Chapter 1:

Waken by the open storm - Chapter no.1

The God's Only Lady

As I wake the gust of wind surrounds me as if there was a storm "Gah?!" I screamed as I notice that I am not in my sleeping quarters in the kingdom, I scratch my head as I notice I'm in my healing uniform, which meant that I was in battle when I got teleported here, I scoff to think that none of the other Gods helped me while I was healing their men, but then I realized. I'm not in the kingdom?! I stood up and brushed off the dust I got from the dry sands of a desert as I check to see if my dress had my Cliptove in it because I always wore it when I'm in battle, luckily it was there so I activated it as the small tentacles of ribbon spurt out from the ribbons of my back I checked if they were ok by checking the energy bar, which turned out to be full "Weird" if I was to be in a battle why would this be full?" as i put the energy bar back into one of the Cliptove's small pockets, then I began walking around the desert looking for a water source which led me to the Kingdom of Clemara the deserted kingdom of the king Jeves "Hm?" this means I'm near the Kingdom of Kemity as I activate my Cliptove i notice that it needed some water to activate the healing powers of the Cliptove "ugh.. why do I have to be in this situation" as I put the energy healing bar back in the other pocket as I scoff then began walking till I reach the front of the kingdom of Clemara and I entered as everyone watched me as if I was an outlander, which I was but then again I thought of it as rude so I scoffed then entered the kingdoms palace as I show my identity to the palace guards as I see the king on his throne flirting with a maiden "Ehem?" As they both looked at me and the king starts fixing his posture and ordered the maiden to leave as he said "Welcome Lady Med. what's with your sudden appearance in my kingdom?" as he ordered the servant to give me a glass of wine, as I look at the servant he seemed to be looking at me so I looked away feeling a bit embarrassed "Right away your majesty!" as the servant left to get me wine from the kitchen "What's his name?" as the words slip out of my mouth "Vin" the king said as the servant comes back from the kitchen "Here m-miss!" as I grabbed the wine my hand caressed his gently and I felt as if I knew him but I couldn't put my finger on it so I told him "H-hey do I know you?" as he looked back at me with a confused look and said "No ma'am I think you have mistaken me for somebody else" as he left I noticed that he was speed walking and it made me even more curios on who he is and was to me , my thoughts were interrupted by the king asking "Why're you so curious about my servant?" as the king asked that question I began to feel a bit confused myself and I replied "I don't know myself your majesty.." as I moved the wine glass side to side as I zoned out I was interrupted again by the king "no need to be formal your as powerful as the gods which makes you one of them, which you are" as he chuckled jokingly "True but- your still a king and I respect that" as he smiles and calls his servant again for more wine as I finish my glass slowly "take Lady Med to the Sleeping Quarters on the 5th floor" as the servant nods I get lost in thoughts he stopped me by saying "M-miss I'll lead you too your room" I wake up from my thoughts and I replied "O-oh sorry" as I bow a thank and waved goodbye to the king as I was led to my sleeping quarters by the servant, while we were walking I keep noticing he kept looking at me so I said "Hey just because I'm a higher up doesn't mean you cant talk to me" I chuckles jokingly as he replied sighing " Oh really? I thought I had to keep this persona up for a while" he chuckles as I sipped more of the glass of wine that was given to me as he said "By the way" as I looked at him and said "yes?" as I replied he nervously said "which god are you?" I chuckle at the thought that he was too nervous to ask a simple question "Medication that's why I'm called Lady Med." as he looked at me in amazement we stopped in front of the room given to me temporarily by the king "Well here we are, your majesty, ~" I chuckle and replied "no need to be formal, anyways can you give me a tour of this room, I haven't been here for about nine hundred years or so-" as he looked at me confused "nine hundred???"  I chuckled and said "I'm a god this is normal" he said wow in amazement and showed me around the room and then he said "I remember being here with my sister many many years ago" I looked at him and asked about his sister but the thing that shocked me more was his answer "She looks a lot like you actually I've been reincarnated too many times by the king that I'm starting to forget her face.." he chuckles nervously as i patted his back saying "don't worry about it call me sis if you think I look like her I don't mind" as I said that he smiled at me then I looked behind him where the window was located at and I saw troops of an army attacking the back of the kingdom I gasp and told Vin to tell the guards as I look for a water source "CRASH" as the window of the kitchen broke as an enemy troop came in without any warning, but I already had my water supply and activated Cliptove and Turned on Shikamara Poison and I attacked him as he fell drained of blood and water and I got more healing energy and power, I looked at the dead body which was only bones as this state so I got more water and packed some and opened the bottle and poured the water into The energy bars of my Cliptove's bars and ran away to find the king to see if he was fine my thoughts drifting to Vin knowing that he was a human and the king was immortal so I looked for him and found him cornered by 5 enemy troops facing there swords towards him so I immediately attacked them activating Kumakhiro Poison v3 which only attacked the troops and ultimately killed them leaving only bones as my Cliptove healing bar getting higher as I help Vin getting up he was trembling so I used a healing mode then he was fine so I asked him "Where's the king?!" as I said worried but slightly calm knowing that he was immortal "The ballroom" he said still trembling so i carried him on my back strapping him using the Cliptove and said "Tell me where it is" he pointed towards where it was as I ran towards the ballroom and saw the king was nowhere, I gasped in horror and started looking for him as I put Vin down, I started looking for the king until I saw a note which said "If you don't give us the staff of king Obis, or we will torture the king for life, for we know he can't die which means we can torture him for years" as I red this out Vin asked "What's that?" i gulped and shuttered a bit "the staff of the King of Gods Obis.. my god's father"Bookmark here

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To Be Continued..Bookmark here

Will Lady Med. steal the staff for King Jeve's life or will she leave him to be tortured for centuries beyond time? Is Vin someone she used to know or is he just a servant who happened to be strangely familiar? stay tuned for Chapter 2 of The God's Only LadyBookmark here


The God's Only Lady

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