Chapter 0:


How my life was ruined

I...shouldn't have said that to her.Bookmark here

Why the hell did I say that?Bookmark here

Hadn't I promised myself that I will never ever speak about that to anyone? Bookmark here

So, why did I tell that very person about that?Bookmark here

This is the worst.Bookmark here

What may she be thinking?Bookmark here

It's all my fault.Bookmark here

I was supposed to take that with me to the grave.Bookmark here

In a fit of rage, I hurled all that at her. Bookmark here

I still remember the look on her face after I said.Bookmark here

Despair, devastation, and who knows what.Bookmark here

What was said was said. I no longer can take my words back.Bookmark here

It was my fault to begin with, regardless of the origin. I should have controlled myself.Bookmark here

Because of me, the reputation of my family took a dive. It's all my fault.Bookmark here

How the hell am I supposed to face them? Bookmark here

I can never!Bookmark here

I can never ever face them again nor can I show my face to anyone else. Bookmark here

I don't know what I should do anymore.Bookmark here

I don't know what I can do anymore.Bookmark here

No, I actually know. I know what I can do.Bookmark here

-Nothing.Bookmark here

There's nothing I can do.Bookmark here

Then, what's the point of living when I have no longer any wish or cause to keep living?Bookmark here

No, there's actually one last thing I can do; one last thing I should do.Bookmark here

-Erase my existence.Bookmark here

That's it!Bookmark here

Why didn't I think of this sooner?Bookmark here

Why couldn't I think of this sooner?Bookmark here

"Ha-haha."Bookmark here

The voices around me started to clear. Bookmark here

The noise all died down.Bookmark here

"It feels so calm." As if it were my one and only salvation.Bookmark here

I looked around.Bookmark here

In the dark cell, there was no rope nor any fan. Bookmark here

"Isn't there a single thing here that could kill me?!"Bookmark here

I searched but there were none. Nothing! Damn it!Bookmark here

"Hey, it's time for dinner!"Bookmark here

I heard a voice from outside the room. Through a small gap in the window, a plate with food was slid towards my table.Bookmark here

"There it is!" Bookmark here

Elated, I immediately grabbed the fork and held it firm from the bottom with the sharp prongs pressing against my throat.Bookmark here

Then I started the countdown, "3, 2, 1........................................................................"Bookmark here

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How my life was ruined

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