Chapter 7:

The Black Band/Death Band

The Grand Revolution Of War!

Imagine one day you were told to go out into a city engulfed in war from multiple armies all trying to kill the other, and you're nothing but a band member.

That is the cruel reality of what happened to the members of the Black Rei Band, also known as the Royal Black Band. Despite their name having Black, the Black Rei Band wasn't feared by their own Faction. In fact, they were quite loved. Even other Factions enjoyed them. They were a band that was led by the so-called immortal Baaluzikai and her sister, Zumikai.

Together, the band went all over the world of Nostalisk, searching for more members and new kinds of music that they can hopefully use in their own performances. However, things wouldn't stay so nice for this band. At the end of their journey of searching for music, Baaluzikai's sister died despite being immortal. Shocked, Baaluzikai and her band went back to the city where they originated from, Gudha City. Once there, Baaluzikai was made to be the personal attendant of the young prince before the old King passed away. When the new King grew up at age thirteen, he started to do what many would call unspeakable acts to Baaluzikai, playing on her immortality. Baaluzikai was essentially the new King's slave.

The Black Rei Band never continued on their journey to find new music or entertain other Factions. They were trapped inside the city. Six years later, things only got worse. Gudha's city other smaller city, Yallham, suddenly erupted in war. Many different armies went against each other and the city was turned into a bloodbath where no one was safe. The King, after two years of this fighting, enlisted Baaluzikai and her band as an army and sent them into this bloodbath without any proper training and the bare minimum of supplies.

Now stuck in Yallham City with the bare;y any combat experience, the Black Rei Band found themselves clinging to their allies in order to survive, fighting and playing for scraps to survive. Despite their situation, Baaluzikai was composed. She kept her band members alive until, one day, they were ambushed. This is where a miracle comes into play. The same techniques Baaluzikai and her sister used to train the band actually made them great fighters. Even their unique decoration weapons turned out to be one of the best swords around, cutting through armor and limbs with ease. Their years of practicing formation made it so they can change their ranks and lines within a second.

Still, while they may have managed to defeat their ambushers, they were no army. The next battle nearly killed them. Quite a few of them were dead and now they had no more supplies. Starving, the Black Rei Band made their way into a nearby town square. There, they witnessed carnage. The armies were all fighting here. No one cared about the citizens so they were fighting as well. With their backs against a wall, this is where the Black Rei Army and Baaluzikai snapped, or, as they called it, had a realization.

"Why was this happening to them? They were a band, not an army. Yet, seeing all this carnage, we saw something. Art. We heard something. Music. We finally got why we were here. We thought our journey was over...but it had only reached another chapter. Yes, we found music in this endless meaningless war. This stunning art. This cute display of desperation. We found our new and favorite kind of music. We found our war. We found our new purpose." - Baaluzikai

The Black Rei Army killed everyone there and, by some accounts, forced the few remaining citizens to believe in what they saw and join them and killed the ones who refused. The Black Rei Army staged a coup and became their own separate army. Their goal wasn't to take over the city like the other armies. No. Their goal was much worse.

Their new goal was to keep this bloodshed going. To keep this war going for as long as possible.

Now not on any side, the Black Rei Band went into hiding and trained for four years, striking every now and then until, when the citizens of the city who had banded up to stop this meaningless bloodshed was about to win, they attacked. They cruelly and viciously killed the citizen army, sending them into hiding, and then proceeded to do what they set out to do.

Because of them, the war kept on going for thirteen more years. Thirteen years of endless bloody conflict. The Black Rei Band officially got a new name, The Black Band. However, those who fought them know them by this. The Ḍaitha baiṇḍa, which means Death Band. A fitting name for a band of elite soldiers, all of which are warmongers.

Despite their skill and willingness to die for their cause, Baaluzikai and her band were defeated in battle by another Warmonger. Defeated and her band down to three hundred in number, Baaluzikai and her band were out of action and lost the war over Yallham City. The King found them near Gudha City, playing music and training. Surprisingly, they agreed to work under the King again. Things went back to how they were before except for two things. One is that everyone who fought in the war over Yallham City and the King all fear Baaluzikai and her band. The next is that Baaluzikai developed a deep hatred towards the King.

One can only hope that Baaluzikai and her band forget about the past and their twisted views. Unfortunately, many also view her and her band as a ticking time bomb. As predators just waiting for their chance to plunge Gudha City into another endless bloody war. To make Gudha City like Yallham City. Only this time, there is a very high chance that Baaluzikai and her band won't be stopped. 

[Made to celebrate the late end of Arc 1 in The Grand Yudha Revolution. There may be a little re-write soon]