Chapter 2:

Are You Going to Introduce the Main Character?

Blood? Suckers!

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Streets bustling with people. Metal objects whirling past in droves; there’s something both invigorating yet unclean about the air.

Moving images made up from artificial light blazing up above. A myriad of noises come from these boxes, melding together with the sounds of pedestrians and busy roads. I feel as if I can hear everything, and absolutely nothing at the same time.

So much is going on, more than I can even take in at once. In the presence of all this chaos, all these people, cold fear rings through every fiber of my being.

I cannot consume all this information.

“Hey, buddy, watch where you’re going!” A disgruntled man yells at me as he shoves me aside.

I’m met with the coarse hard surface of the ground behind me; the first physical pain I have felt in my entire existence is caused by what seems to be a pavement. It feels good.

My fingers start to writhe in accordance with the aching sensation in my lower half.

I can’t help but laugh; what am I a masochist or something now?

There is something soothing about the feeling of mortality, knowing that every moment is fleeting. This is becoming more apparent in the moments I’ve spent in this world than the countless years I spent in the other one.

Surprisingly, this almost euphoric experience firmly grounds me in reality for a moment.

“It’s true. I’ve really been reincarnated in another world.” I whisper under my breath.

“What was that? No, no, no. You’ve got it all wrong.”

A rather jovial and stout human, wearing a cardigan, interrupts my ongoing existential revelations.

“That’s not your light novel opening. You aren’t really much of a protagonist with that kind of voice are you?”

The man smiles, it’s a comforting sight; despite obviously being some sort of a lunatic, his gaze is something I really need right now.

“You’re supposed to say it like this. I’ve just been reincarnated in another world! Bring on the harem!

I stare at the man in blank confusion; he does not seem to be joking around or anything – does he know about my reincarnation? Is that a regular thing in this world?

I mean I did just mention I have been reincarnated, but it doesn’t seem like that really phased him that much.

This is my chance, maybe I can gleam information from this individual.

“A-are there others like me?”

I really must know, maybe there are other residents from another world, maybe there are even other vampires. I need something familiar right now, even if we probably aren’t even on the same page right now.

“Like you? Don’t you mean like us? I know the face of an Otaku when I see one!”

Huh? Otaku. That must be what residents from another world are called here; what are the chances? The first person I meet in this new world and he’s just like me!

“I have to admit, your cosplay game is on point!” The man exclaims as he starts investigating my clothing. “A gothic-era business suit? A frill at the back. Black hair, red eyes. Are you a vampire or something?!”

The man continues to study my state of dress, touching parts of the fabric. I feel as if I’m being studied under a looking glass. This man has the look of some sort of detective, I wonder what his deal is.

Pushing myself up ever so lightly so that I am leaning on the side of one of the glass-covered buildings behind me, I make a welcoming gesture towards my chest. To be honest, I’m not exactly the best at talking to others.

“My name’s Hiro, Vampire of the Abyss; what is your name fellow traveller?” I ask, introducing myself politely.

The man pushes up the frame of his circular glasses, flicking his hand up to cover up one eye and smirks.

“Hmph! I am Beelzebub, Demon Lord of Tokyo! But my friends call me Bell.”

Hold up. Hold up. Hold up.

I’ve been in this world for mere moments, yet the first person I encounter is a Demon Lord? I can’t even tell if this is good or bad luck at this point. I was trying to turn over a new leaf here in this world, wasn’t I?

Do I really want to be getting involved with this kind of person?

I analyse his current pose; I have had the displeasure of meeting one Demon Lord in my previous life, and she made a pose just like that one.

Yup, he’s a Demon Lord all right.

If I let him reveal that eye, all might be lost.

Yet instead, he lowers his hand – saving me from his wrath.

“Say, uh. I just got off work, did you want to go to the arcade or something?”

Umm, arcade? Like a shopping emporium?

“What’s the significance? I don’t have any money, as you can see, I just got here.”

I motion to my apparel which is definitely out of place in the swarm of much more vibrant and well-tailored garments that we currently reside in.

I notice some suits aren’t the largest departure from my own, although they lack much personality, they make up for it in expert craftsmanship.

Bell chuckles for a moment - there’s something about the way he carries himself. It puts me at ease.

I can’t let my guard down though, there’s still a lot to this world I don’t understand. I hope he can help me figure it all out and prove himself useful. But in the end, I can’t say it’s not nice to see a friendly face.

In the end, I don’t remember the last time anyone showed this must interest to truly want to do something with me.

I bring myself back to the conversation, it seems like Bell has been talking for the last minute while I’ve been in thought. I try to re-join and understand what he’s talking about, but everything goes over my head; it’s almost like it’s in another language.

I feel like I should just go along with whatever this human wants. I need more information anyway.

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