Chapter 75:

The Alliance Office Part 2

Valkyria Squadron

Temporary Office of the Alliance in Japan, Akasaka Press Center, Minato, Tokyo.
March 1stBookmark here

Cedric who was talking to me looked at me confused by the last statement I made. I know it sounded ridiculous, especially after just two months ago we conquered the capital of the empire, but I can't deny that I have my suspicions that maybe they haven't given up yet.Bookmark here

"Cedric, I know that you are a trustworthy person and I hope that you will have discretion with what I am going to tell you."
"Although right now we have the capital of the empire under our control, haven't you wondered why the news of the empire's surrender has not yet come out?"Bookmark here

"That the empire has not surrendered?"
"But if they stopped fighting, we even captured a large part of their army!"Bookmark here

"I am not referring to that, but to the fact that the leaders have not yet appeared publicly to announce the end of hostilities."
"Well that's why they disappeared"
"We currently have no idea what his whereabouts maybe"
"We have been looking for them and although we have found some, we are missing important people"
"They do not appear anywhere despite our great efforts to find them"
"It is for the same reason that the terms of surrender have not yet been established, as there is no one in authority, it was important enough"Bookmark here

"Well it's normal that they wanted to run away"
"But it's only a matter of time before they find them"
"Or In case it is not only to find someone to sign for them"Bookmark here

"Well I thought that too"
"But lately I have my suspicions that there is still something else"
"According to Elise the white girl, she chose that name, the underground facility that she was investigating the day she rescued her there were several strange machines, they say they looked like portals"
"But when we came to investigate with a larger team there was nothing, just scrap metal"Bookmark here

"Well, she could have been wrong, it wasn't like she knew much about the outside world, to begin with."Bookmark here

"Although I would like to think that I have the feeling inside me that she could be telling the truth"
"What if the Empire really had access to a machine like that?"
"They could attack any city in the world at any time without warning"Bookmark here

"Come on, if true that the empire could have won the war long ago by attacking several capitals in a short time"
"It is impossible"
"What you are saying is just a fantasy unbecoming of you"Bookmark here

"And what do you know about fantasy?"Bookmark here

"Ok, now you're scaring me"
"Do you really think it is possible that they have a portal"Bookmark here

"I am almost completely sure that they surely have it and used it to escape and maybe start again to build a powerful army"
"Maybe right now they are building new ways to attack us, in some way we don't expect"Bookmark here

"Well if that's the case, then maybe if I made the right decision to go back to the army"
"The three of us will be able to do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening"Bookmark here

Suddenly the office door was thrown open, William appeared through it, he had in his hands a folder with several papers, but his face looked scared, it seems that there is something important.Bookmark here

"Excuse me ma'am for the entrance, but it is important"
"The president of the united states has just sent him a copy of the peace treaty that will be imposed on the empire"
"It will be published shortly"Bookmark here

"That's not good"
"Give me that now!"
"I'm sorry Cedric but this is serious business, I need you to retire now"Bookmark here

"Anything you need you can call me"Bookmark here

The two men left my office and closed the door. Once they left me alone, I immediately open the folder to be able to read the contents. The first few pages were just a long introduction to what happened in the war, the countries involved, and a shitty rider who didn't matter. I skipped that to go immediately with the most important part and that could cause problems, the clauses that the empire would have to accept. It was divided into several sections, each one more intriguing than the last. In the military field the disintegration of the Imperial army was established, as well as the delivery of all the materials, warships, and air force that it had left, probably everyone wants to try to investigate the technologies created by the empire. Economically, the empire was held responsible for the damages caused by the war, merchant ships of more than 1400 tons of displacement as well as the fairly large payment in compensation to each country that made up the Alliance. The territorial clauses, where the Empire would have to deliver all the occupied territories and what was worse was the delivery of some of these territories to countries that had no rights in the region such as China and Russia, but the most important part was the division of the empire to the old countries that were before.Bookmark here

This peace treaty was horrendous, insulting, degrading, and even counterproductive. These various of these clauses were exactly the things the Empire feared would happen and why it was that they declared war in the first place. This treaty is clearly a mistake that will only make things worse, as happened in the past with Germany. This will only create resentment in the inhabitants and make them believe that they really were right with the war. This will not end the conflict, it will only delay it. For if the Empire had something hidden they will not be afraid to use it after seeing what others will do to their people. I must try to change this and find a way to create something that can really end the conflict. I picked up the phone and immediately called London Alliance headquarters Bookmark here

"It's me, I have to talk about the copy they sent me!"
"I don't care that it's two in the morning there, this is urgent!"
"Bring that bastard Jack on the phone too"
"So grabs a car and drives there!"
"If you don't, the next political campaign you are going to do will be for the municipal assistant position, I swear to you"Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

I could not believe it, it was now three in the afternoon, I had spent most of the morning and afternoon talking to several people in the Alliance trying to find a way to change the treaty, but it did not matter how much I negotiated or with whom I spoke, those selfish bastards they ignored my requests and put me aside. It was clear that they had agreed before talking to me to go ahead with their plan. Overnight it seemed that I had run out of allies, and although I could use Charlotte and Kazumi to get evidence of corruption to threaten them with, that will only get them to see me as an enemy later on. I should go and talk to the US president about my opinion on the matter. I'm going to ask my granddaughters to help me organize the trip. Bookmark here

I was about to pick up the phone when something completely unexpected suddenly happened. A violent explosion shook the entire building, the crystals broke, the light went out and several walls were destroyed. From one second to the next it was dirty and full of debris, my leg ached from a wound, it had embedded glass, but it was small, nothing of importance, but it made it difficult for me to walk. Come on, I have to get out of here, I can't allow myself to die now, I have to live. But just when I was reaching the door my ears noticed that something else was happening, there were shots, shots inside the building, it seemed that some group was attacking our office. In a panic, I ran to my desk and pulled out of a drawer a pistol that I kept in case of emergencies, and clearly, this was one. Cedric and William appeared from the door, wearing bulletproof vests and rifles. When they saw me they ran to me to try to help me.
Bookmark here

"Are you okay ma'am?"
"Don't worry, we'll get you out of here as soon as my team manages to secure a safe path to the parking lot and get a vehicle."
"While I try I need you to stay here calm"
"You can do it?" Cedric said watching the door while William tended to my wound.Bookmark here

"What is happening!"
"Who is attacking us!"Bookmark here

"We do not know, they only indicate that they are a lot of civilians with weapons"Bookmark here

"Civilians don't have access to that kind of high explosives!"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry but we don't know anything, for now, our priority is to get you out of here safely"
"Can she walk?"Bookmark here

"Yes, sir!" William answeredBookmark here

"Ok we'll make our way"
"Adelis, stay behind, in case you see someone you don't know, shoot without hesitation"
"Right now we can't afford mistakes"Bookmark here

Cedric then walked out the door and started walking towards the stairs, me and William following behind. He checked the stairs a couple of times and started to go down, then he made a sign for us to follow him. Despite the situation, Cedric looked quite calm, almost the same as seeing Cesar when he rescued me. It was clear that this was not the first time of him in this type of situation. William on the other hand, even though he was a soldier, looked more attentive and checked the whole place with his eyes. For my part, I felt that he was about to faint, my body was heavy and the arm that I was holding a weapon could not move at all. Bookmark here

Suddenly the chaos returned again, a couple of shots were heard more in front. Cedric ran, looked down a hallway, raised his gun, and fired. The boom of his weapon was heard tremendously throughout the room, to the point that nothing else could be heard. He made a couple of signs with his hand and then William ran to me and pushed me down the stairs, then I saw how he also raised his gun and started firing in a different direction from Cedric.Bookmark here

I was downstairs and now I was alone on my own. He did not ask to return to the previous floor where they were fighting. I had to get to the parking lot and escape. I had to get out of here, but the nervousness I had was killing me. I could strongly feel my own pulse, every sound I heard made me panic. Every dark place he saw could be a trap. Suddenly, from another completely different part, a group of armed men came out, they were like about ten people, they were armed and did not have a uniform. As soon as they saw me they raised their weapons to shoot, I knew that with my pistol I was not going to win, it was the end for me.Bookmark here

But then again the unexpected happened. From a shadow came a girl with a strange weapon, and with a single movement of this part, she split these men in half. It was terrifying and violent how I finished with them, then she stood up and I could finally see her clearly. It was the demon that Cesar was looking for, without a doubt it was her. From the terrifying and disturbed smile of hers, the strange clothing she wore, the horns on her head, the dark wings and tail that only a supernatural being could have. Seeing her only gave me more fear than I already had, surely her next victim would be me. She saw me in the face of her, shook her scythe weapon to remove the blood from her and slowly approached me. In an act of desperation, I raised my gun and shot her. But she made that strange movement and but when I had realized she was now in a different place and from one of her hands I took out a stake that seemed to be made of driving, which she threw towards me with inhuman speed. I couldn't see its trajectory, but I could feel it pass by my face. Then I heard a sound of agony behind me. I turned to look and I could see how there was now a man nailed to the wall with the metal stake, I screamed in horror when I saw that and I fell on my knees. The devil on the part of her approached me and raised her hand to my face, but despite what I thought would happen she just hugged me and smiled at me, then she stood up and spoke to me.
Bookmark here

"Don't worry, the bad things are over"
"I came to help you escape, Mother-in-law" The demon said with her usual terrifying smile as she tried to lift me up.
Bookmark here

I couldn't take it anymore and lost consciousness not long after.Bookmark here

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