Chapter 13:

Chapter 12 (Part 1)

Hachiko - A Hachishakusama Story

A few days had passed since my day out shopping with Maki. We got a bunch of clothes and stuff for Maki to make clothes for Hachiko. I had been working everyday since then, trying to keep focused. I was excited by the fact that I could do something for Hachiko, even if we never ended up going out. Bookmark here

For some strange reason I agreed to work a 10 hour shift. I guess it was because it was Hachiko day and instead of going home, if I got out at 6 I would go straight there. My shift was almost over so I started wiping down the counters.Bookmark here

“Another work day coming to an end. I believe it’s Hideki coming in to relieve me today. He really has been better about that since the day I was ready to knock his ass out.”Bookmark here

I looked up, while I was wiping down the counters, and in walked Sato. Bookmark here

“What’s up Kazuhito? I see you're working hard.”Bookmark here

“As usual.”Bookmark here

“Can’t believe I bumped into you and your sister that day. Now I know why she always seemed to hang around you when she came in. I thought that was just some kid with a crush on you or something.”Bookmark here

“Nope. That’s my little brat sister.”Bookmark here

“Tell the little cutie I said hi.”Bookmark here

“What are you doing here on your day off anyway? I try to avoid this place like the plague.”Bookmark here

Sato grabbed a few Hi-Chews from the box on the counter.Bookmark here

“I just came in for a little sugar rush. I’m in the middle of my 3 mile weekly walk.”Bookmark here

“You seem pretty talkative lately. “Bookmark here

“Yeah. Sorry about being such an ass before. I thought this would be a job just to pass the time. I didn’t expect to make friends or talk to anyone. I just wanted to come in, work, go home.”Bookmark here

Hideki walked in the door as we were talking and he tried to join in the conversation but I still wasn’t ready to even consider that. We may not have been fighting at the time but I still consider Hideki more of an enemy than a friend or even a coworker.Bookmark here

“Hey guys. What’s up?”Bookmark here

It was time for me to leave so I took off my visor, walked around the counter and gave Hideki the keys as I left.Bookmark here

“Alright guys, I’m out.”Bookmark here

I just didn't want to talk to Hideki at all. So I left on that note. Sato stayed to talk to Hideki.Bookmark here

“Hey Hideki. I just came in to get some candy. Looks like you two still don’t get along.”Bookmark here

“Yeah…I guess not. You on it?”Bookmark here

“I’m on that mission right now, dude.”Bookmark here

Hideki gave him a thumbs up and Sato returned the thumbs up. He headed out the door in the same direction as me. He lived in that same direction so I paid him no mind. I had to make sure he went home or something or at least get him off my tail before I headed to the vault though.Bookmark here

Sato may have been mumbling to himself but I kind of heard him...“So Hideki was right. He’s not headed home. But doesn’t he have to head home to take care of his sister? She is kind of young. Where are you headed, Kazuhito? You did have a lot of packages when I saw you that day, looked like they were for someone else. Too big for the little one. Do you have a girlfriend that Hideki is really worried is leading you down the wrong path?”Bookmark here

To be sure that Sato wasn’t following me I ducked into a store, walked around a bit, then bought a few sodas for the trip. As I went to the counter, I saw Sato walking by the store. DId he stop somewhere? Or was this some kind of ploy to get me to think he wasn’t following? Bookmark here

“I guess he wasn’t following me. Maybe….”Bookmark here

I watched as Sato walked past the alley which was next to the store and as soon as he did I left the store and ducked into the alley. I headed down the alley which led to a virtual dead end unless you climb over the 12 foot high chain link fence in the back. After that I climbed over the fence and headed through a second alley which led to a path towards the vault. I really wanted to make sure he wasn’t following since this could be the discovery of the century. Not that I’d reveal that I found her. Bookmark here

“Don’t know why I felt like he was following me but that should get rid of him if he was.”Bookmark here

What I find out much much later, is that he was actually following me. Now, this is just a total guess on my part but I’d say Sato probably circled back after he noticed I never passed him. If it was me, I probably would have waited no more than 10 minutes and then circle back to that alley.Bookmark here

Then I’d probably mumble something to myself because of frustration. “He’s not in the store. He’s not out here anywhere. Did he go through the alley? Isn’t it a dead end?”Bookmark here

If it was me, I would have walked down the alley and noticed there’s no way out except for over the fence. Would I have hopped the fence? Depends how bad I want to find my target. It does look like there’s another path behind the fence. Bookmark here

Here’s where I would probably think to myself. “Did he jump this fence? He doesn’t seem the type. Guess I have to find out.”Bookmark here

How good a tracker was Sato? Would he hop the fence and notice recent footsteps? Would he just hop over and not see anything, then go back because he didn’t think I’d go over a fence that high? Or would he think something like, ““I remember this place from when I was a kid. If he’s out here then I better not follow. He’ll see me for sure since there’s no buildings for cover. But why would he be out here? There’s nothing here. At least I have an idea of where he is but this is a weird place to be.”Bookmark here

I wish I knew he did try to follow because then I could have set a trap or something. But I never saw him come over the other fence, after the second alley so I assumed he never got that far. But I did keep looking over my shoulder every minute or two. After about 10 minutes, I started to relax because I was pretty sure that if he did follow, I would have lost him.Bookmark here

“There’s no way he would have followed me through there. Not that I’m sure he was following me. He was acting differently at the store though. Plus, he’s never been that talkative before.”Bookmark here

I put the pursuit behind me and continued to head to the vault to meet up with Hachiko. Bookmark here

“This place really does look different with daylight though the sun is setting.”Bookmark here

I took a brief look around for any unsprung traps like I usually do when I come to the vault but again, I didn’t come across any. Knowing how humans can be and the fact that she hasn’t sprung many, there were probably more that weren’t sprung. But I didn’t find anything on my brief sweep, so I headed inside. When I opened the door, I wasn’t expecting her to be so close to the door. Usually she sleeps further away from the entrance, kind of in the back of the front room. But not this time, Hachiko was right there, sprawled out like a big sleeping cat.Bookmark here

“Hmmmmm...don’t know if I should wake her up. What if she gets startled.”Bookmark here

Hachiko started mumbling in her sleep but the only word I could make out was “Kazuuuuuuu…”Bookmark here

“Well that’s unexpected. But I swear I thought I heard her say my name in her sleep before.”Bookmark here

I kneeled down and leaned in as if I was going to whisper in her ear but before I could, Hachiko reached out and put her arms around me. I haven’t seen her show how strong she is but you could tell from the firmness of her body that she has a lot of muscle. She pulled me in and there was nothing I could do about it. If you were looking in on us, I probably looked like one of those big teddy bears. At least compared to her anyway. She is 8 feet tall and I’m only 6 feet. For a normal person I’m tall but to her I’m short.Bookmark here

“Holy crap, she’s strong!”Bookmark here

“Hachiko.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…”Bookmark here

“Hachiko!”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu. Kazuuuuuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Hachiko! Wake up!”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu? Am I imagining that he’s here again? Must be one of those dream things he told me about...”Bookmark here

“Seriously?! How can I break her kung fu grip?”Bookmark here

Can you believe that your hero Kazuhito got himself in this predicament? Okay, let me stop fooling around. Though I seriously didn’t know what to do. I started running through ideas in my head and came back to the forehead kiss. One day I might ask her about that trauma but I was hoping it would be my escape. At first, she did think I was tasting her or whatever, so I thought maybe it might work again. I kissed her on the forehead and luckily it worked. Hachiko went to cover her forehead with both hands so I slipped out of her grip and far enough away from her that she couldn’t trap me again.Bookmark here

She meekly said, “No. Don’t eat me Kazuuuu!”Bookmark here

Kind of funny she still has that in her head.Bookmark here

So I slowly moved close to her again, while trying to make sure she can’t grab me and I placed my hands on her cheeks and gave her face a squeeze.Bookmark here

“Hachiko! Wake up!”Bookmark here

Hachiko started to open her eyes and saw me in front of her.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu?! Is it really youuuu?!?”Bookmark here

“Is it really me? Are you saying you have some other guy coming here to see you?”Bookmark here

“NO! No. No. No. NO! Only Kazuuuuu!”Bookmark here

And with that, she leaped forward and tackled me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I was stuck. There’s no way I could move her.Bookmark here

“Hey Hachi, you’re squishing me, you know.”Bookmark here

“Hey! Am I really that heavy Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

I wasn’t sure how to answer her, again. I mean, she is heavy. She has a lot of muscle under her softness. But it’s not like I was being crushed or something.Bookmark here

“It’s okay, Hachi. You’re fine.”Bookmark here

She giggled and said, “Good,” while still hugging me.Bookmark here

She continued hugging me until she realized how close her face was to me. So close our noses were touching. Then she got flustered and leapt back like a scared cat. A really large, scared cat.Bookmark here

“Sorry Kazuuuu. I didn’t mean… I… Are you okay?”Bookmark here

“Hachiko. I’m fine. Really.”

Bookmark here

“Youuu sure? I didn’t crush you did I?”Bookmark here

“Hachiko. Do I look crushed?”Bookmark here

Hachiko put her head down like a pouting child.Bookmark here

“Noooo… So I didn’t hurt youuuu?”Bookmark here

Seems like I always have to reassure her. I guess that’s fine. Just going to assume it’s part of her conditioning from before. Can’t imagine what it’s like to remember stuff that happened like 2-300 years ago but for her, it’s not like she came across other people to create new memories to erase those or at least lessen the impact, until I came along.Bookmark here

“No Hachiko. I told you I’m fine, right?”Bookmark here

“When youuuu said I was squishing youuuu, I thought youuuu meant like when I tried to sit on that rice sack and…and...and it exploded. I don’t want to explode Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Hachi...”Bookmark here

In an attempt to change the subject, I pulled my backpack out and placed it in front of me.Bookmark here

“Look, I have something for you.”Bookmark here

She sat up, indian style like she always does. I reached into my backpack and pulled out a towel which was not what I actually planned to pull out.Bookmark here

“Well that wasn’t what I was planning to pull out. Anyway, I do want to give you this too.”Bookmark here

“Looks like a piece of cloth. Youuu want to give me cloth? Is this what huuuumans do? Give others cloth?”Bookmark here

“Duh, you dumbass. A towel is probably not something she’s seen before. I need to remember to explain things first.”Bookmark here

“Hachiko, what do you do to dry off after cleaning yourself?”Bookmark here

“I… I don’t do anything.”Bookmark here

“You don't dry yourself?”Bookmark here

“Should I Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“When you lived with humans, didn’t you take baths?”Bookmark here

“What’s that?”Bookmark here

“I see now...”Bookmark here

We’ve been talking for a while so I checked my phone to see what time it was. Was hoping for darkness so I could take her outside and show her.Bookmark here

“Ok, it should be dark now. Hachiko, show me where that lake is and I’m going to show you what a bath is. Let me just check for a few things in my backpack first.”Bookmark here

“Youuuuu have youuur phone again!? Can we watch a movie again?”Bookmark here

“I do but no movies today. Let me show you what a bath is, okay?.”Bookmark here

She pouted for a second and then said “ooooooookay.”Bookmark here

I stood up and put my hand out to assist Hachiko. But I guess she realized she’s kind of heavy so she put one hand down on the ground to help boost herself up. Even after all the tie I spent with her, I could never truly get over her height. Imagine someone 2 feet taller than you, standing right next to you. Awkward right?Bookmark here

“First we take a bath.”Bookmark here

“We?!”Bookmark here

“Well, you, and I’m going to show you how.”Bookmark here

“She says she doesn’t clean often but she doesn’t smell or anything. Part of her physiology?”Bookmark here

I led her to the door and opened it, waiting for her to follow.Bookmark here

“Wait. Wait. Are we going outside?”Bookmark here

“Yeah. How do you think I’m going to show you? There’s no water here.”Bookmark here

“Youuuu want to go to the lake?”Bookmark here

“Yes Hachiko. Just point me to it.”Bookmark here

So I walked out the door, holding her hand but Hachiko was hesitant and stopped at the doorway. She had to look out herself to make sure it was dark.Bookmark here

“Hey. What’s wrong?”Bookmark here

“Nothing Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Come on Hachiko. Let’s go.” Bookmark here

I pulled a little to get her moving again. Not sure why she was hesitating. Guess it’s something from her limited interactions with humans.Bookmark here

“Okay! Okay! I'm coming, Kazuuuu! Why are youuuu in a hurry?!”Bookmark here

I started walking straight since she wasn’t giving me any directions. So I assumed it was straight ahead. What I didn’t know was that Hachiko was lost in thought. This part of the story could have been ugly if she didn’t have amazing reflexes. One of those pits I would always look for was dead ahead and neither one of us knew. I guess she never came across it. I stepped into the pit with my right foot and luckily Hachiko snapped out of her daze and leapt forward. From my point of view she was tackling me but no, she leaped over the pit while grabbing me as she tried to get us to the other side. I would guess this pit was like 15 feet wide and she leapt over it. We landed on the other side with her over me. I kind of felt more like prey than someone she just saved, after seeing that amazing feat and now laying on my back with her over me.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu! Kazuuuu! Are you okay!? I’m sorry! I was distracted by you holding my hand and I… I’m sorry!”Bookmark here

“Hey Hachiko.”Bookmark here

“Yes Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Thanks for saving me.”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Kazuuuu! I’m sorry!”Bookmark here

“It’s okay Hachi.”Bookmark here

Hachiko wrapped her arms around my neck again and just laid there, on top of me, with her head to the side so she wouldn't- get flustered by the closeness, or so I assumed.Bookmark here

“Hey Hachiko.”Bookmark here

“Yes Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“You know you’re kind of squishing me right?”Bookmark here

“I don’t care. Youuuu almost fell into the pit and it’s my fault. I almost lost my Kazuuuu!”Bookmark here

“I guess we can stay like this for a little while but just how deep is that pit?”Bookmark here

A few minutes later Hachiko started to lift herself off me. She put her hands down on the ground, right next to my shoulders, to push herself up. Now she was kind of straddling me while looking down at me. She looked like she was going to cry.Bookmark here

“Hachiko. I’m okay. Really.”Bookmark here

“I suuuuuurry Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Please stop apologizing Hachiko. I didn’t fall in. You saved me.”Bookmark here

“I saved youuuu?”Bookmark here

“You did leap over the pit and catch me right? You saved me.”Bookmark here

Hachiko mumbled to herself “I saved Kazuuuu? Like he”Bookmark here

“I saved her? I’ll have to ask her later. For now let’s do what we came to do.”Bookmark here

“Let me up, Hachi. We still have somewhere to go right?”Bookmark here

Hachiko got up and put her hand out to help me up.Bookmark here

“She’s learning.”Bookmark here

Hachiko pulled me up and then she pulled me into her and wrapped her arms around me. Sometimes I would wonder if she forgot she’s 8 feet tall or if she did it on purpose. Due to our height difference my face was buried in her chest. It sounded like she said, “I’m so glad youuuu’re safe,” but it’s kind of hard to hear when you’re being overwhelmed by her size. So I just wrapped my arms around her to reciprocate.Bookmark here

“Hey! Kazuuuuu! Where are youuuu touching?!”Bookmark here

“What!? I didn’t do anything!”Bookmark here

She looked down at me with a mischievous smile.Bookmark here

“You really think you’re funny don’t you?”Bookmark here

I was tempted to just grab a handful of flesh from wherever but I held back. Bookmark here

She kept smiling at me but she released her grip so I did too. Then she grabbed my hand and started to lead the way to the river.Bookmark here

“She’s taking the lead? Never did that before. Wonder if that means she’s finally trying to let go of the fear that I'm going to leave. Though we did just have that pit issue.Bookmark here

I still wanted to investigate the pit so I pulled on her hand trying to get her to stop. I pulled in the direction of the pit but there was no way I could budge her.Bookmark here

“What’s wrong, Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Before we go, I want to actually see inside this pit.”Bookmark here

Hachiko gave me this look like I was crazy before letting me know how scared she was of the pits. I completely forgot that could be a death sentence for her.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu. I’m afraid of the pits. I don’t go anywhere near them. What if there’s one deep enough that I can’t get out and the sun comes up? Please don’t make me go near it again.”Bookmark here

“But you’re so amazing. Your agility is amazing. I guess I never thought about you getting trapped in one. Kind of figured you would be able to get out. Bookmark here

“Amazing? Agility? Me?”Bookmark here

“Yeah! Did you see how you leaped over that pit? Well I guess you couldn’t see it since you were doing it… that was amazing!”Bookmark here

I gently grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards the pit but she was so flustered by what I said and kept mumbling “Kazuuuu thinks I’m amazing. Kazuuuu thinks I’m amazing. Kazuuuu thinks I’m amazing.”Bookmark here

“It really was amazing Hachiko.”Bookmark here

So we returned to the put but I stopped about 10 feet from it. I looked up at Hachiko because I could feel her hand shaking. She really was nervous about those pits so I had to do a sales job on this one.Bookmark here

“Okay Hachiko. I’ll be the one to go near the pit. I won’t put you in any danger.”Bookmark here

I could still feel her shaking. You would expect me to be afraid of the pit but her? She could scale the walls right? At least that’s what I thought anyway. I did clip her nails though...Bookmark here

“Ok Hachiko. Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to lean into the pit and I want you to hold my legs so I don’t fall in. Okay?”Bookmark here

“O-o-o-o-o-kay…”Bookmark here

“Come on Hachi, you can do it. You’re amazing.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuu…”Bookmark here

I laid on the ground, pointing towards the pit and asked Hachiko to hold my legs. She was going to be my anchor. She’s super strong and has some weight on her. Not like we could do this the other way. There’s no way I could hold her.Bookmark here

“Hachi. I just need you to hold my legs tight. You’re my anchor. Can you do that for me?”Bookmark here

You could tell she was hesitating but she agreed, “Okay Kazuuuu. Let's do it.”Bookmark here

So Hachiko sat down indian style about 5 feet from the hole and grabbed my ankles as I inched towards the pit. I just wanted to see how deep these pits are since she was so scared of them. I figured they would be like nothing for her. Once I was over the pit, I turned on my flashlight and looked in.Bookmark here

“That’s pretty deep. I’d say it’s like 30 feet. Pull me back up Hachiko.”Bookmark here

She pulled me back up and I sat in front of Hachiko, facing her. Bookmark here

“They really tried to make sure you don’t leave here, didn’t they. I can’t make any promises but I’m going to see what I can do to try to fill those. Just not sure how yet.”Bookmark here

“Reawwy Kazuuuu?!”Bookmark here

“Of course. I don’t want you falling in one of those. What if there’s still one we haven’t found and it’s even deeper than this one? You might be amazingly agile but at some point there might be something you can’t get out of.”Bookmark here

“T-t-t-t-hat’s why those pits are so scary.”Bookmark here

“I didn’t realize it was so deep. Hey wait a minute… did you hold me the whole time while you were sitting?”Bookmark here

“Yes Kazuuuu. Was that bad?”Bookmark here

I couldn’t help it but I started laughing and said “I guess not. Your big ass makes a good anchor.”Bookmark here

“HEY! Is it really THAT big!?”Bookmark here

“I’m kidding, Hachi. Relax.”Bookmark here

I never thought I’d get used to seeing an 8 foot tall creature pouting but here there we were. Me sitting face to face with a pouting creature.Bookmark here

“Maybe next time I really should squish youuuu. Stuuuupid Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“Come on Hachiko, I was kidding. You’re fine the way you are.”Bookmark here

With that, I grabbed her hand and motioned to her that we should get going. Bookmark here

“No more pouting. Let’s go see this lake. You lead the way.”Bookmark here

“Okay Kazuuuu! I’ll lead youuuu to the lake.”Bookmark here

Off we went, deeper into the woods to see this lake where Hachiko goes to rinse herself off. It was a small lake surrounded by fully matured trees. If someone was to look towards this lake from beyond the trees then they probably wouldn’t see it. Bookmark here

“So this is it. Seems like a nice, secluded lake. Guess it’s time for me to take the soap and sponges out. But how do I show her without seeing her?”Bookmark here

“So you come here to rinse your body?”Bookmark here

“Yes Kazuuuu. No one can see me here. The water is kind of warm too so that feels great on my skin.”Bookmark here

“It’s a hot spring?”Bookmark here

“Why did you want to come here Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“I wanted to show you how humans stay clean. But it seems like your body doesn’t really get dirty. But if you ever do go to the human world you should do this.”Bookmark here

“So...if I...go to the….huuuuman world…? What do I have to do?”Bookmark here

“First you take your clothes off.”Bookmark here

Before I knew it, Hachiko started undressing in front of me. That’s when I realized I needed to stop her and explain a few things, like don’t just undress in front of a man. Though I guess it’s not like she’s going to be in front of other men...Bookmark here

“Wait! Wait! Hachiko. You’re female. I’m male. You don’t just undress in front of someone from the opposite sex unless you’re like married or dating a long time...or something.”Bookmark here

“But it’s just my body right?”Bookmark here

“That’s why you don’t do it!”Bookmark here

The only thing I could do was shake my head as she gave a head tilt like a confused puppy.Bookmark here

“So in all the years you’ve been alive, you never…. I think I understand now.”Bookmark here

“But Kazuuuu. It’s youuuu. I don’t mind if youuuu see me.”Bookmark here

“I… I…just wait a second...”Bookmark here

“I guess this would be good for research though it’s not like I’ll ever tell anyone about her. Her form through the dress does make it seem like she has the typical human body.”Bookmark here

“Listen Hachiko. This is not how it usually works, okay?”Bookmark here

“But but but...Kazuuuu. I don’t mind if it’s youuuu. I told youuuu many times, it’s not like I plan to ever...want another huuuuman to see me.”Bookmark here

“Ugh. Hachiko…. Okay. I’m going to turn around. You undress and sit in the lake, okay?”Bookmark here

She waited for me to turn around and then she started to take off her shredded dress. Good thing I was going to take care of that. Underneath she was wearing a slip which has also seen better days. I did peek since I wasn’t sure what she was doing since sometimes she’ll say it and THEN do it instead of do it first. I watched her carefully take them off since she has no other clothes. I guess she could just go naked but she likes to think of herself as more human than animal with somewhat of a sense of modesty. I guess I can see that but after all these years who would have expected her to come across another human who actually wants to be around. After she took her clothes off, she walked into the lake and stood at the edge.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu! I’m ready!”Bookmark here

Of course, since she said she was ready, I turned around. Okay, she had her clothes off so TECHNICALLY she was ready but she was still standing there. I got a full, unblocked view of Hachiko’s naked body. The one thing I did notice was she does not have typical human orifices or reproductive organs. Do people still use that word? Orifices? Anyway, she had no nipples and no lower exterior orifices. Kind of like a completely smooth body but she did have a few scars. She started lightly kicking at the water before she looked like she was making a move to lower herself down into the lake.Bookmark here

“Hachiko. You were supposed to tell me after you got in, not before.”Bookmark here

In a very low voice she said, “Sorry Kazuuuu. No one has ever showed me how to…”Bookmark here

“Hey. It’s okay. I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to get upset with you.”Bookmark here

After that, I started to take off my sneakers and socks and then started rolling up my pants. I wasn’t planning to go all the way into the lake. Then I grabbed my bag to pull out some liquid soap, shampoo, a loofah and a regular bath sponge to bring to the lake where Hachiko was waiting for me. I made a pretty dumb error. I looked over at Hachiko and then looked at the sponge I was holding. Maybe I should have gone with one of those sponges they use to wash cars or something... Bookmark here

“You’re not taking off your clothes, Kazuuuuuu?”Bookmark here

“No Hachiko. We’re here for you.”Bookmark here

“So you’re going to show me how humans do this bath thing but you’re not doing it?”Bookmark here

“Yes. You got it.”Bookmark here

Hachiko started kicking her legs up and down like she’s a big kid from her excitement about getting to do something seen as human to her. Which I guess is human.Bookmark here

“I’m excited, Kazuuuu! Youuu keep showing me how to do things like youuuu huuuumans. I don’t know how I could ever repay youuuu.”Bookmark here

“Why would you have to repay me. I don’t do this because I expect you to do anything in return. I do this because I want to. I enjoy spending time with you.”.Bookmark here

Hachiko started to blush but it’s almost like a full body blush for her. Her face turns red but her whole body also slightly changes color and gets warmer. I never really saw this before because she was always wearing clothes around me.Bookmark here

“Hmmmm...Have to figure out how to do this now.”Bookmark here

“Aren’t youuuu the huuuuman here? Aren’t youuuu supposed to know?”Bookmark here

“Ha ha. I do know. It’s just you’re so tall.”Bookmark here

“Guess I need her to stand up…”Bookmark here

“Ok Hachiko. Let’s do this. I need you to stand up.”Bookmark here

I waded into the shallow water around Hachiko while she stood up. I reassessed the situation and realized I was going to have to ask her to help me, to help her.Bookmark here

“See this bottle? This is called soap. This is what cleans the body and also gives it a nice scent for a few hours.”Bookmark here

“Oooooookay.”Bookmark here

“This is a sponge. This is what you use to rub the soap on you. This one is a loofah sponge. You usually use this more for rough skin, it kind of smooths it out. Some people prefer to solely use this one.”Bookmark here

“Ooookay.”Bookmark here

I figured out how to do it. I walked around her to her left side.Bookmark here

“Okay, now lift your left leg and hold it out in front of you.”Bookmark here

I squeezed the soap into the sponge and began to scrub her left calf then I moved down to her foot.Bookmark here

“You saw that right? You scrub your body with the sponge after you soap it up.”Bookmark here

“I understand.”Bookmark here

“Let me show you what the loofah sponge feels like.”Bookmark here

“Okay Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“You can put your left leg down now and lift the right one.”Bookmark here

Hachiko put her left leg down and raised her right just like I asked her to. I prepped the loofah sponge and began to scrub her right calf and foot.Bookmark here

“Oooooh. I like that one. It feels nice.”Bookmark here

“You got it now? Think you can do the rest?”Bookmark here

“But I thought youuuu… I can do it Kazuuuu…”Bookmark here

“Hmmm...seems like she just wants me to do it. Is she relying on me to do it or does she just want me to do it?”Bookmark here

“How about this? You take care of your lower body and then sit in the lake again. I will help you take care of your upper body.”Bookmark here

“Okay! I can do it!”Bookmark here

“Sometimes she really is like a big kid. A really big kid. It’s kind of crazy, being here with her. Never would have thought that story was true or that she really exists.”Bookmark here

I sat at the edge of the lake while watching Hachiko scrub her lower half.Bookmark here

“Hey Hachiko.”Bookmark here

“Yes, Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Let me not mess with her right now. She seems happy.”Bookmark here

“Nothing Hachiko.”Bookmark here

“Youuuu were going to say something sarcastic. I know it.”Bookmark here

“Ummmm… yeah. You got me.”Bookmark here

Hachiko picked up the soft sponge and threw it at me. She hit me on the side of my head.Bookmark here

“Hey! I didn’t even say it!”Bookmark here

She pointed her really long finger at me and said, “But youuuu were thinking it.”Bookmark here

“Fine, fine.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu. How am I supposed to get my back? Youuuu’re supposed to do this scrubbing thing all over right?”Bookmark here

“I’m going to help you. Don’t worry.”Bookmark here

“What about my front?”Bookmark here

“Well you can do that or I can help you with that too.”Bookmark here

“I want youuuu to do it.”Bookmark here

“Okay, okay. Sit down in the lake again.”Bookmark here

Hachiko lowered herself back into the lake and moved towards the edge. I walked over to her and sits on the ground behind her.Bookmark here

“Ready?”Bookmark here

“Yes Kazuuuu. Youuuu need this right?”Bookmark here

Hachiko handed me the loofah so I could get her back. I started to scrub her back and I noticed some of her scars. I wanted to ask but I was not sure how or if it might be something that triggers bad memories. So I started scrubbing her back and arms from left to right.Bookmark here

“Hey. There’s one more thing I forgot to mention. Humans also wash their hair too. I brought shampoo to take care of your hair.”Bookmark here

“So what should I do Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“You just need to sit here. I’ll take care of it for you.”Bookmark here

“Ooooh. Okay.”Bookmark here

I poured shampoo into my hands and started to work it into her hair. While working it into her hair, I also started massaging her scalp. Again, that was kind of smooth too. I was expecting her skin to be pretty rough since she’s several hundred years old.Bookmark here

“This feels good Kazuuuu. It almost makes me wish I was a huuuuman…”Bookmark here

“Don’t start getting sad on me. When we’re done here I’m going to leave this stuff here for you. I could even bring you more if you really want to do this more often.”Bookmark here

“Yes please! More Kazuuuu!”Bookmark here

“You know. While I’m washing your hair, you could be washing your front.”Bookmark here

”...or I could ask Kazuuuu to do it.”Bookmark here

“Really?”Bookmark here

“Should I not ask you to do that?”Bookmark here

“Well… I guess not… But it’s usually something you do when…”Bookmark here

“That relationship thing you mentioned?”Bookmark here

“Well… yeah…kind of...”Bookmark here

“Oh… I sorry Kazuuuu… I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”Bookmark here

So I finished washing her hair, then I walked around to her front. I put my hand out for the loofah like I expected her to know what I wanted. I guess she did since she handed it to me without me asking.Bookmark here

“She seems to be okay with it so I guess it shouldn’t be an issue right?”Bookmark here

So I started to scrub Hachiko’s body from the waist up.Bookmark here

“Her front is even smoother than her back and not as many noticeable scars. Maybe I should ask her about them. But I have a feeling that it may be from hunters and other idiots who tried to hunt her.”Bookmark here

As I moved up to her chest I did notice there were some thicker scars directly under her breasts. If you were looking right at her, you wouldn’t see the scars since her breasts cover them. I guess I kind of stopped scrubbing when I noticed them and I started overthinking the situation.Bookmark here

“Why would there be such heavy scars there? Don’t tell me someone tried to cut them off or some crazy shit like that… You’ve really been treated poorly haven’t you Hachiko. Hopefully no one ever hurts you again.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Sorry Hachiko. Was just thinking about something.”Bookmark here

“So nothing’s wrong? I know I asked youuuu something youuuu’re uncomfortable with and I kind of feel bad about that.”Bookmark here

“It’s fine Hachi. It had nothing to do with that.”Bookmark here

I continued to scrub her breasts but I did poke her a few times to see if she reacted like a human would. I guess I should say like I would expect a human to since I don't have the experience. Or maybe she would overreact like an anime girl. She was just kind of staring at me. But you could feel a warmth in her glare. I did try lifting them a few times and lightly putting them down then picking them up and letting them freely fall, noticing the heft.Bookmark here

“They’re soft but at the same time kind of dense. Kind of like the rest of her but less muscle. Interesting.”Bookmark here

Hachiko took this as an opening to tease me a little. “Kazuuuu? Youuuu know those aren’t toys right?”Bookmark here

“Huh? What? Oh.. Sorry Hachiko. I guess I was curious… since you’re not human and all.”Bookmark here

Hachiko started laughing and I went back to scrubbing her chest. Then I moved up to her neck and shoulders to finish her bathing.Bookmark here

“Okay, let me go grab the bucket. I’ll be right back.”Bookmark here

I ran down to where I dumped stuff out and grabbed the bucket, then I raced back to where Hachiko was. I filled up the bucket and walked over to her. But I kind of froze up because I wasn't sure how to handle this. She’s not a small creature. I went with what I thought would be easier...I dumped it over her head.Bookmark here

“HEEEEEEY! KAZUUUUU!”Bookmark here

“Sorry Hachi. Was kind of getting ahead of myself. When you’re done, you rinse off the soap. I thought the bucket would be easier.”Bookmark here

“I think I understand but youuuu could be a little gentler youuuu know.”Bookmark here

“You’re right. I’m sorry.”Bookmark here

I turned around to fill the bucket again but by the time I turned back around towards Hachiko, she dove into the lake. Imagine watching a woman that size dive into a lake. It was an amazing sight. That wasn’t the last amazing sight I would see that night either. She went underwater and popped back up like those pictures you see of women popping out of the water in some tropical location or whatever. Like that. I just witnessed a naked 8 foot tall woman pop out of a lake and throw her head back to get her hair out of her face. No one else can claim they ever saw that.Bookmark here

She walked over to me and leaned down close to my ear, to say “Ok. No more soap now.”Bookmark here

“Y-y-y-y-yeah… I can see that.”Bookmark here

“I like my way better. No mean Kazuuuu throwing water at me.”Bookmark here

“I said I was sorry Hachiko. I wasn’t trying to be mean.”Bookmark here

Hachiko grabbed me and gave me a big hug. There’s not much you can do once she has her arms around you. If only she wasn’t wet at the time.Bookmark here

“Hachiko.”Bookmark here

“Mmmmmm…”Bookmark here

”Hachiko!”Bookmark here

“Mmmmm…”Bookmark here

“HACHIKO!”Bookmark here

“What? What Kazuuuu? What did I do?”Bookmark here

“You were spacing out. I was trying to get you to let go.”Bookmark here

“I wasn’t spacing out. I just wanted to huuug youuuu. I can’t huuuug youuuu?”Bookmark here

“Wait. No. Of course you can. But I don’t have a change of clothes so now I’m all wet.”Bookmark here

Hachiko put her head down before muttering, “Looks like I just can’t get anything right today.”Bookmark here

“It’s okay Hachiko. Really. Sorry. It’s not like you would have known.”Bookmark here

I got out of the lake first and turned back to reach out to Hachiko to help her out of the water. She grabbed my hand as she climbed out of the lake, even though she probably didn’t need my help. As she got out of the lake, I got a full view of her body. I had an 8 foot amazonian creature standing right in front of me, naked. She really is an awe inspiring sight to see.Bookmark here

“There’s one last step to a bath. You have to dry yourself off.”Bookmark here

“Dry myself off? I’m not sure what you mean Kazuuu?”Bookmark here

And there was that confused head tilt again. I always have to stop myself from laughing when she does that. It really does make her look like a giant dog. Bookmark here

“So after cleaning yourself, you don’t dry yourself off?”Bookmark here

“Am I supposed to?”Bookmark here

“Maybe your body doesn’t need to… Humans have to dry their bodies to avoid getting sick. I guess there are some people who don’t...”Bookmark here

“Is that why youuuu were mad at me before?”Bookmark here

“Mad at you? I wasn’t mad. Hachiko. Anyway, let’s dry you off.”Bookmark here

I picked up my bag and pulled out 2 bath sheets.Bookmark here

“Wonder if this will be enough for her… I guess it would be, though she is 8 feet tall. Did I need to bring more?”Bookmark here

“Could you bend down so I can reach your head.”Bookmark here

Hachiko started to giggle and said, “Okay, mister tall huuuuman.”Bookmark here

As I started to dry her hair, I realized that since her hair is kind of long, I may end up using one of the towels just for her hair. Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Yes Hachiko?”Bookmark here

“Can we do this again?”Bookmark here

“I showed you everything you would need to know.”Bookmark here

“Ummmm… I know that Kazuuuu. I just want to do this again… with youuuuuu.”Bookmark here

I have a feeling that I turned bright red before saying, “Ooooooooooh. I guess we probably could some day.”Bookmark here

“Promise?”Bookmark here

“Sure Hachiko. We can do this again one day.”Bookmark here

After I finished drying her hair, I tapped her on the shoulder and motioned for her to stand up.Bookmark here

“Here, take this other towel.”Bookmark here

I stepped forward, towards her and bent down to start drying her leg.Bookmark here

“This is how you do this Hachi. Then once you’re done, move to the other leg and up your body.”Bookmark here

I looked up at her to make sure she got what I was saying but Hachiko gave me a wry smile and said, “Kazuuuu, youuuuuu could do it for me, youuuu know.”Bookmark here

“As much as I’d love to assist you, I should pack everything back up so we can get back to the vault.”Bookmark here

Hachiko in a very dejected tone said, “Ooookay Kazuuuu…”Bookmark here

“When I first stumbled across Hachiko she was talking about eating me and now this? When we started talking, she seemed more serious and rigid. Now it seems like she’s a big playful creature who just wants attention.”Bookmark here

Hachiko took the other towel and started to dry herself off while I started repacking my bag. I kept peeking over at her to make sure she got it and I guess maybe I wanted to also. Since the water doesn’t seem to bother her, I guess I don’t have to really worry about her drying herself off. Bookmark here

“You done drying yourself yet?”Bookmark here

“Don’t rush me Kazuuuu!”Bookmark here

Hachiko made sure I was looking at her and stuck her tongue out at me.Bookmark here

“You really are a big kid.”Bookmark here

I picked up my bag and walked over to Hachiko. I grabbed her hand and started moving back towards the vault.Bookmark here

“Come on, let’s go.”Bookmark here

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