Chapter 2:

1.5: Clerical Intervention


At the same time as Julian's "awakening", in a secret underground room somewhere within the depths of the Holy Church of Iyesgarth.


A giant crystal slowly rotates as it hovers above the floor. It glows a brilliant pink-purple as it illuminates the entire room.

Surrounding the crystal were five robed clerics that are sat in a pentagonal formation, all of whom are sitting cross-legged and meditating with the ends of their fingers spread apart as they connect both hands together. The clerics are performing some sort of incantation as they mumble quietly to themselves.

The crystal began accelerating its rotational speed.

All five of the clerics stopped their incantations and looked towards the crystal as they opened their eyes.

The crystal began to slow down until it reached a full stop. An image was being shown - it was of Julian's outburst. The scene played out as Julian was engulfed in a ball of flames, all the way to him passing out.

One of the clerics stood up from his spot and proceeded towards the exit. But there was no door in sight, only the church's symbol that was carved into the stone wall. He placed his palm onto the wall and unleashed a burst of fire into the hollowed-out symbol.



Seconds after the burst, the wall began descending into the floor. It was a secret door that only firebenders could activate.

The cleric walked out of the room and the door soon started to close itself up again. He walked down the underground hallway and up a flight of stairs towards the ground floor next to the church gardens.

He exited out from a secret passageway from one of the sculptures that were carved into the walls running beside the central garden. The church contained many secrets and passageways.

The cleric continued walking.


"You may enter."


In the room were four people, one was sat behind the table and the other two was sat on the couches in front of the desk. He was in the middle of a meeting with two others. There was also an assistant standing off to the right besides the wall. The three of them were wearing hoods in order to cover up their faces.

"Sorry for the intrusion. Your holiness, we have been informed of another awakening. A boy, aged 14, south-west district of the city, and he has very promising potential."

The hooded individual behind the desk grinned.

"Good. Bring him in, immediately."

"Right away!"

The cleric bowed his head and left the room.