Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Congrats! You're A Magical Girl Now

Magical Girls Might Be Psychopaths: The Garden Of Sinners

The girl finally calmed down enough to help Jill free her foot. When she did, Jill landed in a soft flower bed. Her left foot felt numb and Jill had a strong feeling she was bleeding. The girl didn't seem to mind that Jill was getting blood all over her flowers. She studied Jill with her light hazel brown eyes, a small and polite smile on her face.

"You are hurt," She pointed out after a long, uncomfortable amount of silence.

"Yeah, I kinda figured that," Jill said flatly, her eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"Welp, guess I'll help you," The girl said with a shrug,

Jill waited for her to offer her a hand to help her stand up but, instead, she just stayed still, looking at her.

'I think you know what help means.' Jill thought.

"Are you going to get up? I healed your leg," The girl asked, causing Jill's eyebrow to raise in disbelief.

"You did wh-" Jill began, turning to look at her foot,

She stopped herself when she saw that her left foot looked perfectly fine.

"H-how?" Jill asked before promptly remembering where she was.

"You can think of it as something like magic," The girl cheerfully responded, "Now come on! I have something to show you."

Jill let out a sigh and stood up, becoming even more surprised that her foot felt no pain when she put weight on it. It wasn't even numb anymore. So, with her foot perfectly fine, Jill walked up to the girl who had started walking away towards the pond.

After a bit of walking, the girl finally stopped, standing in the middle of a puddle on a large stone. Her back was facing Jill and her head was titled up, staring at the pitch black sky. A slight warm breeze flew by, stirring up the kimono she wore. The colors of her kimono made her shine brightly, once again giving her an ethereal appearance.

"So, as you probably know, you are not on Earth or any of the Primary Dimensions anymore."

Jill swallowed nervously, her eyes filled with wonder. The girl's voice was mature and had some kind of charm to it that Jill couldn't recognize.

"Welcome to my garden, Jill. Or...should I say yours now?"

Jill frowned and took a step back.

"How do you know my name?" Jill asked.

"Because!" The girl said, her voice back to being cheerful as she spun around, her eyes bright and excited, "you made yourself the master and owner of this garden and little old me!"





".......What?" Jill asked, confused.

"You were the first person to have come here in two million years, and you bled quite a bit in the garden. Even if you didn't harm yourself coming in I would have cut you myself," The girl explained without a bit of hesitation or remorse.

"...I have no words," Jill said flatly, causing the girl to giggle in amusement.

"Well then! I think it is time for introductions," The girl said, jumping smoothly off the stone and landing in front of Jill, bowing.

"My name is Chaersie! It is pronounced Chair-see but spelled C-h-a-e-r-s-i-e!"

"Alright. Then, I'm Ji-" Jill began before Chaersie interrupted her.

"Your name is Jill Adver! You live with your grandma and sometimes with Aunt Stacy in the town of Asetromar located in the Chanderlin border. You're eighteen years old and have just finished high school...well, you think you did."



'...So does this count as stalking or invasion of privacy? Actually, isn't stalking a form of invading someone's privacy?'

Chaersie frowned a little when she realized what Jill was thinking. How? Well, she can't read her mind. It's just that what Jill was thinking was all over her face.

"Anyway, my new master, can I ask how you stumbled upon the shrine?" Chaersie asked, feeling like she was missing something in the story.

"Well, my friend sent me a letter asking for help. In the letter was a map and the map went here."

"You didn't happen to see her, did you?" Jill asked.

"Nope," Chaersie instantly responded.

"Well, maybe you did! She has-" Jill began but was stopped once again when Chaersie put a finger on her lips.

"Master Jill, I haven't seen anyone for over two million years. I'm crazy and I can feel if anything interacted with my dimension. No one has interacted with the portal besides you and the last person who did interact with the portal was a hundred years ago or so."

"Ah," Jill said. It made sense thinking on it. Chaersie had said she hadn't seen anyone for two million years before and there were no sign of her friend at the temple. There is the possibility that Chaersie was lying to her but Jill didn't believe that she was. Well, not strongly enough to consider it anyway.

"Now, Master Jill, I have something important to tell you."

Jill shook her head, clearing her thoughts. While Chaersie may not have seen her friend, her friend did draw a map that led to the portal. If, with any luck, Chaersie may be able to help Jill find her friend.

"Hey, Master. Are you with me now?" Chaersie asked, suddenly leaning down right next to Jill, her face inches away from her.

Jill let out a yelp and stumbled back, falling on her butt.

"C-close! T-tap me on the shoulder or something next time!" Jill complained, standing up.

"Understood, Master Jill," Chaersie said, reaching down and helping Jill up.

"Also, don't call me Master Jill or Master. Jill works just fine."

Chaersie nodded, humming as she did so. Jill looked at her and couldn't help but think of Chaersie as a big overgrown child.

'Well, I don't think she's that tall. I'm just on the short side. And...while she may be childish she definitely is more pretty then anyone I know.'

Jill quickly looked away from Chaersie, feeling a little jealous over her.

'Wait! How did she manage to stay looking this young despite being over two million years old?'

Jill turned and started studying Chaersie, who felt a little awkward from being stared at so intently for now reason.

"Is something the problem, Jill?" Chaersie asked, her voice a tad bit nervous.

"How do you look this young despite being over two million years old?" Jill asked, leaning closer to Chaersie.

"...That's a good question," Chaersie said.

'You don't know yourself!?'

"Now, Jill. Because you have entered the portal, you have been in contact with something known as Yeither," Chaersie explained, sitting down on a nearby stone.

"Now, normally being in contact with Yeither meant you could do more mystic arts such as chi, magic, and spirit summoning. However, you already have a buttload of magic to begin with and you were exposed to a large amount of Yeither. As such, you can become a magical girl."

"You mean a witch or something?" Jill asked, not getting what Chaersie meant by magical girls.

Seeing another stone, Jill decided to take a seat on it as Chaersie opened her mouth to explain what she meant. However, as life would have it, she slipped off the stone and landed butt-first into the puddle.

"No silly, It means-" Chaersie started before Jill slipped off the stone.

"Bbbuuufff!" Chaersie spat out before covering her mouth, trying to repress her giggles.

"BAKA! Do you have no balance or something!? I mean, you did know that it was a stone that is by a pond, right? Of course it would be slippery!"

Jill was wondering if it would be considered abuse to order Chaersie to shut up.

"Now, my little pigtail Jill. A magical girl is those colorful girls that fight monsters!" Chaersie explained, ending the last part by pointing up in the sky and striking a pose.

"...Do you mean those girls in comics and shows? Those aren't real," Jill said, scoffing at chaersie as she got up, dusted her butt off, and then sat down on the stone again, this time making sure she didn't fall off.




"...Are you stupid?" Chaersie asked, giving Jill a look that Jill knew was an insult.

"D-do you even hear wh-what you're saying? You sound insane."

Jill promptly flipped Chaersie the middle finger.

"Can't you just look through my memories to tell that I am telling the truth!?" Jill almost yelled, her cheeks red with embarrassment. Today has been the most humiliating day of her life.

Chaersie was still for two seconds before she snorted. It was a loud snort and one someone would make if they found something funny.

"Oh! That makes much more sense. You live in a dictatorship communist country. No wonder you don't know that magical girls actually exist in your world."

Now it was Jill's turn to snort, though this time in disbelief.

"Bullshit! If there were monsters attacking the world and those monsters were being defeated by colorful flying around magical girls, I would know!"

"But you don't know!" Chaersie burst out laughing.

"Aw fudge! I forgot how amusing and weird some countries can be," Chaersie said, wiping a tear from her eye.

"Jill, the country you live in used to be a terrorist organization who took over part of Japan, Russia, China, and Korea. They isolate themselves from the world and most of the monsters are more towards America and Europe. Of course you wouldn't know about magical girls if you lived here, even if you are by the border."

Jill raised her finger up and opened her mouth, then closed it once she realized that Chaersie was probably right. Her country does a bad job at hiding the fact that they are ruled by one person despite everyone having equal power and rights and that they were cut off from the rest of the world.

"Alright. Still, what does this have to do with...wait a second. Are you saying that I'm suddenly a magical girl?" Jill asked, remembering Chaersie's words a while back.

"Yep! Though, you don't have to become one," Chaersie said, though something told Jill that Chaersie thought that Jill was going to start jumping in excitement.

So it was a surprise to Chaersie when Jill asked this,

"So, what are the other options?" Jill asked, crossing her arms.

"Hmmm?" Chaersie hummed, her smile seeming to widen a little out of disbelief.

'I get that normally, most girls would be jumping at the chance, even at my age. But, I have too much problems to consider becoming one.'

"Well, since you asked, I'll just tell you all the options," Chaersie said, crossing her right leg over her left one and holding up three fingers.

"You can become a magical girl and kill these beings known as Monseuteo."

Jill nodded.

"Second is that you can return home and be hunted down by Monseuteo whenever you are alone...or maybe when your in public. Depends really."

Jill nodded.

"The third option is that you can stay with me in the garden forever where you won't die for years and you'll be safe from any Monseuteo and any other threats as well."

Jill nodded a final time, just kidding as she nodded another three times after that with her eyes closed, a thinking look on her face.

"In other words, I screwed myself the moment I went through the portal," Jill said, opening her eyes.

"Not entirely...but yes. And as much as I do want you to stay here with me forever, I know what the common and uncommon person would choose. Besides, you'll have a higher chance of finding your friend and helping her if you became a magical girl," Chaersie explained, a hurt look in her eyes. Luckily, she looked away so Jill wouldn't notice it.

'So that's my best choice, huh? Still, there is something I need to know first.'

"If I become a magical girl, can I still visit you whenever I want?" Jill asked, her eyes looking at Chaersie's feet to hide her red cheeks.

Chaersie was silent for a long time. Nervous, Jill looked up and looked at Chaersie's face. Like she expected, Chaersie's expression was touched. Tears were even in her eyes. However, once Chaersie realized that Jill was looking at her she quickly turned her head away.

"U-um, not whenever you like but it would normally be once a day," Chaersie explained, her voice shy and quiet.





'Yep! This day is most definitely the embarrassing!' Jill thought, covering her face with her hands.

"Well, I guess I'll become a magical girl," Jill said, letting out a sigh to try and get everything out of her system. It didn't work.

"W-well, that's great. Um...well, I know someone who can teach you the ropes and about magical girls better than I do."

"Who is it?" Jill asked, curious. However, she instantly regretted asking upon seeing the apologetic look on Chaersie's face.

"...June," Chaersie responded, her voice breaking in the middle of the name. Chaersie cleared her throat and said the name again.

"So, when can I go see this...June?" Jill asked, hoping it would be a day or two away so she could prepare herself for whatever happens when she meets June.

"...A-about that. You see, I made a deal with Rosanbo and, because of that..."

Chaersie broke off with a nervous laugh, causing a cold sweat to run down Jill's spine.

"What?" Jill asked. However, the moment she asked, the ground below her changed into a spinning light blue portal.

"...You'll meet her right now," Chaersie finished just as the stone Jill was sitting on disappeared, causing Jill for the second time in a row to fall through a portal.

"She'll be fine," Chaersie said, watching as the portal that took Jill disappeared.

"Well, at least I reinfined the energy in her to make her a magic girl..."

It was at this point did Chaersie remember that she never saw Jill change her clothes or get any kind of weapon at all.

'Oh...I forgot to actually make her a magic girl...'






Profile: Jill Adver

A eighteen year-old home schooled girl who is on the small size. A loli in other words. Though, she is closer to being average. Four point seven in height. She has dark blue hair that is close to being black. Her hair doesn't reach much past her back as her hair is tied into two long pigtails on the side of her head. Her eyes are a darker shade of blue and her skin is light tan in color. Currently, her magical girl outfit and weapon is not available.

She has a short fuse but often hides her temper. She is considered lucky and very unlucky. Once was in love with a boy but he changed schools and apparently fell in love with someone else. She had a lot of friends but, ever since her sudden move out of her town and high school and into a remote town, she has lost all contact with her friends and, once her parents left her, lost almost all hope for anything fun to happen to her. Then, one day, she got a letter asking for help from one of her friends. She followed the map in the letter and tripped into a portal by accident where she met Chaersie, someone who claims to be over two million years old and is quite lonely.

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