Chapter 0:

0: Prologue


"He who can control the elements can control his destiny." - King Seigfried I, Year 28 of the Imperial Calendar (IC 28)

Elemental bending; a form of martial arts and a way of life for many who practice it. It allows for the manipulation of the five elements; water, earth, fire, air, and lightning.

Over the span of a millennia, five nations formed and settled on the Eableth Continent, each specializing in their own respective abilities, techniques, and martial art styles. And with these newfound abilities that propel users to new heights, war and conflict became all too common.

Up until recently, it seemed as if war persisted until all but one nation stood clear, but things changed when the first "Legendary" beings, as the name was coined, appeared around the year IC 759. These beings possessed unimaginable strength and skill that could crush anyone who stood in their way, and it just so happened that the five nations all had one Legendary being in their ranks.

Shortly after the discovery in IC 760, having the ability to defend themselves as seen in many infamous cases throughout that small window of time, all five nations came to a standstill, knowing that any attempt at conflict would be thwarted thanks to the efforts of these Legendary beings. This caused much grief for the ruling parties, but it also became a call for celebration for the rest of the populace who had to suffer for all this time.

A peace treaty was soon signed in IC 763. After many centuries of infighting between the nobles and large-scale battles against the other nations, the continent finally entered a period of peace and prosperity. Technology advanced quickly thanks to elemental manipulation, and all five nations developed unique cultures, technology, and ways of life that were based around their primary elements. It seemed as if all could be forgotten about the past and the despair that brought with it.

Coming up to the present day, IC 943, it seems that storm clouds are brewing on the horizon. What could it be that could potentially alter the fate of the continent as we know it?