Chapter 1:


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The keys felt cold under my fingers. The world was quiet around me. There was blood on the floor, slowly rising. The liquid was cold, and dark like it was there for a while. When I stood up the liquid rose with me. Then petals started falling, every petal was white as snow. And when they hit the blood they turned crimson. My clothes previously white, like the petals, had now turned crimson and changed into a hooded cloak and suit.
When I turned around there were bodies everywhere, each of them with different reasons for dying, each taped onto their backs as if to show myself the reason why I killed them. In my hand was a sword, its handle was warm, as though I had been holding it for a while. I touched the blade, the metal was cool and my fingers were stained crimson. Each finger with different amounts of the color.
Now as I walked ,the liquid was up to my neck. I let it overcome me as I continued walking. Bookmark here

Now as I opened my eyes I was inside a new room, one that looked like it had been painted in crimson blood. My eyes took some time to adjust to the darkness and when they did I saw a sight that even I couldn’t stand. People’s body parts everywhere. The same style of notes were there, but I saw no obvious reason for them. My empty stomach lurched at the sight in front of me.
The petals started to fall again. This time at a faster pace. And now they were black as they fell and wilted when they hit the ground.Every petal slowly curled into a ball and disappeared. Bookmark here

Blood rained from the low ceiling.The sound was annoying. I felt like I had to stop it. The slow dripping made sounds of splashing. That sound annoyed me the most, so, as I walked forward I began to block out the sound, until I heard the scream of a young child. I heard water splashing frantically, not unlike that of someone drowning. Her voice echoed in my thoughts. “Nathan, Help me! Please, Help me!” The sound of the splashing stopped replaced now by the sound of light sobs. The sound was coming from below me. Then Her face appeared, the one I had failed to protect. To save. To help. My heart raced with the aspect of seeing her, but my mind was still cold. I closed my eyes wanting to be somewhere other than here.Bookmark here

When I opened my eyes again I was back in the piano room. Except this time it was completely empty. The only things in the room were the piano and the bench. Now as I walked to the piano, the lid opened for me. It called to me like a siren. I sat down and placed my fingers on the keys. They were as cold as the last time I was here, but they held something more, something lighter. My fingers recited the notes as I closed my eyes.The music was light and fast something that only She could teach me. Her blond hair ran through my head. Her smile had lit up my day, before I left her. I closed my eyes and hoped this was the end. Bookmark here

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