Chapter 72:

Cold Chase

Valkyria Squadron

Investigative diary of journalist Nozomi Yasuda
February 28Bookmark here

When I got up to give the news of the shooting in Sumida, I never imagined that I would meet with maybe the case of my life. In case this story turns out to be true, it will have repercussions throughout the country without a doubt, maybe even I will be seen as a heroine for having reported this to the people who live in this country, of how once again foreign forces tried to take advantage of us and how thanks to my work we were able to stop them. Bookmark here

All this began when I reported for the news about the shooting in that Sumida neighborhood, where, speaking with the local people, they told me that everything happened in a house that had recently been completed. The owner of the house seems to be a foreigner from some Mexican province like Salvador or Colombia, but despite coming from that place she had money to have a decent home, which was strange. Obviously, this requires more research than just a story in the events section. So I decided to go further and investigate the owner of the house, and it was here that I found all this. Bookmark here

To begin with, all I know about this woman is that her name is Adelis and it seems that she works for the United States or the Alliance, I really don't know. At least three times a week she travels to the Akasaka Press Center in Minato, which are offices of the United States Army, Japan, but with what happened in the continental war she could also be from another member of the Alliance. I don't have her full name, job title, or even what she does there. Since I have seen several members of the government go in and out of there on the days that she is here, I assume that maybe she is in charge of negotiating something with the government of Japan. I am sure that she obtained the land of her house illegally but that is not the point anymore It seems that the shooting near her house in the early morning of February 15 was between an altercation between her and her hitmen in the face of an attack from the ISC, according to a witness I asked.Bookmark here

Due to this little clue that they gave me, I decided to investigate even more what was happening, since it was not the first time that the I.S.C appeared in one of my investigations. The I.S.C in Japan was created several years ago, it was mainly in charge of the production of medicines and the medical research section of the company. It is thanks to its great initial investment that the I.S.C quickly became one of the most important companies in the country, and with the war in Europe that demand increased even more. When the continental war ended, the president of the I.S.C wanted to change the focus of the division of his company in Japan. He personally appointed as section chief Mr. Brandon, who is listed as a researcher and developer of military equipment. Mr. Brandon's accomplishments are currently classified as secret by the Alliance. This can only mean that this person is good at his job, his efforts in the Alliance were important, and that he is personally trusted by Mr. Raven. Bookmark here

It is together with his arrival in the country that violent things began to take place here, a shooting in one of its warehouses in the port, the shooting in the dark where it seems that he attacked a rival of the company, and the recent attack on the Ueno dam. where one of its main suppliers has been strongly affected. It seems that the police are also suspicious of them because according to what I was able to discover, even Mr. Raven appeared personally to speak with the police about these cases, but for now nothing of what he said has been made public. Investigating the most important recent movements of the I.S.C appears the renewal of its contract with BioLife laboratories, which have been working with them since they came to the country for the creation of medicines. The details of the renewal contract were also kept confidential, but according to the BioLife president he was nervous about them but the profit margin was so great that he could not reject it. Before the attack on the dam, the I.S.C was sending new equipment and supplies to BioLife's headquarters as part of this new contract, but after the attack, shipments did not decrease but even increased. As if they wanted to rush the work even more. This set off an alarm within me, something bad must be happening under the table, something that could affect the people of Japan in a negative way. I looked for a way to contact different BioLife employees, but none of them wanted to talk to me, I thought I had come across a wall, but then something strange happened, one of them decided to contact me, it seemed that one of his colleagues told him about me and he decided on his own to talk to me.

His name was Fuji Igarashi, yesterday when I met him he seemed to be quite nervous and was afraid that he was being followed. He told me to be careful what I did with the information that he gave me and that I would not tell absolutely anyone until my story was in the newspaper. He left without telling me anything else about it, but he left me a USB memory with data. These were the information of various people along with their medical records and what appeared to be a checklist of their health which was done every 6 hours. Most of these people were people who had been reported missing since February 14 or later, the day before the Sumida shooting. Bookmark here

In the beginning, I thought that what happened to me was some kind of lie, that he was just playing with me, because although it still didn't mean anything, it seemed like the typical story of a conspirator taken from a movie, but then the name of Jiro Iwasaki appeared. He is currently a person wanted by the police, as he appears as the main suspect in committing the cold-blooded murder of his ex-girlfriend, Yuji Kondo, when she was returning home from work. As I heard her, they found her completely destroyed in a public park. That case was originally my turn to report, but I said no in order to continue focusing on this. But I never thought these two cases were related. Bookmark here

And this is where my problems begin, seeing the terrifying coincidence, I decided to contact Fuji Igarashi again, but he did not answer his phone. Trying to contact him as soon as possible by other means I discovered what happened to him. The BioLife worker who passed me the information had been found dead earlier today, he had been nailed to the wall with several metal stakes everywhere. It was an extremely violent death that delivered a clear message for me: no leaks.Bookmark here

At first, I thought that all that was happening was a gang war between that Alliance woman and Mr. Brandon of the I.S.C. But now I am afraid that even that is not something more than something secondary to what is actually happening now. The coincidences are all over the place, this is not something random, something has happened in the I.S.C, something that they do not want to come to light under any circumstance. And possibly the attack on the dam was the Alliance's way of responding to the I.S.C and trying to delay its project. Bookmark here

I could probably be on their list of problem people, maybe my life could be at risk right now. I have to be careful because maybe right now they could be following me and I haven't realized it. Both the Alliance and the I.S.C could be following me and deciding what to do with me at this moment. But right now my life does not matter now, this story must come to light and warn the citizens of Japan about what our country has become because of the damn foreigners and their stupid power games. I must continue with this no matter the cost, so I decided to try to talk to another of Fuji Igarashi's colleagues, who after showing him a couple of tests I decided to talk to me. But when I left my house and went to the train station, the police blocked the street, it seemed that another murder had occurred, as a journalist, I went to see what had happened, collect information and then pass it on to one of my co-workers for her to give the news while I continued with this. But everything changed again when I got closer to the yellow police tape. From where he was he could see how there were several stakes impaled on a wall, several dyes of red, and a pool of blood on the ground. From the angle that I had, I couldn't see who the victim was, but I don't think it was necessary, I already knew who that person was there. She must be the person I planned to talk to today.Bookmark here

Now my suspicions are a confirmation, I am being followed. Someone is investigating me and the people I talk to. He is trying to discover who my contacts are and end them, then when I am not of importance he will end me. I must protect this data, so I decided to create this backup that I put in the safe. If something happens to me I hope you can continue this and bring the truth to the people of Japan. I trust you so that I can finish my work, so I also leave several of the possible facilities that the I.S.C or BioLife could be using for whatever it is they are developing.Bookmark here

Good luck Natsuki.
Bookmark here

Sincerely, your Senpai Nozomi Yasuda.Bookmark here

The demon finished reading the computer that the journalist had left, she kept it in a backpack that she had brought for the same reason and looked around her. I was in a dark room with several safes, they were in a section that was not used in the Tokyo subway, but since they were near a guards office it was a good place to put things safely, as the journalist knew the guards they let her put it there and let her colleagues pass to pick it up. It was useful for storing important things. The journalist had used this place several times before. And that is why the demon had discovered it. She had noticed that she had put this here, so as soon as the girl left she went in to immediately pick up the package. Bookmark here

At her feet was one of the lifeless guards. He found her when she was picking up the computer. She finished him off almost instantly and using the same cruel technique she used before, she pinned him to the ground. Passing over him as if he were only a hindrance, she left the station and jumped several meters. Once in the air they grew a pair of black wings and flew somewhere, out of sight of anyone.Bookmark here

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