up from his slumber but then he was startled by a loud sound.

*Bam! * *Bam! *

He realized it was the rasping of someone at his door.

He wondered who would be knocking on his door so late at night.

Damion's twin brother Zealot also heard the noise and he went to answer the door.

To their surprise, it was the village chief who had been going to everyone's door and informing them about an event that was happening in the capital of Kindoru.

He announced the big event occurring that was a competition to win entry into the crimson portal.
All you had to do was to get accepted in a crimson red portal there is no limit to people who can win.

The people who are successfully admitted through the crimson portal can bring their families with them to live in the castle of Kindoru.

In addition, their home in the village will receive a ten percent tax reduction and they also get the opportunity to expand their land.

So, the village chief was going around the village to ask for volunteers to try to win the competition at the capital and bring honor and fame to the village.

The village chief told them the news then he left and went to the next house to inform them of the competition.

Damion shut the door and conversed with his brother about the information they had both just heard.

The Brothers thought of an idea on how their family could enter the portal.

Though, his brother Zealot couldn't go.

He would've held them back because he has a wooden leg, and plus he needed to watch their sisters.

So, they decided Damion should be a volunteer to go to the capital.

At first, Zealot was fully against it because they lived over 1000 miles away from the capital and it would take over a month to get there.

They also had no horses in their Village but after a while, Damion's friends convinced him that it would be a good idea to try to bring fame and honor to the village.

Several days had passed until it was finally the day to go to the capital and he had everything thing ready in his backpack made out of old leather from dead horses and dead cow hides combined also with a little hay to keep it soft.

It wasn't the best, but it would do the job.

After waving them goodbye, his family saw him off.

He and 20 other men and boys finally started heading to the capital. It was to be the first day of his new Adventure.

|Traveling Day 1| 10:00 pm
Biome: Plains

The group of men and boys had been walking for over 8 hours and were very tired yet they became optimistic once they saw an empty hollow cave in the distance.

The cave was next to a really big forest with lots of trees.

They started heading to the cave hoping to find sustenance because they were running low on food.

Usually, they could find plants or animals in the forest, but when they started getting really close they heard a mysterious noise come from a bush.

The strongest man in the Village said he would go check it out, his name was Shaquille and he was the height of 7'4.

He had gone on the adventure because he wanted to at least try to sign up to be a royal knight if he failed the crimson portal competition.

He wanted to get something out of his efforts because he had a 5-year-old daughter and a wife.

Yet, he knew he was risking a lot by even going close to the bush, but he still did anyway.
He was the eldest in the group and felt it was his responsibility.

He walked up to the bush and a bear with what looked to have red fur jumped out of the bush onto his face.

It was a very small bear so we assumed it was a cub, but it had red Fur so everyone pulled out their rusty copper swords and started trying to attack the bear.

Yet, they were not trying to hit their comrades, so they were trying to pull it off his face.
The bear kept swinging on the man's face and he like he was trying to dodge the attacks from the copper swords it was like he knew what the attack pattern would be.

Damion thought something wasn't right with the attack.

The bear was on the man's face for more than 29 seconds and yet they couldn't see any scratches on the man's face, so Damion realized the bear was not hurting the man at all, but the man was suffocating in the bear's fur.

So, Damion started to walk towards the bear.

Everyone kept yelling at Damion saying, "stop, what are you going to do, you're the weakest one here."

Damion finally got close enough to the bear to try and slowly pulled the bear off the man's face.
Damion pulled the bear off the man's face very lightly and slowly so it didn't think he was hostile.

The bear finally was off the man's face.

It turned out that the bear was scared for his life so every time they tried to pull it off the man's face, they used too much force.

This made the bear fear even more and caused the bear to have a tighter grip and swing out of fear.

After Damion got the bear, he slowly put it back in the bush where they found it.

The other guys were mad at Damion because they could've cooked it and ate it, but everyone was too tired to throw a fit over it because after all that they just wanted to go to sleep.

It was already midnight and everyone was tired.

So, they decided to make a campfire in the cave and went to sleep.
|Traveling Day 2| 10:00 am
Biome: Crimson Forest

Everyone woke up pretty late in the morning and they just found out they could get to the kingdom twice as fast if they went through the forest.

A lot of people in the group were hesitant at first because there could be more wild animals than they could handle at once there, but they eventually came along after being convinced by Shaquille.

They decided to pick edible herbs on the way and also decided to hunt animals if they could find any.

Yet, they did not see any while traveling for a few hours.

Some people started wondering why the village elder didn't tell them about this path, but they just brushed it off saying he probably forgot or didn't know because he was getting really old and forgetting things.

After traveling for a few more hours, they had collected enough herbs to start cooking.

Everyone was starving because they hadn't eaten for a day in half so they were willing to eat anything at that point.

They started boiling herbs and adding spices to the big pot so everyone can dip their own bowl of herb stew.

The vegetable stew didn't taste as good as meat to them but the spices made them taste even better because the spices made it taste like beef stew even though it didn't have any beef in it, yet it still tasted pretty good.

There wasn't that much food, but everyone was able to eat enough to become full.

After they finished eating, they started walking again and in a few minutes after walking they saw a waterway.

|Traveling Day 2| 5:23 pm
Biome: Crimson Forest
Area: Tropical Beach

They were really excited to see the water since they didn't have a bath in two days and it was a narrow river so it only went up to their knees but they didn't care so they took off their clothes and jumped in the river.

Then the ones that didn't jump in yet saw their comrades frozen in place as if they were scared of something.

It looked like they had seen a ghost and as soon as they had jumped in, they instantly jumped out saying ITS WAYYYYY TOOOO COLDD! although the water was freezing cold, they had no right to be picky.

After finishing washing off their body, they started getting their clothes on to go back to traveling, but then they realized it was still freezing cold so they decided to camp out under a tree for the rest of the night.

End of chapter 1