Chapter 1:


My Life Was Far Worst As I Unexpected (discontinued because the author passed away)

and yeah. I was fired from my part-time job, for the job I needed to support myself.
now, what will I do? I'm at the end of the final semester and a couple of months more, I'll graduate and pursue my college dream - being a lawyer.
but that dream now came to portions just because I lost my job now.
"That damn brat. She messed everything because of what she did!"
*end of the flashback*

I can't feel my body.
My senses are throbbing and trembling.
And I think I broke my leg.
I can hear people shouting and calling for help.
"Does he'll be okay?" At the side of my eye, I can see someone.
Angel? Am I dead?
"I-I'm so sorrryy! Are you okay? Let me take you to the hospital!"
D-dumbass. Do i look like okay?
"Y-yea-" before i can finish my word, my consciousness fades. All I can hear was people rumbling and I don't know what happened.
*At the hospital."
Wait, where am I? Oh I see.
Hospital bed. Why? 
O I see. I was hit a while ago.
Jeez, what time is it, let me check my wris-
Wait, who is she? She looks familiar.
She's laying beside me, her head on the bed and seems she's sound asleep. She's holding my, HAND? MY HAND? WHY?
"W-wait, m-my hand" as I take my hand from her head.
Yep, her head was laying on my hand.
"Ughh-" oopsie. It looks like I waked up her.
As she lift her head up, I saw a face that for sure everyone will fall on her for the first sight. But she has some badages on her forehead thou.
"So you're finally wake." She said with, SMILE!
"I-i'm sorry, did I wake y-you?" Grr please cooperate, mouth!
"N-no it's okay, by the way, are you okay now? I'm sorry for what I did."
No stop Ari! She just destroyed your opportunity and job, a little though, but she's still the reason why you're dreams are more harder to reach now.
"N-no it's okay" I replied with a little smile.
"No you're not." 
W-wait, what's with that serious face?S-scary, cute. Just kidding.
"Y-yes I am, I think I need to go home anyways,"
"NO! it's my fault what happened to you, so it's my responsibility. I'll pay for your hospital bills so don't worry. Well, I need to go home now. I'll see you to settle things up later. Bye."
"O-oh, okay, thank you again."
"And I'm sorry, again. Bye! See ya later."
Then it's fine. I just need to rest and, yeah.
I need to sustain my financial stuffs. But now,
I need to rest my back. I think I broke it. The hell is with this fate.

*2 days later*
And I'm here now. Walking outside the hospital with a cloth wrapped in my left arm. My legs healed faster than I thought, but my arm is sitll in critical condition, I think. Well, what a unlucky life I had. Man, I wish in my next life, I'll be reincarnated as a rich man who owns a hospital like this.
I finally got home, I mean, in my little apartment. There's nothing here actually, some books and stuffs I needed for my daily needs. I don't have anything special particular, except I'm good at studying, probably. 
I'm always at the top of the class since I was in high school, but my self was never interested in being a student council president orr what. I just want to study normally, and live normally with having a peaceful life.
I like playing guitar and some online games, but I rarely play now because of my narrow schedule, including work and school.
But now. Damnit.
I sat on my bed and had a glimpse of my old, unused for a long time and decided to grab it.
Oh shoot, i forgot.
My left arm.
Argh! What's with this unlucky point of my life. Maybe I'll just eat while studying for the coming exams. Jeez, but how can I study in this condition.
I prepared my food, as usual, bread and coffee because I can't even afford rice and meat. Well, this is better. Coffee can keep me awake even I pull a all nighter.
Guess I'm finish preparing, well let's sit and eat peacefu-
Then who the hell was that. Jeez, of all the times.
"I just about the eat, who it must be-" I was shocked, a little when I saw her.
so you're thinking it's she?
Nope. Got u. Hihi.
"A pleasant night to you, Ari."
"M-miss Luer? G-good evening, come in, i-it's cold here on outside."
Ah yes. Miss Luer. She's the landlady of the apartment I'm in now. We met a couple months ago, when I was looking for affordable apartment near to the school I'm studying. Then I found her. It only cost me about 1/3 of my liife savings, which is 500 bucks, free water and electricity.
You're imagining her as a old lady who's fat and wearing glasses? Well, you're wrong again.
Miss Luer in only stepping at the age of 29, she's a teacher at our school on fourth years.
She's pretty thou. NO! ARI! STOP things. Jeez.
I'm into older women thou. Just kidding! Tee hee.
"H-have a seat Miss Luer," inviting her as she wanders her eyes into the apartment.
"No, it'll be quick, I just want to inform you to pay your rent. You told me, a week from now, you'll pay your 3 month rent. I'm just checking if you have enough to pay me in time."
"W-well Miss Luer, I just got fired in job and this happened to me," pointing my painful arm. "But I promise! I'll pay no matter what will happen! Just let me stay until I find new job."
"Well, I trust you. Just be in time." She said to me while smiling.
"Yes, Miss Luer!"
"Well, by the way, it always look neat here huh, I can't believe you're too good at cleaning rooms even you're a man." She said as she wander her eyes.
"Ah yeah Miss, I just don't really stay here because in my previous work, I stay overtime so, things like that happen."
"Well, I feel bad for you, but always be careful, remember Ari, you're self in your only wall you can rely on. Work hard, okay?"
"Yes Miss! I'll remember that!" As I smile back to her."
"Goodnight, well I'll go. See ya later!""Same to you, Miss." As I close the apartment door.
I can only rely on myself, huh.Well, pretty advice for me who's loner all the time.
Jeez my coffee's cold now, I also need to study to catch the lessons I missed while staying at hospital.
Argh! I need to buy coffee. I guess they're open up to now.

--- meanwhile, a car was parked at the front of convinience store ---
Of all the times, why was I so unlucky? I just want to live a normal high school life as a teenage girl, damnit!
This past few days, I was in vain of sadness because of everything happenned to me, or us, specifically.
Why? I'm doing my flashback, hmp.
- a month ago -
"Takashi? Lady Takashi? Here's your lunch, it's already 2PM, please wake up and eat."
I'm laying on my bed, hugging a pillow and having a sad flashback of things happenned to us.
Mom shouts at Dad. It's been a month since they're like this. They argue of what they're do with our company. 
Mom owns, or basically, she's the CEO of SHUICAN COMPANY where they create, innovate and sell almost every electronic devices you can find here in our country. But since the small mistake Dad has did, everything was turned upside down. Dad sold almost half of stock of the company in order to increase they're business location further, but it turns out they're scammed, and can't find the scammers anymore, even thou they reported it. Now, they don't have anything to continue the company in next few months.
Why do they must end like this? They can just talk it normally but, why? 
I know, why I'm so over acting for this, but sorry, I'm softhearted and I don't know what to do.
I'm lucky on some things, but it my life was the worst in things I needed the most.
-end of the flashback-
Damnit, I'm hungry.
Jeez, I'm craving for Italian noodles! That guy. Why do I have to remember him.
But I feel sorry for him. Of what I did. If I can say sorry to him.
"Sorry Ma'am, but the patient left here so early. He said that I must tell you the details and he said "thank you" and give you this letter."
He just said thank you and,
- and i hope our roads will not meet again. Thank you!"
What was that for. Jeez!
Why would I think of him! I need to eat.
I need to eat. I feel dizzy.
I got out of my car and went straight out the convinience store. I don't have much more money so, I'll just go with cup noodles.
I'm, I'm losing... balance
Wait, why....
I'm about to..
Someone grabbed me...
Those musculine arms, wait, why do I feel only one arm?..
That's not important, but he...
Before my consciousness fades, I saw a glimpse of his face,
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