Chapter 14:

Chapter 12 (Part 2)

Hachiko - A Hachishakusama Story

Now that I knew where the pit was, I could follow the same path back to the vault.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Yes Hachiko?”Bookmark here

“Is this normal for huuuumans to hold hands like this.”Bookmark here

I didn’t realize I had been holding her hand the whole time we were walking back.Bookmark here

“No… I usually hold my sister’s hand so she doesn’t wander off. I guess some humans do it because they want to. Some might do it if they care about someone. I guess there’s several reasons why someone would hold someone’s hand.”Bookmark here

“...and?”Bookmark here

“...and what?”Bookmark here

“Youuuu’ve been holding my hand since we left the lake.”Bookmark here

“Ummmm… it’s getting dark. I don’t want to get separated.”Bookmark here

A dejected Hachiko drops her head, “Oh…”Bookmark here

“...and maybe I just wanted to.”Bookmark here

I turned to look back at Hachiko and she was in a full body blush.I wonder if she knows her whole body turns red when she blushes.Bookmark here

“She really is more human than I gave her credit for.”Bookmark here

As we got closer to the vault, I stopped several feet in front of the vault to make sure no one saw us. I guess that Sato thing was more in my head than I thought back then.Bookmark here

“Ok Hachiko. Let’s go.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu there’s no one here.”Bookmark here

“You never know Hachiko. You just never know.”Bookmark here

I kept thinking of the potential issue with Sato. What if he did see where I was going? What if he came to the vault one day? What would happen? But I had to shake it off. I opened the vault door and let Hachiko go in first. Again I took a look around to make sure no one was there and then followed her in. Hachiko was already inside, sitting on one of the crates.Bookmark here

“Hachiko, you didn’t put your clothes back on.”Bookmark here

“No. I didn’t. Is that a problem Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

I did the only thing I could do at the time. A facepalm followed by shaking my head.Bookmark here

“You really should have clothes on around humans.”Bookmark here

“But Kazuuuu, I’m okay if it’s youuuu.”Bookmark here

I walked up to Hachiko and cupped my hands around her face.Bookmark here

“Hachiko. Listen to me. If you're inside this vault, it’s fine. If you’re taking a bath, it’s fine. You wore those clothes until they were falling apart and NOW you choose to be naked?”Bookmark here

“I was taking a bath and YOUUUU said that was okay if I was taking a bath.”Bookmark here

“...and you’re out of the bath.”Bookmark here

“...and now I’m in the vault where YOUUUUUU said it was okay.”Bookmark here

I was left not knowing what to say and Hachiko was looking at me like she was being scolded but she didn’t know why..Bookmark here

“I suuuury Kazuuuu. Please don’t be mad at me anymore.”Bookmark here

“I’m not mad Hachiko. Just trying to figure out how to explain this to you and it’s frustrating me that I can’t seem to get it right.”Bookmark here

“Then can youuuu put away the scary face?”Bookmark here

Scary face? Was I looking at her like I was mad? I was just frustrated with not knowing what to say to herbut not her. SoI took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down.Bookmark here

“You’re calling me scary? You’re the one with all the teeth you know.”Bookmark here

Hachiko just sat there smiling at me.Bookmark here

“What's up Hachiko?”Bookmark here

“Youuuu stopped making the scary face.”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Hachiko. I wasn’t mad that you did it. I was more mad at myself for not being able to explain to you. You keep saying you want to learn human things and the ways they act but sometimes I feel like I fail at telling you some things.”Bookmark here

“I got it. Don’t be naked around Kazuuuu because it’s wrong.”Bookmark here

“Ugh!”Bookmark here

I walked over to her and tugged on her cheek.Bookmark here

“HEY! What was that for?!”Bookmark here

“Wait. You were being serious!? I’m sorry Hachiko. Look I’ll figure out a better way to say what I’m saying but for now I have something else for you.”Bookmark here

Hachiko put her head down and started pouting, “I still don’t see what the big deal is...I don’t mind being naked around Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“I think I understand now, Hachiko. Sorry I was so hardheaded.”Bookmark here

So all this time she was saying it was okay to be naked around me and that’s exactly what she meant. She didn’t care if she was naked if it was me. How did I miss that…Bookmark here

So I started pulling clothes out of my bag for Hachiko. It wasn’t much but it was enough to get by for a while. Well...hopefully. Not that she really wears clothes except that tattered dress.Bookmark here

“Well I guess it’s a good thing you’re already naked. This is for you.”Bookmark here

I handed her boy shorts and she examined them from every angle, trying to figure it out.Bookmark here

“They’re called boy shorts Hachiko. Kind of like panties and shorts combined. I thought it might look good on you.”Bookmark here

“I know the word panties… How would you see it to know if it looks good on me, unless I wasn’t wearing my dre....”Bookmark here

Hachiko started to blush and put them on.Bookmark here

“It fits!”Bookmark here

“Of course. I did measure you, remember?”Bookmark here

“Youuuu’re right Kazuuuu. I should have expected the guy who grabbed my ass to get that part right.”Bookmark here

“Oh ha ha.”Bookmark here

“But how am I suuuupposed to see what it looks if I don’t show up in those glass things.”Bookmark here

“I forgot. Take them back off.”Bookmark here

Hachiko clutched her chest like she was protecting herself from me looking at her.Bookmark here

“Are youuuu just trying to get another look at me Kazuuuu!”Bookmark here

“She really is like a big playful kitten. I should play along.”Bookmark here

I played along. I looked at her from the right, then moved to the left and looked at her from head to toe.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuuuuuu!”Bookmark here

“Okay. Okay. I was going to help you to see yourself in a mirror again.”Bookmark here

“Are you playing a trick on me again?”Bookmark here

”No, I promise.”Bookmark here

Hachiko took off the boy shorts and now she was standing in front of me with nothing on. I kept digging in my bag for the sunscreen spray I brought just for this occasion.Bookmark here

“Ok. Here we go. Close your eyes and stand with your arms out to the side.”Bookmark here

“Okay….”Bookmark here

So I started spraying Hachiko from head to toe with the sunscreen which will give her the ability to see herself in the mirror. I knew I would need several cans and I came prepared.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuuu? What are you spraying on me?”Bookmark here

“This is called sunscreen. It’s what people put on so they don’t get burned by the sun.”Bookmark here

“Do you think it might help me be outside during the day?”Bookmark here

“Maybe. But ummmmmm…”Bookmark here

“What Kazuuuuu?”Bookmark here

I did still have thoughts on taking her out and what it could mean. I didn’t realize it but I put my head down and stopped spraying her. I was trying to come up with a way to say what I was thinking without upsetting Hachiko. She noticed that I was spacing out again so she leaned down so she’s right by my ear.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Have to figure out what to say to her. I don’t know if she’ll ever be able to go out. Even one time is a huge risk.”Bookmark here

Hachiko kneeled down in front of me and stared at me.Bookmark here

“Hey! Not even a joke about how it would be a lot of sunscreen?”Bookmark here

“Sorry Hachiko. I guess I zoned out again. Even though I know I promised to take you out, I still have reservations about it just like you do.”Bookmark here

“I understand Kazuuuu. Youuuu don’t have to take me out if youuuuu don’t want to. I’m scared to be out there anyway. I’m just glad youuuu come here to see me.”Bookmark here

Hachiko put her head down defeatedly. I wish I was smooth and knew what to say at the right time. I put my hand on top of her head and started rubbing back and forth.Bookmark here

“Hachiko, it’s not that I don’t want to take you out. I told you that I want to show you the world and how it changed right? We’re going. Me and you are going out and we’re going to have fun.”Bookmark here

“I’m still scared Kazuuuu, will youuuu protect me?”Bookmark here

“Of course I will! I will do whatever I can to make sure you’re okay.”Bookmark here

“I still can’t believe I’m talking to a huuuuman who wants to take me outside. So uuuused to stuuupid huuumans who just wanted to hunt me.”Bookmark here

“Hopefully you won’t have to worry about that again. Now, get back up and let me finish spraying you down. I have more for you.”Bookmark here

“Really!?!?!! You’re the best Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

I went back to spraying Hachiko but since she was so excited, she was bouncing while I was trying to spray her.Bookmark here

“Hachiko, I wish you were human. Though I doubt you would have ever picked me to go out with. You probably would have had your choice of any guy out there.”Bookmark here

After I finished spraying Hachiko, I pulled a sports bra out of my bag and handed it to her.Bookmark here

Hachiko examined it like she never saw one before. If she’s as old as she says she is, maybe it was before bras? Maybe they didn’t show her what one was? Maybe she was just too big for whatever bras they had at that time.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu, what’s this? It’s kind of stretchy. Looks like a big slingshot.”Bookmark here

I couldn’t contain my laughter. I just couldn’t. I burst out laughing over that comment.Bookmark here

“What!? Why is that funny?!”Bookmark here

“Sorry Hachiko. Sorry. It’s called a bra. Sports bra to be precise. So I assume you never had one…”Bookmark here

“A bra? I don’t think so...What’s that?”Bookmark here

“You really don’t know? It’s to ummm… Hold your breasts in place? I don’t know how else to explain it. Let me show you.”Bookmark here

I showed her the bra and explained what it does and how to put it on. Once she started doing it herself, she realized how it worked and started walking around the vault.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu! Kazuuuuuuuu! This thing is amazing. It holds my chest in place and I can walk without my chest bouncing.”Bookmark here

“It’s kind of fun watching her experience these things for the first time with a childlike joy.”Bookmark here

“Hachiko, when you’re done with that, I have more for you.”Bookmark here

“More!?!?!!!! I can’t believe youuuu’re doing all this for me.”Bookmark here

“Were you planning to wear that ripped up dress forever?”Bookmark here

Hachiko put her head down and tried to play it off.Bookmark here

“No. I was going to go do that shopping thing youuuu mentioned.”Bookmark here

“Really? By yourself?”Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

“And you think you would know where to go?”Bookmark here

Hachiko nodded frantically.Bookmark here

“Do you have money to go shopping?”Bookmark here

“Money? What’s that?”Bookmark here

“So you were going to go shopping with no money?”Bookmark here

“Youuuuu don’t barter for items? I thought youuuu huuuumans give livestock in exchange for goods.”Bookmark here

“Ha! Are you from the 1700s or something?”Bookmark here

“I think so.”Bookmark here

Duh. What a dumbass I was. That joke was actually more real than I meant it to be.Bookmark here

She really is like that old, if not older.Bookmark here

“Sorry Hachiko. Yes in your time they did that but over time humans made this thing called money that is used for most exchanges of goods. But where do you think you’re finding clothes for an 8 foot tall woman?”Bookmark here

“Right. Youuuu’re supposedlye tall for a huuuuuuman but youuuu’re not really that tall/Bookmark here

“Hey!”.Bookmark here

Hachiko sat with her arms crossed, looking like she was deep in thought and started muttering her thoughts.Bookmark here

“Huuuumans made this thing called money? They uuuuuse it for goods? So I need to get this money to get clothes and show Kazuuuu I can do it myself. But I’m taller than the tall huuuuuuuman so how does that work? And I only have my ripped dress so I can't really go out shopping like those dignified ladies I uuuused to see. But that’s like 200 years ago. The shopping district must be different now. Wait I’m a monster, can I even go shopping? But I want to show Kazuuu I can do it. Then when I do it, he’ll have to say I did good and pat me on the head like before. Maybe even twice.”Bookmark here

Hachiko turned beet red as I started walking over to her. I probably could have been nicer but I ended up flicking her on the forehead.Bookmark here

“KAZUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!”Bookmark here

“You were lost in thought and I didn’t know how else to get your attention.”Bookmark here

“Dummy!”Bookmark here

“Ha! That’s the first time you talked back like that.”Bookmark here

“Well youuuuu’re a dummy!”Bookmark here

Hachiko stuck her tongue out at me.Bookmark here

“That’s one long tongue. Now I see why you drag your U when you speak.”Bookmark here

I guess she was surprised by the comment, she covered her mouth with both hands. I started laughing at her and she swatted at me.Bookmark here

She still had her hands over her mouth but it sounded like she was trying to say, “Youuuu’re mean Kazuuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Not like you can hide it now. I already saw it.”

Hachiko crossed her arms and started pouting. I’ll never get over the sight of an 8 foot tall creature pouting like a kid. She can be pretty temperamental.Bookmark here

I turned around and grabbed my bag to pull out the tracksuit that I picked out on the shopping trip with Maki. I have a feeling it’ll be short on her though. Even the tallest basketball player isn’t 8 feet tall. And they definitely aren’t built like her.Bookmark here

“So how long are you going to keep pouting?”Bookmark here

“How long are youuuu going to be mean?”Bookmark here

“I wasn’t trying to be mean Hachi.”Bookmark here

“I know.”Bookmark here

After saying that she stuck her tongue at me again. I did the only thing I could. I laughed.Bookmark here

So I handed her the tracksuit and she looked awkwardly at it like it’s something she never could have imagined being made. Of course I had to explain it to her.Bookmark here

“Hachiko. Look, this one here is the top and this one is pants.”Bookmark here

“Wait a minute Kazuuuu. I’m a woman. I can’t wear pants?! That would be improper.”Bookmark here

“I keep forgetting you’re like 800 years old.”Bookmark here

“HEY!!”Bookmark here

“Look Hachiko. Women of this era wear all different types of clothing including pants. Just try it on for me. Okay?.”Bookmark here

Hachiko got up and tried to get the pants on but as I thought, it would be a bit tight at the hip. She whipped her head around so fast to look at me. Never seen such an intense glare from her before.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuu, if you say anything I’m going to eat you.”Bookmark here

“But I didn----”Bookmark here

“No laughing either!”Bookmark here

“It’s not my fault you can’t... get it past... your hips.”Bookmark here

Hachiko snarled at me. I guess I deserved that one.Bookmark here

“Okay, okay. Let me try to help you.”Bookmark here

I tried to get enough room for me to get my hand inside the waistband. I was thinking that maybe she didn’t loosen the string that makes them tighter and I was right. So I pulled the string to loosen it and she tried again to get it over her hips.Bookmark here

“That string I pulled was to loosen the waistband. But my sister may have been right. Your height exceeds anything common for a human. We had to go to a specialty shop to find something that might fit you and even that is tight in the hips. Though that’s okay since it’s just me and you in here.”Bookmark here

“But aren’t women suuuupposed to be more modest? Not show their figuuure to a man?”Bookmark here

“Says the woman who was naked…”Bookmark here

She bashfully put her head down and said “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”Bookmark here

“Hachiko. You’d be surprised at what women wear these days. I guess some women still believe that though. But usually it’s women who believe they have something to hide or lack confidence in most cases as opposed to not showing a man their figure.”Bookmark here

“Hmmm… Even though it’s ummmm… kind of snug at the hips.”Bookmark here

I knew it wouldn’t really fit her but at least it’s close. Kind of looks like very snug capri pants on her..Bookmark here

“Here, put this on.”Bookmark here

Hachiko got the concept of the jacket quick. She put it on and stuck her hand out.Bookmark here

“Where’s that glass thingie youuuu have? Mirror right?”Bookmark here

I held up the mirror so she could see herself in her new outfit.Bookmark here

“Hmmmm… I don’t know about this tracksuit thing?”Bookmark here

“Not comfortable?”Bookmark here

“I guess so.”Bookmark here

“It was traditionally made as a warm up suit for people who run track.”Bookmark here

“Run track?”Bookmark here

“Right, you’re 1000 years old. You wouldn’t know that.”Bookmark here

“HEY!”Bookmark here

“I’ll explain all that at a later date, okay?”Bookmark here

“Isn’t this kind of short Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Well it’s just something for you to wear around here. Not like it’s easy shopping for someone so tall. Humans don’t usually get that tall. The clothes you’ll be wearing when we go out will be custom made to fit.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuuuuuuu.”Bookmark here

Hachiko started walking over to me and puts her hands under my arms and picked me up.Bookmark here

“What the hell?!”Bookmark here

There was nowhere I could go since I was now like a foot off the floor. She pressed me against the wall so that we were face to face.Bookmark here

“Hachiko!?!!?”Bookmark here

“I’m happy Kazuuuu! Really happy you would do this for me! I don’t know what to do!”Bookmark here

“So you pinned me against the wall!?”Bookmark here

“What do huuuuumans do?! Tell me! Tell me!”Bookmark here

“Why does this remind me of the snu snu episode of Futurama…”Bookmark here

“Crap did I say that out loud?”Bookmark here

“Snuuuuu Snuuuuuuu?! What’s that?!”Bookmark here

“I will add it to the playlist I have for you. I’m going to leave you my old phone so you can play videos and see what it’s like in the outer world now. This way you’ll know what to do when we go out. I’ll also add in stuff for entertainment like Futurama.”Bookmark here

Hachiko already had me pinned to the wall and then she leaned in closer, so close our noses were touching.Bookmark here

“What do I do Kazuuuu? What do I do!?!? I want to show my appreciation. Express my strong feeling of admiration. Thank you for caring so much about me. What do I do?"Bookmark here

"How about a kiss?"Bookmark here

"That thing youuuu did to my forehead?!"Bookmark here

"Something like that but this time. Mouth to mouth."Bookmark here

"Show me. Show me."Bookmark here

"There are many ways to kiss."Bookmark here

Hachiko nodded frantically.Bookmark here

"Usually a kiss on the mouth would imply some type of stronger feeling than on the forehead."Bookmark here

Hachiko kept nodding to show her understanding.Bookmark here

"You know you have sharp teeth right? So close your lips."Bookmark here

Hachiko complied and closed her mouth.Bookmark here

"Close your eyes and loosen your grip a little so I can move."Bookmark here

Hachiko closed her eyes and loosened her grip somewhat but she's trembling with excitement.Bookmark here

I leaned in and gave her a quick peck.Bookmark here

"That's it?! No more!?"Bookmark here

Kazuhito leans in and kisses her again but this time longer. About 5 seconds longer.Bookmark here

"I think I like this. We'll have to do this more."Bookmark here

"Hey! You know I have to agree right?"Bookmark here

"So youuuu don't want to kiss me again?"Bookmark here

Hachiko slowly put her head down.Bookmark here

"Stupid Kazuhito. Stupid. Why can't I ever say things right."Bookmark here

"Look Hachiko, that came out wrong. Forget I said it."Bookmark here

"I wouuuuldn’t blame youuuu if youuuu didn't want to Kazuuuuu. I'm a monster. I'm probably very scary to youuuu even if youuuu do all this for me."Bookmark here

Hachiko slowly put me back down on the ground.Bookmark here

"I think I'm getting sleepy Kazuuuu."Bookmark here

I sat on the ground and motioned for Hachiko to come over.Bookmark here

"Come lay next to me."Bookmark here

"Okay Kazuuu."Bookmark here

Hachiko was moving slowly to come lay next to me. She was still somewhat upset from earlier since I bungled my words.Bookmark here

"Look, I didn't mean I wouldn't want to kiss you again but you were being kind of demanding. It wasn't like you."Bookmark here

"I just feel so strongly about my feelings towards youuuu Kazuuuu. I hope youuuu never leave me."Bookmark here

“Wow.”Bookmark here

I didn’t know what to say after that. She finally laid next to me and I started stroking her hair as she tried to get comfortable, resting her head on my lap. She was clearly about to go to sleep.Bookmark here

"Kazuuuuuuu?"Bookmark here

"What is it Hachiko?"Bookmark here

"Do youuu...think...a huuuuman can ever...fall in love with a monster like me?"Bookmark here

And before you could even blink, she fell asleep. She really does just crash when it comes to sleep.Bookmark here

"One may have fallen for you already, Hachiko."Bookmark here

I slowly tried to slide away without disturbing her. I found the rice sack pillow I made for her, I grabbed it and slid it under her head.Bookmark here

"Sleep well Hachiko. Next time I come, I'll have an amazing outfit for you so we can go out together."Bookmark here

And with that, I left the vault and headed home.Bookmark here

Thank you for reading to this point so far, wasn't even sure I'd post this much of the story. But for now this is where I will be taking a bit of a break from posting. I'm tightening up the final chapters and doing more edits. I do plan to have a Kickstarter in January for this story but things may change. Also working on new art for the story too so it's the complete experience. If you have comments, thoughts or reviews, feel free to leave them. I do read every one and sometimes reply too. Some of those comments are what helped craft the story.Bookmark here

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