Chapter 42:

Excerpt from Gwyn's Journal - Bentulousians

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

I had seen artistic renditions of the Bentulousians, and the Zenototes, in the museum before. Even with that in mind, I was not prepared for how genuinely imposing a Bentulousian was. They are tall, very tall. When I first stood next to one, I couldn't help thinking back to when I was a child standing by any adult.

However, it seems that the impressive height is exclusive to the females of the species. The males, I have been told, are actually much shorter. They even dwarf a Hobusian, if that can be believed.

From what I have seen, the Bentulousians have short hair in various colors that cover their bodies. It could be a solid grey, brown, white, etc., or tiger stripes or calico. I don't know the vast difference in patterns for their fur, but it seems to be endless.

They have a humanoid appearance, but their legs seem longer, and their feet look cloven. They seem to have long hair on their heads, and they have tails with a color that matches their hair.

Their faces are very different from humans. They are more elongated, and they have more prominent noses. Their ears are pointed and on top of their heads. Their eyes seem to be smaller but come in a variety of colors and shades.

As for their clothes, Bentulousians seem to all wear what looks to me like military uniforms. More so than any of the other groups I have encountered, they all have badges and various levels of decoration.