Chapter 4:

Chapter 4: A Ship might sail, if a paddle was big enough.

The Book I am Reading, Turns Out to be the Life I am Living.

Chapter 4:

I have come to the conclusion that Sora still sees the siblings with the same kinship that he saw in both of them, this was also a reason why the two sisters never had a chance to exchange or even get their chance at unrequited love, if this is really the case, of course the ending of the novel will be the same as before.

When I stumbled upon this problem, I already gaze upon the two sisters, Kanemoto Michi, whose shiny brown hair was tied in a ponytail, and whose amethyst-colored eyes always carried a hint of caution and doubt, and the other sister, the little sister, Sazama Sachi, was a strange person, although she lived all her life in the apartment, she was rather always expectant in people, and that was the reason that the person who tried to claim as her parents took the opportunity to poke their nose at the siblings, her short black hair never become longer, for the reason that she never wanted to be like her mother according to her memory and the book description. Even though her blue eyes always looked expectantly at people, it always led her to have a brief interest in evaluating someone or even be disappointed in people, and so this kind of behavior sometimes led her to not give weight to or trust someone.

Although there was a year between the two of them, they still went to the same class, because although they studied quietly at home, Sachi was much more intelligent than her older sister, and the constant need for each other is also a reason why she wanted to be near her sister.

I tried to observe them. They still harbor a distrust on Kitagawa Kotone, and that doubt was their natural instinct toward other people aside from Sora. This is also why a harem novel revolving around this kind of plot will never have a good ending unless the main character goes into brave chivalry and chooses polygamy, but we are in the real world where you can only choose one. Yes, the protagonist removes their doubts about him and also gives them a push to accept reality and life, making them lean back from the past and allow new encounters, but it never solves the problem of the two.

'Dependence and Insecurity''

These things were obvious in the novel for some reason, the interaction of the two siblings with other heroines always holds an expectation and insecurity, and their dependence towards the main character sometimes goes overboard, in simple words, the two can't live without Hirose Sora, at the same time their insecurity towards their relatives or other characters always hinders them in their development, and I could think that there is a reason for that, Sora never goes to solve the inner problem of the two.

'Giving a person more control over their life means letting them stand up and walk on their own two feet, and thereby take a path where they have confidence and dependence on their choices.'

I know that mental health and other trauma is something that cannot be fixed by turning a few screws like an appliance found on shops or garage, but a small change in approach can help them stay out in their old problem and help them fix it, and that small step can make them walk away from it.

I returned to the classroom where Arata greeted me and asked how many liters of pee I had let go because I was taking too long, to which I replied that I was in the cafeteria in case there were changes in the food.

The other looked and expected new dishes, I nodded and returned to my seat, I pulled up the red string that was always next to me to bookmark, I put a new note to note the behavior and events of the characters, at the same time making the description in the notebook as vague as possible, The word "tree" and "strange" for example, I can recall my memory of the strange girl I met some time ago, it was akin to a little mind palace so to speak, a better way to find memories through things or in my case through sentences and texts.

'The twins dependence and isolation, the fate in which they cling to the sky, but the problems lie in how to keep them from falling into the sky and at the same time change the title they had.'

Do you see how vague that is? If someone asks me what they were for, I can answer it as a kind of analogy, a metaphor, or my 'daily thoughts', of course, if the person in question asks me, of course avoiding being seen by them at the first place is a must, if they see that, a valid conclusion is that these things are my own diary, which I can consider as my personal thing, something private that others will hesitate to ask.

"Haru, do you think Kitagawa Kotone..." Jiro tapped my shoulder, whereupon my hand slowly closed my notes.

"Try your best." I motivate my buddy, you can try your best at this moment my young warrior, but it takes a huge mountain to climb it and only be looked at by a bird and not by God, I sighed inwardly and took the notes in my head.

"Why do I get the feeling that you're trying to encourage me, but at the same time looking at me with pity?" Jiro was amused by this and sighed, "But it was worth looking at and challenging."

Just looking at the man in front of me who was driven by fantasy, if it was another girl, I'm sure it might have a chance since Jiro had a face that was slightly attractive to the opposite sex, but when it came to the person called 'Kitagawa Kotone', those hopes he had will be just a bit of dust in the desert of countless men who eyed Kotone, and another reason is that that particular person had something of a problem that is yet to be revealed until her arc opens.

I too had no chance of gaining this person's interest no matter how I approached her, and yet Hirose Sora managed to capture her interest, if the story in the book was the same, Sora met Kotone at the police station after he reported the attempted kidnapping of the siblings, and even fate or should I say the author's cliched story took its course, the shrine, that Hirose's grandfather had sold to the government was unknowingly bought by the Kitagawa group, leading Kitagawa to recognize Sora, the story developed in Kotone who had never had any interest in any particular person to look at Sora, the camaraderie they both had during the tracking down of the siblings' kidnapping, and Sora's actions showed a particular interest in her, but that was all.

Until now, even though Kotone had this kind of "seemingly affectionate" type of feeling towards Sora, it was all an act, she was still the same, acting like that to just watch and observe Sora more, a rather strange thing she had, but that will slowly take a development in the story until those actions she was trying to maintain become a real one.

The siblings' doubts were correct in this matter, seeing Kotone as just a person maintaining an act, even Sora knows that Kotone is only maintaining that role for her benefit.

But there is one bad thing about her acting, when those feelings end up being realized once their interest is fully formed and it becomes a real affection.... it goes far beyond a normal love interest.

I know the author is trying to dive into different characters, but the worst she managed was a woman who has this 'yan' tendency, but the good thing is that she's nowhere near that yet.

'Never let Kotone gaze at you.'

That was one of the jokes that readers always say, and the term as a joke became an eerie reality in this world. I will never let anyone around me be stared at by her, it leads to bad things.

"Don't let her make an idiot out of you, well you are one in the first place but don't accelerate it, and take the proper precautions, Jiro." I advised my classmate who seemed to have his eye on Kotone, but I didn't need to advise him, but I know the probability was low, but what if Kotone might stare at me or my friends? That would be very unpleasant.

"Yes, yes, Father, I will listen to your holy word!" Jiro was amused and chuckled, then he tapped me on the shoulder and returned to his 'interaction' with my new classmates.

The classroom was lively as usual, with classmates talking about all sorts of topics, people who became friends, and their strange reasons for transferring. I know a lot of them are transferring this semester, and one very strange reason I noticed is that most of them are dealing with a disaster at their school or other things like family problems, but almost all of them had a reason for transferring.

As if the book was doing its best to make reality better, like it was trying it best to stitch in the world, as if these strange and obvious reasons had their validity.

But these things were laughed at, not by me, but by the new transfers and the students in that class. They are also relieved that they are not out of place in the class because they transferred, creating this seemingly good environment.

I take notes on what I need to remember from the book, even though my memory knows all the details of the book, but it doesn't matter if those memories are detailed. I might forget or even make an thoughts that was not in the story.

But how can I fix the problems the story might encounter without interacting with the character? Or how can I explore these things when I'm spending my time in school? I know most of it happens in school, but how can I get them on the right track without interacting with them or sticking my nose in their faces, and things like researching and trying to interfere with the character's story is something they can't approve of if they knew, and most of it can backfire for me.

'Such a hustle.'

I sighed to myself and then looked within my thoughts, gazing to the people around me as an idea came to my mind, it was not to be a friend of the main character as I have always read in some stories where a main character was a side character and became a kind of friend to the protagonist of the main story, in this scenario it will not work like that, the protagonist is hard to approach at the first place, but one thing could work, it was also the best thing to benefit them and it can also lead to a possibility of the characters ending up good from their fated bad end.

It was to make them interested in other characters that are mentioned in the story, "The book that binds our string" is not only a story of the main protagonist and his harem, but there are also some people mentioned that can be said to have a story and significance in the novel, that thing is that the story that some have is the same cliché that most romance and harem novels have, "rivals".

But the thing is that these rivals in the story is not "villain trying to hinder the relationship of the main character" or "young master having a huge jelly to the MC", but these rivals is a character that had good intentions, in most cases readers included I even ship them to the heroines, it intensify once we finished the novel, leading us to more reason that these "rivals" should be worth the route, or we can simply say that most of the fandom created some of the fan-made canon.

But these characters should not yet be introduced in the first part of the story, where the heroine could really need their help to change the route. For example, the exchange student who will be here in two days, "Seki Yoko," although she is with "Sawaya Yasuo," who grew up with her, she still chose Hirose Sora, whom she only recently met in the story. Although Yasuo had a long harbored feelings for Yoko, he accepted that the girl she had loved since she was young had already fallen in love with someone else, so he let fate wish them luck.

In the story, Yasuo even went so far as to help his childhood friend Yoko in order to win Sora's heart, because he didn't want his childhood friend to suffer the same thing he did;

‘Despite giving it all, all that was left was nothing at all.’

But despite his support in the war of hearts, his love and the love of his childhood friend was lost.

Seki Yoko was the first to confess and the first to fall.

If I can change the route, and be the other party who will support the rivals.

This can work, and also, I know who will ending up to win this war of hearts, and she was not here yet, it was better to set the path to the characters to sail them to the good end, and while in this, they can also help the protagonist, not a lover, but a companion.

With this in mind, I make notes and write down the importance of solving this problem.

'If fate has led them to an end of the road, then destiny can intervene and change the path.'

I scribbled and planned in my notes for some time until I noticed Hirose Sora and Kitigawa Kotone coming back to greet their new classmates to talk, although this was there way of socializing and trying to stay as formal as possible.

I sighed at the boys who had expectant eyes and the girls who felt Hirose's warmth.

Although he lived in a rural area, this guy really had big ways about things.

Hirose was not just a normal dense or happy protagonist I had read in the novel and manga, or a shounen type of person, but he was a guy who had a deep understanding of his surroundings, as his grandfather taught him about the ways of the shrine that numerous people had visited, which made him dwell deeply in human emotions and thinking, which was also the reason, that he was sensitive and able to control his actions and those of others beside him, Thus he immediately sensed that there was something wrong with the people who acted as guardians in front of the siblings, this was also the reason why he helped most of the girls on his way, the experience of giving advice and compassion to the weak during his time at the shrine strengthened him. This is how Hirose Sora became what he was, a person willing to help, but at the same time knowing people's thoughts.

This gave him a calm nature that warmed those around him.

For now it was time to plan the first goal, to investigate the matter of the half-siblings and also to build a nice boat for Yasuo.

'hopefully that guy will win.'